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The Rose Garden

He had gone on plenty of first dates before but this was different.

He noticed his hand shaking as he locked the door behind him, and was surprised at how nervous he felt. He had gone on plenty of first dates before but this was different. —— He had met Em on Whisper. He posted about his favorite bar. She replied to challenge him, but soon they were sexting. And not too long after that, they were spilling their sexual fantasies. When she asked about his...Read On


The Gigolo Chronicles II - Elizabeth, Part 2

I showed Elizabeth that even a "mature" woman can learn something new!

"Elizabeth, my dear, of all the pleasurable things there are in the world to do, the only thing I prefer to eating your wonderful pussy is fucking your wonderful pussy. Let me know when you are rested and ready." Her smile grew broader. "You are such a flatterer. Just let me rest for a minute and then we'll see if your cock is as good as your tongue," she said. Elizabeth knew full well that...Read On


I, Dominus: The Hummingbird and Wolf. Part One of Three.

We have no control over what stimulates us sexually.

Yin and Yang. I held the passenger side car door open for Chiara and extended my hand for her to hold on to as she exited my vehicle. Her manicured, delicate and slender hand looked obscenely unbefitting wrapped in my leathery, rugged hand. My cock twitched as I admired her toned, slender legs as she turned in the SUV’s seat, placed her stiletto clad feet on the underground parking...Read On


Perfect Marriage?

Perfect marriage shattered by cheating.

They say there are signs when your spouse is unfaithful. “They” are right, I just missed them till it was too late. My name is Robert, everybody calls me Bob. I have a good job working for an engineering firm. I have just turned thirty-one married to Debbie. We have been married for seven years giving birth to the other love of my life Isabell, or Izzy as I call my six-year-old daughter. I...Read On


Truth Or Dare (The Family Reunion) Chapter Five

The next morning

I woke to dust dancing in the sunbeams. Billy was still sleeping, but Jim and Jon were nowhere to be seen. I stretched my legs and sat on the edge of my bunk. I tossed my tee shirt at Billy, waking him. “Mmmm, What the fuck,” Billy growled, “ I was sleeping.” “It’s ten fucking thirty, time to get up,” I said, “Let’s get something to eat.” “Ok, ok,” he caved, “But I want to grab a...Read On


Chelsea's Spanking Party

Fiona reconnects with Rebecca's aunt

I was a few years out of college when I found an interesting friend request pop up on my screen. It was my friend Rebecca’s Aunt Chelsea; I had not seen either of them in years, so it was quite unusual for her to find me. Rebecca didn’t speak to me much after college; in her mind, our foray into intimate relations was a brief excursion and one she decided we should not talk about ever again. ...Read On

Recommended Read

“Of Kinks, Repose, and Awakening” By Sleepy The Dwarf

  Now I lay me down to sleep, Wishing she would take a peek, If I die before I conclude, She will not find me in the nude. Now I lay me down to sleep… Well, that’s when I express my kink. Sometimes I also do it when I’m awake but I always, always, always, do it when I go to bed. I don’t think it qualifies as a fetish. It’s certainly a fixation; but according to Merriam Webster...Read On

Sister in Law

Moving in with family can cause some problems

"I can't believe we are doing this," I said shaking my head as we landed.  "You have said that fourteen times," Desiree said.  I could tell she was getting annoyed with me. At this point my argument was a non-factor, our house was sold, most of our belongings had either gone to Goodwill or sold with the house. All we had left of our life before this move was in our suitcases.  "It will be...Read On


The Girl With The Emerald Eyes - Chapter 9

Our last night in Mexico leads to a wild night and some personal revelations

With Emily and I having declared our love for each other, we were ready for the next few days to disappear into the usual Spring Break clichés. Soon we were drinking heavily, smoking a ton of weed and having sex at each and every opportunity. Still, we hoped to avoid Rob and the rest of the UT football crowd. Em and I were growing closer than I ever thought possible. I was so glad I had...Read On


Discovering Chelsea

A friend becomes a lover

Chelsea sat at the table sipping her drink and quietly watching the activity in the bar. As the music blared and the other girls were up dancing and mingling, she sat alone as usual and kept an eye on her friends. She was too shy to try and mix with the guys in the bar. They never approached her or even seem to notice her, especially when her friends were around. While they were all slim...Read On


Legends of the Fel - Prelude

An introduction to a piss fantasy saga

IN THE PALACE OF THE GODS (atop Mount Venusia) The Queen of the Gods had been treating her two lovers, the demi-goddesses Herena and Hastashia, to a hot golden shower over their lusciously formed bare tits when she had received her summons from her lord and master.   ‘Would you like a sample?’ she offered Lermes, the winged messenger who was smaller than most of her cousins yet...Read On


Kelly Chapter 6.1

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night.

At that time of our lives, my wife lived and worked halfway across the country. The company she worked for had a liberal travel allowance for upper management who kept their main residence in their home state. She would fly home, and work from home for a week or so, about once every two months. It was early March of that year and we needed to get our taxes ready to file, so my wife was going...Read On


The Club - Chapter 9

Charlie decides to become a maker of porn – the girls are happy to comply.

Chapter 9   “Tonight was full of surprises,” Lexi told Charlie as they were driving home. “Isn’t it the truth,” Charlie replied with a grin. “First, the adult theater was nice. I expected something seedy and stinky, but it was clean and smelled fresh. Then to meet Jenny and Steve… there was a big bonus.” “Her apartment was spectacular,” Lexi sighed. “I can’t imagine how much she spent...Read On


Lost at Sea, book 2: Drifters, chapter 8

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

The island of Barcola was primarily Nivalese. The inhabitants had managed to repel a mainland occupation a half-century prior by pulling the majority of their people into the mountains and fighting a brutal guerrilla war against the colonizing forces. In the narrow mountain passes, the mainlanders’ usual tactics of shielded firing lines and phalanx-style close combat were completely useless....Read On


Massage Chronicles - Milked And Pleasured By Bailey Part One

Bailey was the first masseuse that milked me, after that I was hooked. It was unforgettable!

I first spotted the ads for Kate’s place a few weeks earlier. A quick survey of local reviews for her yielded quite mixed but generally negative results. There was something in one of the reviews that led me to believe that the reviewer was wrong. I couldn’t pin it down so I PM’d the reviewer. He told me that she was cute and young, but very rude to him and that his massage was rushed...Read On


Divine Love - Chapter IV – Strangers becoming Friends

Nothing had ever caused an obsession for Julie like her experience with Jamie had. She thought about masturbating to another orgasm, but instead, she suddenly decided to call the Bradley’s. After all, she told herself, she and Charlotte were becoming friends, and she was being nothing more than a good doctor concerned for her young patient. So she quickly found the Bradley’s phone number,...Read On



With a smile, Sarah clicked through the contact ads. She wasn‘t looking for a partner, but she found it interesting from time to see what other people with similar inclinations sought:   Teacher is looking for female student   Female student is looking for teacher   Father is looking for ageplay daughter   Daughter is looking for ageplay father   Long-time...Read On


The Landlady

The landlady wants to make a deal with her tenant's girlfriend, behind his back.

"Coming!" I rushed to the door. When the door opened a charming smile and beaming brown eyes greeted me. "Oh! Ms. Marigold!" I smiled as a rush of excitement came over me. "How are you? I didn't know you were coming over! Did Andre know you were coming?" "No, actually!" She brushed a lock of wavy dark hair behind her ear. "I was hoping I could talk to you both about the rent?" "Oh no,...Read On


A Most Fortuitous Event

My sister’s houseboat on Lake Mead was a ninety-minute drive, through Vegas traffic from my job on the strip. Finally getting away for a well-earned vacation, the marina was far out where the sky blazed with stars, the spiral arms of the Milky Way spun overhead. The lake air was always a bit cooler and driving a quiet road with the top down in my tired old convertible was still a thrill.  I...Read On


Bad Boy Reputation.

Married lady has a painful dilemma.

“I’m off for my break,” Jim shouted. He’d worked nonstop for the last four hours and the break was more than welcome. He made his way outside pulling up a chair and sucking in the fresh air as he slumped down. He watched the wedding guests, so deep in their animated conversations, laughing, drinking, and dancing. All the things that he should be doing on a Saturday night.  The door...Read On


Sarah's Trip - Part One

After her first time with her friend's brother, she wants much more

Four o'clock, the bright white digits taunted her as she lay on her side. Even in the early hours of morning, the outside temperature was already rising. Opening a window had done nothing, any chance of a cool breeze was absolute zero.  Getting up from the bed, she hadn't even tried to get under the sheets earlier in fear of overheating. Dressed in a pair of shorts and a thin grey vest,...Read On


Surprise Work Evening

A beautiful woman throws a kink into work plans.

I’ve always been shy, very uncomfortable around people I don’t know and especially girls. I’ve mentioned my male characters’ love lives a few times and it was totally me, shy, bashful, afraid to even talk to a girl until my wife snared me at a basketball game. Even after, the bashfulness never went away, even to this day. Fast forward a few years, past the Coast Guard, working for the City...Read On


A Hard Knock On My Door

Do I Let Him In?

I opened my eyes to see a tanned, muscular arm around me. I looked over my shoulder to see JJ’s gorgeous face on the pillow behind me. We were both on our sides spooning. His eyes were closed and he was soundly sleeping. Oh no. What had I done? Then, the tequila fog started to clear. Dancing, drinking, and JJ entered my mind. Okay, calm down . Trying to stop the panic, I wracked my brain...Read On


Abbey And The Library Lover

“Hardcore humping?” “More like tender intercourse.”

“You're not a fool. You can sit down, if you'd like.” “I'm not keeping you from working on your story?” At a wooden table in the otherwise empty Mystery section of the campus library, Abbey pulled out a chair next to her. “Are you a writer, too?” “Aspiring.” He sat and faced her, keeping his voice low. “I have started a bunch of them, but I haven't finished any.” “What are they about?” ...Read On


A New Toy

My girlfriend fucks her high school ex.

It all started with a question. I remember it like it was yesterday. In fact, it has been two years since I asked the question that would change my sex life forever. My girlfriend and I had been dating for several months at the time, and we were slowly becoming more comfortable with each other. We had already had the talk about how many partners we had both been with and all the little...Read On


Of Schemes and Things: An Epilogue

She smiled with anticipation and something that felt like love.

  Is this how it felt to be in love? Renee didn’t know. An unapologetic ‘party girl’, she had been after ‘nice guy’ Jerry all summer, but mainly for his family’s money and status. Rowdy had always been her favorite playmate, and she hadn’t planned to give him up even if she did hook Jerry. But then came last night. Jerry had been so worn-out from his summer job it was almost funny. But a...Read On


Southern Hospitality, Part 6

Chloe invites Sarah over for dinner

It was finally Friday, the end of another week. Chloe was proud of how much she and Sarah had accomplished over the course of the week. The last couple of days had been stressful, but they'd made it. Chloe felt like celebrating. And since Alex was out of town, she decided it was time for a girls' night out. She went next door to Sarah's office and peeked her head in. "Hey," Chloe said. ...Read On


The Bachelor Party, Chapter 2

Donna performs for the guys, but they have a surprise of their own for her!

It was right around noon the next day when the phone rang. Donna was doing a little housework before getting ready to go to work that evening.  "Hello?" she said, picking up the phone. "Hi, Donna, it's Mike from the shop," he said. Donna recognized the deep booming voice of Big Mike, who was aptly named as he was a large man. "Hi, Mike, what's up?" she asked. "I just wanted to let you...Read On


Mommy On My Lap Chapter Two

The return journey is more fun as mommy lets her son have his way in the car while sis is drivingi

Part Two – The Long Ride Home Mom wore a white two-piece skirt and jacket. The skirt came to mid-thigh and the jacket nearly covered the skirt. The band was appropriately playing the song by 'Cake': "I Want a Girl In a Short Skirt and Long Jacket". Mom was dancing to the music with some fat old guy who couldn't keep his eyes off her long legs and his hands off her well-proportioned ass...Read On


Charlene Is Not All Show

How much are the neighbors allowed to see?

Tommy looked up from the television as his girlfriend entered the room. Giving her a quick scan, he remarked, "I wasn't expecting you to be wearing so much." "What? Shirt and panties? Not like I'm dressed for the mall," she replied crisply. "Well that's for sure," he acknowledged, continuing to study his scantily clad roommate. "I even left a few of the buttons undone," Charlene...Read On

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