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This broad category of fetish stories covers all kinds of fetishism activities, whether they be for feet, latex, smoking, pantyhose, stockings, rubber, high heels, and even balloons! Feel free to write about your favorite fetishes in this section, and don't worry, there are sure to be other people who share the love of your particular fetish.


Reann's Night At The Club

Reann has a fun night at the club but so did Tonya working the second floor.

Reann Reann was in her thirties when she realized she had a very odd fetish. She discovered it literally by accident surfing porn sites. She came across a video that just entranced her into watching what was happening to the girl in the scene. Without even realizing it, she had her hand on her pussy, rubbing it. Before long, she had two fingers buried deep inside herself, quickly...Read On


Tommy James Likes Panties, Ch. 4

It's the night of Homecoming and something clicks for Tommy.

It was the night of Homecoming. Tommy James got the weekend off from his place of employment, as did his date. He was kind of nervous about what would happen at the dance. Should he play it cool with her? Ari did tell him and show him some things that were interesting, to say the least. He looked at himself in the mirror, brushed his hair and scruffy face. He looked at himself, wearing a...Read On


Professor Davis, Asst Cheer Coach 7

Toeing the line

I'm on a bus. A freaking school bus. The fact that it's a college school bus does not change anything. Just because it's not painted yellow doesn't mean that it's still not the same old crappy bench seats from when you and I were in elementary school. Okay, so it is filled with college cheerleaders, but other than that...I'm on a bus. I'm on a bus on a two and a half hour ride to our away...Read On


Journey through Switzerland

Why am I doing this here?  This thought flashes through her mind. It's the first time, actually, that she ever thinks why? " At the same time, she also wonders why she hasn’t asked herself this question yet. Usually, she doesn’t get involved with anyone that easily, let alone subordinate herself to others. No, she is not herself; this is not the woman she knows. Or is it? Confident is...Read On



His last thrusts. He fucks me from above with all he’s got. I lie defenceless on my back and feel completely filled. I love that feeling - and yet I cannot come. I like him, his cock is great, but an orgasm is still impossible. My missing climax seems to disappoint him. He struggles, puts everything in, wants to impress me. Fucks me more and more, thrusting hard inside me, almost like...Read On


Three Days

Carrie loses a bet and has to spend three days in handcuffs

Every year when the Packers played the Lions, Carrie, a native of Detroit, and her fiancé, Rob, a native of Green Bay, would make a bet on the outcome of the game.  They played twice a year, and the bets had been going on for four years now since they’d been dating.  They’d started out as typical bets: the loser would have to pay for a nice dinner at the restaurant of the other’s choice. ...Read On


Bad Girl - Chapter 3

Gerry remained pretty silent about camp, leaving all the planning up to her. He did occasionally ask how things were going and if she needed him to do anything, but she told him she had it under control for now. As camp neared, Pam asked Gerry to dig out the camping gear, and gave him the list of what to get down from the attic in the garage. She checked the weather forecast for the area...Read On

Recommended Read

The Corset - Part 2 of 2

Maggie enjoys Wild Bill then, much to her surprise, finds a special man

The next time I saw Wild Bill was two weeks later when I went to his house for beer, pizza and what else... sex. I had finally learned his name, Bill Jackson, and thought the Wild part was particularly apropos. Much to my surprise, another girl was already there. He introduced us. Kaitlin was a “surprise present” for me. What a surprise she was! That girl could eat pussy like no male,...Read On


More of Amber's Cum Covered Toes

Another foot job experience with Amber.

Since my last foot story of my girlfriend Amber, I have had the most amazing foot experiences with her. For example, last week, I was taking a nap, and I woke up to feel Amber stroking my cock and rubbing my cock head against her sweaty toes. I pretended to be asleep so she wouldn’t notice how turned on I was. Fuck, the feeling of my pre-cum soaked cock head against her toes was the...Read On


Losing the Super Bowl 2019

This is a VERY mild story about two women who work as section heads in the same office and attend a

This didn’t start with the Super Bowl. Charlotte and I have been in each other’s faces since we were hired together six years ago. It’s just that this football season seems to have brought things to a head. We are both section heads for Pearson Consulting, and our names are almost the same– she is Charlotte and I am Charlene– but other than that we don’t seem to have anything in common. ...Read On


Barefoot Island

On this island, going barefoot will open up a world of stimulating possibilities for Christy.

Watching the young man hungrily licking and sucking her toes as she lay on the cool floor of the back room of the grocery store, Christy grinned to herself. It was turning out to be a great first week of her holiday. The boy - he must have been eighteen if he was a day, Christy guessed - was a master adept at lustily worshipping her bare feet. He was an absolute natural, she thought. Far...Read On

Recommended Read

At Bianca's Feet

Bianca loves the hot sunshine between her delightful toes and on her smooth, wrinkled soles.

Bianca could hardly believe that, already, a week of her Spanish holiday had passed. She gazed out to the pool through the large kitchen window and smiled to herself. It was going to be another hot one today, she thought. "Bianca?" her mother called from the dining room. "Yeah?" "Your father and I will be gone most of the day," she said. "Do you have plans for going out later or...?" ...Read On


Roxy's Pornstar Feet

Roxy's looking for a new car. The salesman swears he recognises her from somewhere.

He couldn't keep his eyes on the road, or his mind on his sales pitch. The sexy blonde was driving barefoot, and all Gavin could think about was how sensational those beautiful, wrinkled feet would feel as they stroked his stiff cock. "Wow, it handles like a dream," the girl said, smiling. The bright sun reflected back from the polished chrome of the gas pedal, the dazzling light gleaming...Read On


Between Karyn's Toes (Part 1)

Eighteen year-old Karyn parades around the house barefoot which proves distracting in the best way.

The young girl was stunningly beautiful. She had breezed on into the room right at the point where my attention span was at its dimmest, igniting it again with her very presence. "Dad?" she said, addressing the man in whose house I was now sitting, and also my employer of four months. "Karyn, I'm working," he said, barely looking up from the tablet computer in his hands. I certainly...Read On


A Footjob From Suzannah

Rick can't resist Suzannah's sexy, seductive bare feet. And neither will you.

It was too damn hot for golf. Way too hot, thought Rick, as he got out of his car outside his golf buddy's upmarket, private house on the hill. To spend the day sweating one's ass off on a golf course instead of chugging ice-cold cocktails, wearing as little as possible by the pool would be a sacrilege of sorts. He half-hoped Jon was of the same opinion on this sweltering summer...Read On


My First Time With Louise

Louise lets me indulge my fetish with her...

Louise lives next door to me, and I have always had a sexual crush on her, and fantasized about her many times. So one warm afternoon I was cleaning my bedroom window when I saw her reclining on a sun bed in her back garden in a bikini...I almost had a heart attack! Here was my sexy next door neighbor lying on a sun bed in a bikini, I could see all of her tummy! I didn't know what to do...Read On


Tommy James Likes Panties, Ch. 3

Tommy makes a sale and Jessie notices him...

It was a couple of days before Homecoming. The two friends were currently in English class. Tommy looked at Ari. Nobody knew who he was going to the Homecoming Dance with. It was not like he was secretive. He looked at her lower back as she dropped her pen. Tommy James was expecting it at any second. ‘Wait for it. Wait for it…’ He mentally said, as he gradually got turned on thinking what...Read On


Mandy's Femdom Christmas Party

Three subs try their best to appease five demanding dommes at Christmas.

Christmas was close and the party season was in full swing. Offices parties filled the pubs and you couldn’t go anywhere without obnoxious drunks stumbling through the streets of London.  Just as I had about had my fill of the so-called “festive season” my phone rang. Glancing at the screen before deciding whether to answer or not I was delighted to see it was Mandy calling. We had become...Read On


Wife Sells Shoes....And More

I talk my wife into selling her used shoes, things take a twist

Recently my wife starting selling clothes online - pants, tops etc. Even some of the kids clothes they grew out of. I told her maybe she should get rid of some of her old shoes and boots too, make room for some new ones. She really had no interest so I told her I would sell them for her. She thought I was just being perverted so she shot me down. After a few weeks of her listing stuff and...Read On


NYE Surprise

Wife passes out and fun ensues

My wife decided instead of going out for New Years this year, she'd rather have just a few friends over and have a low-key night. I couldn't argue because I didn't want to fight the crowds anyways. So she took care of the invite list and kept it to about eight people, four couples.  Fast forward to New Years and here we are getting ready after the last check of appetizers warming and...Read On


Old man Hanson and Jade

They have fun

Old man Hanson watched from his car window as she closed her door, her back towards him, showing off her large bouncy bum that was incased in a tight pear of black leggings. Her top half was barely covered by anything but a small tight sports bra. Her bright red hair tied in a tight pony tail that hung to her waist. She turned around and placed her headset on, she ran down the steps and...Read On


Wife Finally Shares Her Feet

My wife finally shares her feet with another guy

My wife and I volunteered to work at a fundraiser recently. It was a nice event, so we had to dress accordingly. We got there about 5pm. I was wearing a black button up dress shirt, dark jeans, and black dress shoes. She was wearing black dress pants, an aqua sleeveless top, and tan open toe heels. Her toes were freshly painted pink.  A little more about her. She's 5'0" and about...Read On


Remember to Recycle

Girlfriend learns a lesson in taking out the trash.

I used to live with a submissive girlfriend who was the most forgetful little thing. She was always getting herself into trouble by failing to complete her chores and tasks around the house. As such, she was frequently punished. I was upset one Friday to return home from work to find our trash bin and recycling tote still full and sitting in the garage. Our trash was normally picked up...Read On


Friend Enjoys My Wife's Feet And I Help Him!

Friend plays with my wife's feet while I watch.

I was sitting on the sofa in our apartment with my wife and a friend of mine. I was in the middle, and we were playing an interactive TV game, so we all had to be able to see the TV, which is why we were crowded on the sofa. We were having some drinks, too, sitting in front of us on a coffee table which ran the length of the couch. Getting comfortable and wanting her body to point toward...Read On


Teenage boy plays with my wifes feet under table

17 year old boss's son sneaks under the table and plays with my wife's feet uninvited

We were invited to my new boss's house. We had just moved and I had just started with the company so it was an important first meeting. He was of course very rich and had a few children, a boy about sixteen or seventeen, a girl eight or ten years old and a toddler. Well this particular incident occurred without anyone knowing except for Michelle my wife, and the perpetrator of the assault...Read On


Stepdad Enjoys My Wife's Foot While I Watch

Wife rests a foot on the center console of the vehicle, and two guys are grateful.

On Saturday we were driving home from the dinner theater. My wife Michelle was in the back with her mother, and I was in the front with her stepdad. He has made several comments about Michelle's little feet and toes; the color of her nail polish and the size of her feet (6) over the years. So we have suspected him as a foot lover even though my wife's mother doesn't take care of her feet at...Read On


An Interview With The Foot Freak

Psychiatry Major studying foot fetishes interviews a real live freak, or so she thought.

I was surprised when I walked into the dimly lit office the university had set up for our interviews, that he was already seated. I expected a small, sweaty guy with acne and greasy hair, but he was none of those things. He was no male model, but you would only suspect him to be your average adult male, not the foot fetish pervert I had lined up to interview. Let me explain, my name is...Read On


Tommy James Likes Panties, Ch. 2

Tommy finds out something about Ariadne's past...

It was the next afternoon after the last bell of school. Tommy James walked up to Ariadne’s car. Tommy reacted, almost out loud: “Holy shit!” Ariadne had her hand down her pants, masturbating in her car. Her breathing got heavy. She began to moan softly. Her eyes closed as her fingers fondled her damp treasure. “Mmmm… murgh.” A knock knocked her out of her trance. Ari quickly tried to...Read On


A Relationship Of Convenience

A broken up couple decides to relieve each other's sexual desires until they meet someone new

I sat in the bar sipping on a cheap lite beer waiting for Katie to arrive.  I checked my phone which sat on the bar and looked at the time.  She was already ten minutes late for a meeting she had arranged, which was typical of Katie.  She never could be on time for anything.  I sighed and put the phone down and finished off the beer and asked the bartender for another one which he opened and...Read On


My Chastity Story (Part 1)

My wife punishes me for jerking off too much by putting me in a cock cage.

It all started because I jerk off too much.  Every night, I would retreat to the basement after my wife, Kate, would go to bed early.  Both of us are in our mid-forties.  I often asked for sex, but my wife complained that I was never any good at it.  She always said that we only do what I wanted, which usually involved long blowjobs with followed by a nice, slow handjob.    She seemed bored...Read On

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