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Incest Fantasies

Incest stories are concerned with relationships among siblings, other family members or closely related persons. Incest is defined as sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom. Incestuous relationships are illegal in many places around the world - the following stories are purely fictional, written by people who are turned on by such an idea.


Two Moms, Two Sons 6: Pete And Sandra Discover Their Own Incestuous Love

Sandra and Pete also prove that incestuous love might run in their family.

I ran out in front of him. "Stare at my butt, I don't mind," I pointed out, walking to my room. I didn't see him peek back at me, and I entered the room. It took him a few seconds to come in there with me, but I wasn't sure what to make of it at the time. As he made it in there, I pulled him to me and closed the door. "You're about to have sex with your flesh and blood mom," I spoke before...Read On


Naughty Daughter Gets Even Naughtier

Sherry is gangbanged by dad's friends

Rick and Bruce Partake My sixteen-year-old daughter Sherry, who spends every other weekend at my place, had misled me into thinking she had a date Saturday evening. I took her to the mall to buy some sexy clothes, and when we returned home, she dressed up to model them for me. It was then that she disclosed that she didn’t have a date but bought them solely for my pleasure. I fucked her for...Read On


Truth or Dare (The Family Reunion) Chapter Two

Janie didn’t back down.

Walking back to the ca,r I followed Janie closely. I had never looked at her in this way before. My eyes were drawn to her tight young ass. Even to the bounce of her breasts as she walked. “When are you going to let me see it?” I hounded her. “If you really want to see my pussy, then you better be quiet, brother,” Janie warned in a low whisper. “Mom will hear you.” I shut my mouth and...Read On


A Daughter's Journey To Love Ch 5

A big surprise when I come home to find my dad and brother had made a bet...

My eyes opened as I heard my dad talking on the phone. "Tell Kurt I won't be in today and reschedule all of my appointments," said my dad in a very professional voice. I peeked down under the covers and looked at my naked body. I needed to make sure last night wasn't just a really good dream. I slipped my hand down between my legs and felt the tacky cum on my pussy that my dad had given to...Read On


Uncle Beau

Having to share a bed leads to sharing a life.

  My grandmother had some definite ideas on the naming of her babies. I guess she thought the name she hung on them would somehow make her wishes come true. She gave them all names that meant handsome or beautiful. She started with Bella, who is my Mom. My oldest uncle is named Cullen, then came Uncle Nordin followed by Aunt Callista. Their baby brother was tagged, Beau. Why Grandma...Read On


Family Sex Journal

Wife, daughter and dad fucked by studs

On the way home from our threesome hookup last night with Chuck, our seventeen-year-old boy toy, my wife reflected on her changing desires. “I find it ironic how my appetites have changed since I was a seventeen-year-old,” my wife remarked, “Back then I was only interested in sex with older men. Now I crave teenagers like Chuck all the time.” “So do I,” I replied. My wife just turned...Read On


The Family Reunion (Truth or Dare) Chapter One

The twins won’t back down to a dare, no matter what

We always had fun at these family reunions. Our cousins were always there and it’s usually the only time we get to see them. My twin sister Janie was as excited to go, as was I. “Do you still have a crush on Missy,” Janie asked with a naughty look in her eyes, as I tried to pack. “Fuck you,” I retorted, “I don’t have a crush on Missy; she’s our cousin. “Fuck you,” Janie laughed, “I saw...Read On


The Laptop: Part Seven (of Seven)

She decided to tease him, little did she realize how far it would go.

Beth waited for Dax in her room, not being able to decide if she should just stay naked or put something on.  In the end, since she planned on just blowing him and jerking his dick, she chose her bathing suit.  That way, not only could she head out to the pool afterward, but if he made a mess on her it would be easy to wash off just by jumping in the water. Dax, not wanting to seem too...Read On


The Surprise Weekend Away

A weekend of release for Father and his daughter

“Daddy are you ready for the weekend?” she asked smiling up at me. It was Friday night I just got home from work to hear that my loving wife had booked a long weekend away at a country resort for my daughter and myself. It sounded like a relaxing weekend of spas and drinks, maybe the odd game of tennis; to get away from the city would be fabulous. “Of course, honey, your mother has put...Read On


Miles Apart > Chapter 1 > Circumstances of kink

Thank you for the compliments. Now do as I say!

I remember this like it was a minute ago, but in reality it's been years since his fingertips engraved every inch of me. Embark with me on this story of how Josh and I dismissed the fact that we were the same blood. --- Me and Josh, although closely related, never met until I was eleven and he turned twelve. He is from a completely different continent, and our families are thousands of...Read On


My Revenge - Me and My Sister - Part Four

My sister has screwed up big time, and now she will have to pay.

I was coming home from college after another day of classes. I came earlier that day because my professor didn’t show up for my English class. I opened the door and came in. I lived in a big house that I shared with my sister, Valentina. I had lived with my sister for five years since my parents had gone abroad. I must admit right away that my sister and I had started to have this...Read On


Lonely Dad Part 2

After taking his daughter's virginity, Sam finds himself smitten with her

  Sarah was lying comfortably on my chest, listening to my heartbeat. I caressed her thick hair as I stared at the ceiling. I fucked my daughter. I fucked my daughter and took her virginity. Adrenaline filled me as I replayed it. I wanted more. Her pussy was amazing. My stomach growled. I was initially heading to the kitchen for a late-night snack. "Are you hungry dad?" she grinned. "I...Read On


The Laptop: Part Six

She decided to tease him, little did she know how far it would go.

Dax finally dozed off in the early morning hours, and after only a few hours of sleep he was awoken by a knock at his door.  Before he even had a chance to answer, Beth opened the door and stepped in.  She was standing there wearing only a towel, hair still wet and skin still flush from a hot shower.  He immediately sat up in bed, not sure what to do or say. She slowly walked over to him,...Read On


The Laptop: Part Five

She decided to tease him, she didn't realize how far it would go.

Dax was shaking as he replied back to her, " Yes...I am too ."   "Do you have your cock in your hand right now, stroking it? " Beth wrote. " Yes... " " Are you thinking about me, and what you've seen today? " " I am. " " Keep stroking your cock for me then, and do it knowing I'm playing with my pussy right now " Beth, her mind being controlled by her obsession to see his cock, clicked...Read On

Village Life

A curious village custom for virgins about to be brides.

The eighteen-wheeler was travelling at sixty miles an hour round a blind bend when it hit the car Nancy Young was driving.  She never stood a chance.  Her husband and her daughter, Martha, were devastated by her death, and Elias hardly noticed that the compensation paid by the owners of the lorry was enough that he never needed to work again. For Elias, the worst part of the grief was the...Read On


Lonely Dad Part 1

Sam found his lover in his daughter.

"Goodbye, Samuel," Ava hugged me tightly. I could smell her skin and the fruitiness of her luscious brown hair. I ached for her as I held her tightly. "Goodbye, Ava," I sighed as she released me. "Daniel," I called to her husband.  "Don't forget the game tomorrow, Sam," he reminded me as he escorted Sarah outside.  "I won't," I smiled as I took her luggage from him. "Bye, mom," she...Read On


A Daughters Journey to Love Ch 4

I move in with my dad... Things happen... Bliss!

It was Monday morning and I woke up as my brother moved his arm from me. I felt a cold chill as the body heat from our warm embrace dissipated. My thighs were sticking together because of the dried cum left over from the night before. I was not going to be able to get back to sleep after Kayla and Dylan got out of bed to get ready for work. I felt empty, and alone again. I had been living...Read On


The Laptop: Part Four

She decided to tease him, little did she know how far it would go.

Any hint of being turned on left Dax immediately as he ran up to his room, overcome by absolute embarrassment.  What the fuck was he thinking?  She asked him to put lotion on her back and that was it; any more intent than that was purely in his mind.  It had to be, right?  RIGHT?!?  He went from never even looking at his sister in a sexual way earlier in the week, to actually trying to feel...Read On


The Laptop: Part Three

She decided to tease him, little did she know how far it would go.

When Beth got back home from shopping Dax was still in bed, or at least he was still in his room.  Since today was supposed to be the hottest day of the weekend, she figured it would be a good day to put on her new bathing suit and head out to the pool.  As she got on her suit she checked herself in the mirror and was extremely happy with what she saw. While she had a very average body,...Read On


Stage Four Of My Journey To Becoming Joann

Continuing journey into the world of cross-dressing...

The next morning I told Sis that I spoke with Bob on the phone, as she suggested, and he invited me over to his apartment on Friday night. I think she was as excited as I was. She said we would have to pick out an outfit tonight when we both got home for the big event.   The next day all I could think about at work was Friday night. Toward the end of my shift, my phone buzzed that I had a...Read On



Jessica needs it.

I’ve just dropped off my eighteen-year-old daughter, Megan, off at college. This will be her first year of college, and It will be her first time she will be away from home. Sure, she had sleep-overs and stuff like that, but she'll be gone for the school year. After getting her all settled in, I had to go home before it got dark. I don't like to drive at night. I had to drive three hours to...Read On


Getting Sis Pregnant, Chapter 5

The birth of their new baby wasn't the only changes coming for these two!

Anna and I continued to have sex, and although it got to a point where she couldn't kneel well or do some of the things she and I loved to do, we put those things on the shelf. Instead, I started getting pleasure from little things I would do for her–like helping her to get up from a chair, telling her how beautiful she looked pregnant, rubbing creme on her belly to keep her skin soft...Read On


Two Moms, Two Sons 5: London And Joe Prove Their Love For Each Other

As London knows Joe wants her, she has to get him alone and into bed.

POV London "How do you feel holding my hand for the first time as we're both naked?" I pondered as we made to Pete's room. "Invigorating, Mom," he answered as we both entered the room. I let go of his hand and turned to the door. I shut it and slowly revolved back to him. "Are you masturbating to your mom?" I questioned before calmly leaning down to my knees. "Yes," he responded,...Read On


The Family Business

Family on the verge of financial ruin accepts a deal. A deal that changes them forever.

What do you do when you are on the verge of losing everything? How desperate can you get, and what would you be willing to do if someone offered you a golden ticket to fix it all? “It doesn't look good,” said Mark's accountant. “Well, what can I do?” Mark said with a defeated tone. "I think it's time you put your house on the market and start liquidating your assets, but even that won't...Read On


A Single Little Lie

Desperate desire and forbidden love flourish beneath the bed sheets.

  Ryan He was there again, just like he had been. The night was dark, and the tent flickered with the dying light of the fire. His daughter, Emily, gripped his cock in her hands. She was staring at him, with a lustful gaze. He was close to spitting his load all over her hands. The very thought of getting his sticky semen on her burned his cock like fire. His eyes flashed opened. ...Read On


You've Started, So You'll Finish - For Me

Jim is blackmailed by his daughter's best friend when she catches him masturbating

"The decision is final , Sarah!" I said firmly to my daughter, who stormed out of the room, pouting. She had been pleading me to allow her to go on a trip around Europe (at my expense) with some friends, one of whom I really didn't approve of. The conversation had been getting heated in the last few minutes and finally come to a head. Sarah was nineteen but still behaved quite naively...Read On


Grandson and Grandfather

Grandson seduces his grandfather

The day after his nineteenth birthday my grandson, Brandon came home early from his college class. About an hour earlier I had serviced one of my regulars with both my mouth and ass. I took a shower, put a light robe on and proceeded to my home bar. I poured a three finger shot of Jack Daniel’s in a glass. I was sitting on the porch bench swing sipping on my drink when Brandon came in. He...Read On


The Brother, The Sister And The Girlfriend

Stephen, Chelsea and Lorna, an aftertaste of wine, bedrooms, a rainy balcony and a sex-night sunrise

Late Night   A fair few seconds of clumsy scratching sounds, presumably from a series of unsuccessful assaults on the keyhole from the outside, finally led to the front door bursting open and the duo pouring in all at once – a four-legged performance of uncontrollable giggling, swaying with interlocked arms and stumbling steps. Stephen, seated on the couch, did not need to turn away...Read On


The Laptop: Part Two

She decided to tease him, little did she know how far it would go.

She took her hand back out of her shorts, surprised at how wet she had gotten, and became momentarily lost in thought.  It was absolutely wrong to be turned on by what she saw, but part of her didn't care.  He had jerked off to the same video she came to last night, and he did so knowing it.  Not only that, but she had never seen him naked as an adult before and his penis was huge.  So huge,...Read On


Two Girls and A Night Out

Two girls go out for a night's fun - and get it.

I had just come home from basketball training and I was hot and tired. I stripped my sweat-soaked clothing off and sat naked in my bedroom to cool off. I was bored, so I turned my laptop on and watched some porn. There were two girls enjoying sex with one another. My curiosity got the better of me as I was interested in what they do. There are a few lesbians on the team and make no secret...Read On

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