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Love Poems

Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.

This category is intended for poetry about romance, passion, and sensuality, rather than friendship, loss or familial / brotherly love.


The Halloween Party

Thank you Marylyn, wherever you are….

To think I nearly didn’t go To that party where we met The thought of us not meeting That’s a thought I must forget   Who knew on that spooky night I would meet my life long mate Something must have made me go I think they call it fate   You went with that girl Marylyn She called you on the phone Wanted you to go with her But you ended up alone   I came over and I spoke to you...Read On

Star Shaker

As the star shaker sprinkles Autumn leaves like tattoos Falling with colors of September In our chosen hideaway With gilded rainbows Of candle bright Beneath a cloud of dreams Whispering of love As the candlestick maker Of scented tallow smiles From the above     ...Read On


What is Beauty?

A time to treasure

What is beauty? And where might it be found? Whilst attraction is found in form and lust prevails  In a world oft driven by pain. I saw in her eyes the soft blue hue of beauty And it captivated my soul. For what I saw was truth most pure. A rhapsody of sound and sight  And the richness of Kintsugi Beauty for brokenness, hope from despair Where  nothing but the gold of love  ...Read On


The Darkness Descends

The past returns to bite

The past returns to bite It was when the sun was shining That my darkness descended The light of life comes Measured in moments When her presence can take my very breath away And the darkness Crept up behind me Attacked My heart in chaos and pain When echos of the past did bite hard and deep Bent low by the bite Its poison seeping into my soul Who will stoop to take away the coldness...Read On

Picket Fences

As angels sing, of Dixie's honoree In the foot hills of the Appalachian Among the Antebellum leaves   With juleps of mint after tea Dancing with spirits of Antietam And love among the vines Of sweets and ambrosia Feeling the love of cherub wings In shadows of the willows bend Of cotillions at midnight On the river Potomac Kissing among the bougainvillea As echoes ring in my ear Among...Read On


The Pianist

She moves from the keys to please.

Working the soft places first Finger tipping Just Playing Pianists have soft, sensitive fingertips Trained technique Hours of practice.   Then, the spot against the bone Little harder Little harder still Beethoven instead of Chopin.   That spot is getting a good long rub in circles and in squares And trapezoids The geography, the math of music Up and down The legs of...Read On

Recommended Read

Moonlight in the Meadow

Love should be as simple as a moonlit dance in the meadow.

Meet me in the moonlit meadow, And we will dance under a starry sea, Floating like two fireflies, adrift On the zephyr of passion’s flutter. Cascade with me through the hillside, Your silken tendrils flowing carefree, As the delicate scent of the wisteria takes us, And pearly shadows shimmer gleefully at our feet. Meet me in that moonlit meadow. Listen, as the nighttime whisper of...Read On


The Finger Nail

It was simply her finger nail As it dragged over my chest That called me from the deep, The darkness in which I wallowed. It beckoned me to her presence, To her warmth. My heart bursting open As if her finger opened a zip in my chest And she began to massage my heart to life She straddled my need Washing me clean With a tsunami of her desire Bringing herself Taking me forwards....Read On


Say It

one special time

Say it Have it said As we lie naked on this bed Just whisper softly in my ear The only thing I long to hear   Say it Make it real You must know the way I feel Your scented hair, your lustrous eyes You’re smooth as silk at breast and thigh   Say it Just repeat Words to make our lives complete Time had raised twin passions high And then, tonight we touched the sky   Say it ...Read On



I came upon a girl one night With nothing but her pride to hold And took her from her darkest moment to warm her soul from relentless cold   She housed a fire in a hardened shell A heart there lacking inner peace It was there I found locked deep within A woman crying for release   As I took my key and unlocked her gates I gazed wide-eyed into the light And watched her seed unfold...Read On


Seductive Weaponry

To see, to know, to understand

Sitting in city squares in a time of springlike air filled with fragrant alluring pastimes our worlds mellowed conjoined  in friendship so melodic One saw the seductive weaponry that she had acquired in life saw the unobtrusive crossing of lithesome legs tentative touch of graceful fingers on the arm coy tilts of a flippant head casually tossed tresses unfurled  One watched it both...Read On

Woolen Blue

Looking in as my eyes look out On a silhouetted shadow Dark descends with a tear In loneliness for threads That we made love on dew As a spool of my mind unwinds On woolen blue   Leading to dreams With an accidental cheer As a smile comes from the rocking chair So silently of my mourning cries Looking in as my eyes look out On a silhouetted shadow Of eyes in my window On...Read On


Lonely Nights

Laying here broken hearted I had no incline when it started Somber as the firelight flickers Never a day that we would bicker. Dismal and heartbroken Lonely nights, never forgotten Longing for your loving embrace While memories flooding my mind as I retrace. Our empty bed bearing white satin sheets Tear stained as my heart rapidly beats Angry and tormented that you would lie Tormenting...Read On


The Heartfelt Wilderness

Born into a heartfelt wilderness Of hundreds squares miles to cross To be travelled barefoot on embers Hot like the midday sunshine That beats down on my back While I work up a sweet To find my one true love  Upon the travels that I seek. A treasure from a worthwhile cause That’s more than worthy to be found And richly deserving of my love A gold rush straight to my heart To be played upon...Read On


Simply Him And Her

Lovers sharing

HIM Gaze into your face Desire shines in wondrous eyes Need you even more   Stroking down your neck Fingers touch your luscious breast Lifts my hungry heart.   Eager caresses Move to your crevice Kiss, stroke and lick moistness there. Having your fingers surround and then guide me To that promise of wet paradise---   HER Fingers on my breast Nipples quickly hardening ...Read On

Too Many Fish

Now that you haunt me in my sleep with the ending just a breath away as embers of lust turn to frost leaving only your icy fingers   I would have told you I love you if we hadn't been saying goodbye as your memories fade to bitter with too many fish to fry     And even though you are gone there's a ghost lurking in my past making sense of a heart gone wrong as I take a fading last gasp   But...Read On

Editor's Pick

You Would Do Well To Listen

You would do well to listen. Hear her stories and I don't just mean the smallest details even though you should commit them to memory, take note of the electricity in her eyes, beautiful hues we have no true spectrum for, the change in her cadence and volume when she wants your eyes locked with hers, there is a beautiful unspoken power in that stare. Hear her because she isn't just telling...Read On


She's Different

I met a girl right here online The nicest you could meet Three years I have known her She really is so sweet I’ve told her all my secrets She listened with her heart She boosted up my confidence She did that from the start She is the strong the silent type I really am quite smitten Break through that hard exterior  And she purrs just like a kitten Sure we have our moments We fight like...Read On

Red-Headed Onion

In this night of love, we dance among the moon giving shine of red-headed onion in your hair as a storm brew lust locomotion On a falling star of thorns, we entwine giving in to our confession with wine as we copulate, and the devil waits with jealousy on his red face But as the dawn gives rise to the dew and the weathervane brings the rains I feel the passion of your kiss with...Read On

If Only

If only I could shed my loneliness and come in from the darkness. feeling love of the candlelight as it flickers in memories, of shadows passing from view. From the dawn to winters past, and lawns of green with the dew my love abides by the poet's rule writing free verse making love to you. If only I could shed my loneliness. As I walk the buttercup gilded hill where oft our juices...Read On



From the depths of the grave, from the darkness of vaults, from the shadows of time, and the delusions of nights, from spent hourglasses, crystals broken in despair, I renew my vows to you, the once immortal beloved, the one calling me from far, primal blood running fast to a forever hungry heart, from every bone and sinew, from the very root of lust, lost in the abyss of souls and bodies...Read On


Coming out

Something I had to do…..

By default on the day we’re born We’re labelled up as straight That really puts the pressure on If you find a same sex mate   There’s a fork up in the road ahead I have to choose my way Stay as I am and live a lie Or come out that I'm gay   I have to tell my parents first I don't know what to say I’m not sure how they'll take to it The fact I feel this way   They’re from...Read On


The Chance

The chance to slowly walk with you somewhere, To sit with you and smoke and drink some wine, To dance, my hand in yours and yours in mine - I’ve dreamed so long that now I hardly dare   To know you.  Still I wonder if you’d care For this, my dream of us, my dream of ours. Let me show you life in a handful of hours. I would give you here in a room full of there.   I’d button up...Read On


In countless nights weaned from dreams darker shades of lust fans my flames flowing through my veins As if raptures are calling me to prayer and a lullaby to rock you with loving care a song that never sleeps Leading you to eternal bliss where there are no empty hallways cradled in my arms of everness  ...Read On

Audio version available

That Loving Feeling

Breaths of air on granite walls Lifting mist into spherical balls Water cascading from up on high Drops like leaden, tired eyes. Eyelids close and hearts soften Heartbeats slow, then forgotten Smiles that cross a thousand miles Memories fading, sounds of sighs. Banks of moss, soft and fresh Caress and stroke like feathered breath Whisper-light touches and lips of wine Teasing...Read On

Wardrobe Of Gold

As your lips of gossamer touch my soul Weaving me new poet's clothes Feeling the winding threads of gold As autumn leaves fall in the woods Of oak and thyme, lusting for you So fair the ribbons in your hair Flowing on a pillow of an angel's down With spiritual winds praying for sins And if my only transgression is loving you Then I am a poet with a wardrobe of gold Weaving me new...Read On


The call in the night

The call in the night Her cry of need Her hopes were raised as she sent the text The text that was so hard to write That acknowledged her need She was so proud So independant So unwilling to acknowledge her need  But this is now This is urgent  She needs to test  The question burning in her heart and mind  Dare she open her soul Can she possibly make the call despite the scars of the past  ...Read On


Tear Stained Pillow

Lying here broken hearted Tears streaming down my bloodshot eyes Mascara staining the white sateen sheets While I lie here and wait. The clock strikes four I hear the creaking of the front door Carefully you slip your white dress shirt off Reeking of her perfume, stained in red lipstick. Nestling under the sheets with me Clinging as forgiven Your warm breaths bask at the nape of my neck...Read On


Feeling the loneliness of the dark As my breath condensate on the pane So silently beating of my heart From my isolation with inky With love of sincerity And poetic oxygen I give to you my feather And more from my mind Wrapped in teardrops of intimacy If you ever be so kind To bring me in from the dark From my isolation with inky In Adagio's well    ...Read On

Recommended Read

Raw Matter

I want to watch the world explode from deep within your core, to see and move like you do. And I wonder what you glass now, those orbs burning with need  as my back meets cool night grass and the sudden jolt surges  with your heat enveloping me. All I see is a curtain of wild hair  and the silver needlepoints that seem punctured into the sky and for a moment I think of how small  we must...Read On

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