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Hey all! First things first, if you’re going to read my page, please read the whole thing. Too many times have people said they read it and then ask me questions that were answered here. But if you're not going to read the whole thing, then to sum it up....don't whisper unless we've chatted before and I'm not interested in how turned on you are.

Now for those who actually want to get to know me....

I’m a little shy, but have opened up considerably during my time here. I'm happily married to an asexual and am a virgin myself (yes, I'm a married virigin). To be clear since some have misunderstood, my husband is asexual, I am not. I am also bi-curious. If you're going to talk to me about my sexual life with my husband, please be respectful. Also, because this ends up coming up a lot, I've never had an orgasm. THIS IS NOT A CHALLENGE! This is a friendly warning so you don't expect anything from me. If you have any questions for me, just ask. I’m open and can be really nice if you're nice to me and aren't pushy.

I joined lush to explore my curious side for women, and the curiosity has only become stronger thanks to my lovely friends here. I do mainly chat to women, but will talk to men, if they’re not trying to get in my panties. I enjoy talking to people, men and woman both, who can actually hold a conversation. Flirting and joking and whatnot are perfectly fine, but trying to get me in bed when we first meet will lead me to walk away. I’m not looking for new "playmates", so if one of your first lines is “I’m horny”, please keep moving along because I'm not interested. I realize this is a sex site, but I have more fun making friendships and I’m not here to please you, only myself. And men, my fantasies aren't about having sex with another man. They’re about having sex with my own husband, so don’t try. I’m sorry if I sound like a man basher. I don't mean to be. I’ve actually met a few cool guys who I enjoy chatting with. But like most women here, I’m tired of getting hit on by random people I don’t know and I’m usually here to unwind and hangout, not get off.

To people who judge me without knowing me, please find something better to do with your life, like enjoying this site for what it was intended for. My friends know me and know who I am and I don’t care about proving myself to people I don't know.

If we’re not friends, or at least acquaintances who’ve built up a repertoire, please do not approach me in whisper. I will not ask you to stop nor yell at you in public. You’ll simply be ignored. Please ask to whisper after talking to me in public. I feel like I might be sounding unapproachable after all this, but I’m really not. I just don't want to be approached for the wrong reasons. But please, if I haven't scared you off, just drop a hello or send a mail!

Mrs. G
Relationship Status:
New Jersey, United States
Local Time:
25 Jun 2019 06:43
filmmaking, 4-wheeling, martial arts, reading, shooting, hot air ballooning, traveling
Favorite Books:
I enjoy fantasy/dystopian future/post-apocolyptic novels. Most end up being in the YA section, but i do branch out for the right book.
I also enjoy Sunstone!
Favorite Authors:
Favorite Movies:
Toughest choice for me to make. Can't do it.
Favourite TV Shows:
Once Upon a Time, The 100, Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Rizzoli & Isles, Impractical Jokers, Dancing with the Stars
Also enjoy anime: Fairy Tail, SAO, Magi, Fullmetal Alchemist, RWBY, Akame Ga Kill...and more that I can't think of
Favorite Music:
Aerosmith, Disturbed, Bon Jovi, Fallout Boy, Queen...and a wide range of others between rap, hip hop, rock. Really whatever I'm in the mood for.


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22 Jun 2016
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25 Jun 2019
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22,817 times
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Posted: 24 Jun 2019 14:43


My laptop background because I love the show, and love the art style this artist used


My phone background as a secret symbol of being bi since I'm not out....also just thought it was really pretty

And my phones lock screen is of me and my husband

Posted: 22 Jun 2019 13:32

a drink date for the lovely lady and see where the night leads

Posted: 22 Jun 2019 12:33

Pulls you down on top of me for a passionate kiss

Posted: 22 Jun 2019 12:31

All the above.....before or after midnight is fine

Posted: 20 Jun 2019 15:18

Slipping in

Posted: 19 Jun 2019 17:46

all the above!

Posted: 17 Jun 2019 03:34


Posted: 16 Jun 2019 02:46

Sneaking in a private train cart with rosie

Posted: 16 Jun 2019 02:28

Bitch :p we can play scrabble instead. You bring the U's and S's and I'll bring the Z's

Posted: 15 Jun 2019 17:20

very fond!

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Love Knot

I never thought I would be in this situation; sitting across from a therapist talking about my marriage. Nervousness has my body taut except for my foot that wont stop bouncing. I scan the small room, the wall behind him covered with bookshelves full of psychology and behavior texts. His certificates hang behind his desk. The room feels stiff. He looks up from his notes to address me. ...

Added 22 Feb 2019 | Category BDSM | Votes 36 | Avg Score 4.85 | Views 2,284 | 30 Comments


My heart is your mug Wanting to be filled Filled with the warmth of your love But cracks have formed Formed from the advantages you took You ignore the damage Because my emotions haven't leaked through The steam rises up  And the cracks spread further Your sweet honey words soothe Soothe these bitter feelings But the swelter returns The angry heat adding stress Stress on the fractures ...

Added 25 Nov 2018 | Category Love Poems | Votes 8 | Avg Score 5 | Views 432 | 10 Comments

Look at Me

Look at me and show me Help me believe You say you see me But your eyes don’t agree Look at me and see I’ve been here the whole time Searching for your attention Wanting you to still be mine Look at me And hear me When I tell you it's not okay Help me and work with me If you want me to stay Look at me and see me Hear my cries Look at the pain in my face As tears fill my eyes  Look at me...

Added 27 Aug 2018 | Category Love Poems | Votes 14 | Avg Score 5 | Views 463 | 14 Comments

I Can Take the Wheel

Have I ever been your shoulder? Have I ever kissed your tears? Hidden behind this screen Hiding all your fears I know you’ve been my ear Have I ever been yours? Do you tell me all you feel? Or do you still lock your doors? I may not see your face But I know when something’s wrong Still you try to hide it Determined to stay strong But you don’t always have to be I can be your strength Let...

Added 19 Mar 2018 | Category Love Poems | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 950 | 6 Comments


Crawling between your legs Like a jungle cat on the prowl Only my eyes can be seen Over the delicacy I so desire Arms wrapping around your legs Pinning you to the bed Tongue teasing the flavor out of you Your body squirming as I have my taste  Our eyes locked in an ardent gaze Hungry eyes staring into hungry eyes Your hands reaching for control But you are trapped in my embrace ...

Added 05 Mar 2018 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 13 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,047 | 14 Comments

To Show My Love

I went all in I showed you my hand No feelings were hidden You now know where I stand I exposed my heart Now how do I show I feel I have no way left To display what you know My love is bursting out My heart is ready to sing But how else can I show When I’ve done everything I’ve kissed you with passion I’ve said all I could It feels like there should be more Though I know you understood ...

Added 22 Jan 2018 | Category Love Poems | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 485 | 7 Comments

Always One

I sit on the window sill in my blue school t-shirt and matching blue panties, watching the the silent snow fall and sipping at my hot chocolate. The woods outside our cabin looking so peaceful on this white, powdery morning. I hear stirring coming from the room and turn my head to see the morning sunrise hitting your naked body, barely covered by the pale green sheets. Your hair splayed on...

Added 06 Sep 2017 | Category Love Stories | Votes 11 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,317 | 5 Comments

Your Love

I love to watch your love The way you talk about her And glow when she’s around Your eyes glued to her no matter where she moves The laugh you get when you think of something funny she once said How you swoon over a song that reminds you of her When you describe everything that makes her amazing to you The way you blush when I call you out on your feelings This love This true love I admire it...

Added 01 Aug 2017 | Category Love Poems | Votes 10 | Avg Score 5 | Views 642 | 11 Comments

Unreachable Dream

I dream about the girl that makes me smile all the time The one who makes me laugh like it’s second nature This girl takes me in her arms and makes me feel at home She is music to me in every meaning of the word Her silliness lures me in, but it’s her softness that has trapped me The softest touches we share, unlock each other’s hearts I hold her close so she knows she’s never alone ...

Added 12 Jul 2017 | Category Love Poems | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 603 | 5 Comments

Where My Heart Stands

This is where my heart stands At a crossroads Between loving you and moving on Your feelings for her As strong as my feelings for you I know I can’t have you I sometimes hate myself for loving you I watch you hold onto your dreams But why can’t your dreams be me My selfish thoughts driving me crazy My feelings get between us Because I let them I should give up Move on Leave you alone I...

Added 11 Jul 2017 | Category Love Poems | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 715 | 7 Comments

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