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Our novels and novellas section is for more substantial erotic stories, which often stretch to several chapters or installments. They are not as substantial though as romances, which are essentially books. Novels give a chance to serious writers to show off their talents on a larger scale.


Getting out of the Rut Chapter 14

Carol plays more games, assisted by Andrea...

  More games I tend to sleep in stretches an hour or two at a time. The first time I woke I was disoriented. It took a minute before I knew where I was. I looked at my phone and it was three a.m. Andrea was fast asleep. My phone showed one dot of signal but it disappeared as I watched. At least my movie and text from earlier in the evening had actually gone. When it went--or more...Read On


The Club - Chapter 7

The girls wrap up their first Club meeting and move on to another adventure.

  Chapter 7         E ight naked people carrying plates and drinks filed into the family room. Lexi was amused to see that while they were dressed, the couples stayed tightly together. Now they were naked and had experienced sex with two different people for the first time, they sat randomly. Lexi perched on a bar stool she had placed in the middle of the room. “I thought it might...Read On


Getting out of the Rut Chapter 13

Carol plots a secret game

Who is playing whom? When we started to dress for dinner Carol insisted that I wore something that would work if we went out. "I thought we were having dinner and then coming back here." "Well yeah, I guess," she said, "but I don't know how fast she'll want to be, you know she might want to go to a club or something to get in the mood." "So anything goes?" "Well yeah, I guess, sort of."...Read On


Getting Out Of The Rut Chapter 12

Chris's patience begins to pay off...

  Carol finding her way We held hands all the way back from the Chinese restaurant, walking in step leaning on each other now and then. These were back streets in a dirty city but somehow the light seemed softer, less frightening, like we were in a world of our own. Any other day I’d have been looking for trouble, I mean you never know, do you. In the back of my mind, I’m sure I’d have...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 15

The threesome is complete as Tommy conquers both his women.

Tommy smiled broadly. He couldn't be happier; now he could show his mother how much he truly loved her. Now he could give back some of what she had given him all these years. The comfort, the closeness, and the feelings of worth and worthiness he had enjoyed from her, he could now return. "Now please Tommy, let's quit talking about fucking and give me what I need, namely that big young...Read On


Getting Out Of The Rut Chapter 11

Chris and Carol continue their complicated journey, trying to make sense of where their marriage is

  What is a cage for? I don’t know what time Carol disengaged herself, I was sound asleep, but she was awake before me. The shower woke me so I threw back the duvet and sat up enough to inspect the damage. Carol came rushing out of the shower, throwing a towel onto the floor so she didn’t soak the carpet. “What’s the emergency?” I said. “I want to see.” “What’s so exciting about a...Read On


The Club - Chapter 6

Party On! The four couples get together for the first time.

  Chapter 6     The night for the first club meeting arrived. The decision was made to hold the first gathering at Beth’s home. She had three usable bedrooms and the pool in the backyard. The two women had discussed how they would arrange things and were ready. They had set up a nice sized bar with liquor and wine. A variety of finger foods were displayed on the dining table to...Read On


Assignments At The Hotel: Part Eight

Could he follow his own rules?

He began to stroke himself at a consistent pace as he watched the pussy juice steadily drip from her slit.  Despite himself, he found that he began to slowly lean forward and with each stroke, his hand was now brushing against her inner thighs.  Feeling this, she spread her legs apart even further and pushed her hips ever so slightly into the air. He now found himself holding his cock...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 14

Barbara catches Tommy and Connie having sex and is asked to join them!

Tommy and Connie enjoyed their new-found relationship very much over the next couple of months. Tommy began working at his new job with Advanced Technologies Inc. and Mr. Hamilton was very pleased with Tommy's work ethic and enthusiasm. He could see almost immediately that Tommy was going to be an asset to the company. Connie, too, got a promotion at the bank, becoming that branch's...Read On


Getting out of the Rut Chapter 10

Chris and Carol catch up, but there is still work to do.

Pushing and pulling   "Well?" Carol said when we made it to the room. "You want to see some of the movies?" "I don't think so, maybe save them for a day when we need a laugh?" I chuckled. "Did you know about the camera under the bed." That brought out a giggle in Carol. "What did it see?" "Mostly Eddie's leaking cock while he was working on the lock. The best part was recording...Read On

Recommended Read

The Club - Chapter 5

The vixens stage their first group sex event and plan for greater things.

  Chapter 5     The following week Beth called to say Bob would be out of town on Thursday night. “Do you suppose Charlie would like me to come over for a visit?” “I don’t think I need to consult him on such a question,” Lexi laughed. One week after Beth’s visit, Lexi again spent an evening with Beth and Bob. This back and forth went on for two months before the girls decided it...Read On


Getting Out Of The Rut Chapter 9

Chris is led a dance by Carol.

  Carol leads the way It took seconds to shut down my kit and in another minute there was a knock on the connecting door. I rolled the dessert trolly to the door and opened it. Carol stood grinning at me. “Your order ma’am,” I said. “I know this is kinda crazy but there’s a lot of food here that could go to waste. I... thought maybe you might need to get some energy back.” I glanced...Read On


Assignments At The Hotel: Part Seven

Would he be able to follow his own rules?

They held each other's gaze as he watched her touch the vibrator to her bare skin.  She looked down at him, and with her pussy aching from being teased all day, hoped he would finally let her cum.  Normally she'd have to go in slow with a vibrator this strong, teasing her lips, circling her clit, but her clit was already swollen and she applied full pressure right from the start. She...Read On


The Flame of Vengence is Red part 3

Will Abby and Vince clear the first hurdle in their relationship.

The next morning, Abby got up with the alarm. She went downstairs and started a pot of coffee. Put some bagels and cream cheese out then went to make sure Vince was awake. When she went to nudge him, his arm snaked out and grabbed her, pulling her down on top of him. “Good morning, Abby,” he said as he kissed her. Abby returned the kiss with interest. “You were faking it.” “Yes, the smell...Read On


Getting out of the Rut chapter 8

Carol back at work using all her talents

Chastity as temptation I spent the day at the hotel, most of the time naked as well as caged. The cage was a little weird, I kept telling myself that it kept me tied to Carol, reminding me that she was caged as well. Every time I felt its presence I wanted to call Carol and ask her if she was aware of her belt. I listened to the notes we recorded and typed, trying to think of the best...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 13

Connie confesses her feelings to Tommy. Will he return them ... or run?

"OHMYGOD!!" Connie screamed out as she felt Tommy's tongue push its way into her sex. Tommy's tongue began wriggling around inside her juice-coated pussy, scooping up every drop of the deliciousness that it could find. It sought out every nook and cranny where a precious drop could hide and lapped it up greedily.  Tommy held her lips apart with the fingers of one hand as his mouth worked...Read On


The Club - Chapter 4

Take off the cloak of simple housewives to uncover the hearts of vixens.

  Chapter 4   It was only three days later when Beth called Lexi. “I told Bob all about our sexual adventure with Charlie,” Beth announced. “What did he say? What did he do?” Lexi wanted to know. “At first I think he was getting angry I had cheated on him, but I just kept talking until I got to the part where I said Charlie wanted to make amends by sending you to have sex with us.” ...Read On


Getting Out Of The Rut Chapter 7

Carol goes back to work, with Chris helping in every way he can.

  Back to work The clinic took blood and other stuff from all the places you might expect. There was some suspense but we ended up all clear. I wasn’t surprised but Carol was was obviously scared. Insisting on going to the clinic stripped away any pretence that what she’d been doing was harmless fun. Seeing my filmed material at home was one thing but being naked in front of medical...Read On


Getting Out Of The Rut Chapter 6

Chris walks the tightrope of reconciliation while trying to keep out of the rut.

  Walking the tightrope Waiting for a clinic appointment gave us some breathing space. I guess we could have found somewhere we could walk in right away, but I preferred some privacy so we booked online. I said we'd take a cancellation if one came up. Thursday morning we went to a sex shop looking for things to keep us entertained until the clinic came through. It turned out to be...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 12

Tommy adds a new wrinkle to his play with Connie... BDSM!

When the girls returned from the mall, Connie had Barbara drop her off at her place. She wanted to get the things she bought put away, and relax for a bit before she had to make dinner. When Barbara came into the house, Tommy was watching television. "Hi Mom!" he said, "Can I help you carry those things?" "No, that's okay, hon, they aren't that heavy," she said. Barbara took her things into...Read On


The Club - Chapter 3

Take off the cloak of simple housewives to uncover the hearts of a vixen.

  Chapter 3       T he games between Lexi, Beth, and their husbands went on for a month. Their sexual encounters were almost daily and their weekends were being filled with sex. Lexi knew she should be satisfied with the amount and variety of sex she was having with her husband, but she craved more. She’d once heard a porn star say, “The more sex you have; the more you want.”...Read On


Getting out of the Rut Chapter 5

Dean and Jay are ruined— but it's time for serious thinking.

What now?   "What now?" Carol said again. The hug and the beginning of an explanation meant a lot; it meant the difference between divorce and rebuilding. Mao once said a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Had we just taken that first step? I felt euphoric and fragile at the same time. "We take it easy,” I said, “we enjoy your days off and we talk; talk a lot I think."...Read On


Assignments At The Hotel: Part Six

For twenty-four hours she gave him complete control

She couldn't help but feel a tinge of excitement now, knowing all that had already happened today.  She figured this wouldn't be too bad, and if she played her cards right she might be able to push his own limits again just like she did with the hot tub earlier.  With the tiny pink bathing suit bottoms and the tight-fitting white t-shirt on, she put on a pair of shorts, grabbed a towel,...Read On


Assignments At The Hotel: Part Five

Four twenty-four hours she gave him complete control

He found himself staring blankly as he watched her bent over.  She fumbled with the switch for the tub jets a few more times before standing up and facing him, her nipple still showing out the top of her towel.  If before he was visibly hard, now it was impossible to miss as he was sticking almost straight out.  After a moment of consideration whether he should adjust himself or not, he...Read On


Getting out of the Rut Chapter 4

Finally Chris shows his hand and holds nothing back

The exhibition My beautiful new watch buzzed on time and I sneaked out of bed. I should have been groggy, what with only four hours sleep and a hundred and fifty mile drive yesterday. Adrenalin is wonderful stuff; I was as wide awake and on edge as a sprinter in the blocks. Carol was still out of it. I set the motion sensor on the bedroom camera to wake me if Carol moved. I had a...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 11

Mom catches Tommy and Connie having sex. A couple days later, the women talk...

The thirty-eight-year-old divorced mother had heard noises coming from the back bedroom and slowly walked down the hallway toward her son's bedroom. As Barbara got closer to Tommy's room, she heard the unmistakable sound of moaning. It was faint and muffled, but it was still moaning. She slowly approached the door and peeked through the narrow opening and saw Connie, naked on the bed with...Read On


The Club - Chapter 2

Take the cloak off of a simple housewife to uncover the heart of a vixen.

  Chapter 2   O n Wednesday afternoon, Beth and Lexi met at a little shop in a small shopping center near their homes. The place was called ‘Tony’s Toys.’ It featured all kinds of adult sex toys that ranged in price from just a few dollars to many hundreds of dollars. Picking up a simple vibrator, Lexi said, “We probably should keep our first purchases pretty simple. We don’t want...Read On


Getting out of the Rut Chapter 3

Evidence is gathered, the trap is set.

The evidence I had an early alarm and packed before breakfast, throwing things casually into my bag with no great attention. Knowing Carol was half asleep behind me, I packed trying to look casual and careless. The trip was nothing special. I do freelance work with clients all over; mostly we meet by Skype, but now and then it needs eyeball to eyeball. Tedious, but that's how it goes. ...Read On


Getting Out Of The Rut

Carol gets a new job, but is that all she's getting

Chapter 1 Is it spying or cheating? Maybe I never should have opened Carol’s laptop but there’s something seductive about spying. Carol was a hundred miles away when I got her password right and the screen opened up to her desktop, file icons scattered across a picture I know she took on our honeymoon, seven years ago. Ironic that, given what I found. I could feel my pulse raging...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 10

Tommy finds a job to help his mother and still keep Connie happy!

The next morning, Connie woke up and found Tommy was awake before her, laying there watching her sleep. "Mmm… morning baby," she said, smiling and stretching. "How long have you been awake?" "I dunno… about twenty minutes I guess," he said, brushing a lock of hair from her face. "Oh, you should have woke me up hon," she said. "That's okay… I like to watch you sleep. Besides I was kinda...Read On

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