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Oral Sex

Oral sex stories relate to the giving and receiving of oral pleasure. Oral sex generally refers to sexual activities involving the stimulation of the genitalia by the use of the mouth, tongue, teeth or throat. Specifically, Cunnilingus refers to oral sex performed on females, whereas fellatio refers to oral sex performed on males. A subcategory, Analingus, refers to oral stimulation of a person's anus, both male or female. Oral stimulation of other parts of the body, such as kissing lips, nibbling breasts or licking, are usually not considered oral sex. Blow job, bj, giving head, deep throat, going down, licking out, rimming, sucking off, blowing are all phrases you are likely to see in these types of stories.


Puta Means Slut (Chapter 2)

A chance encounter leads to obsession...

Its been over a week since I had that cock shoved into my face. Not a day went by when I hadn't relived the humiliation of feeling the wetness of his urine on my nose and musky balls being ground against my mouth as that dick slid between my nose and cheek. But most of all, I was haunted by all those pauses I subconsciously took throughout it all. They each, in turn, fed his aggression. It...Read On


Abby's Panties 3

the pussy gets taken care of

It all started when I was taking care of the neighbor's cat.  Their daughter and my best friend Abby, had come home early and caught me with a pair of her panties.  We'd both be going to college in a few weeks, but it seemed like our last summer was going to be very interesting.  I ran my tongue up and down the tender folds of Abby's pussy, amazed by the taste and the sheer heat emanating...Read On


Puta Means Slut (Chapter 1)

A chance encounter lead to obsession.

I was in yet another town on yet another assignment. Being a great engineer has its downside. The pay is great, but being called out of town on a moment's notice gets old fast. It's a burden I've had to bear for a few years now. Every few weeks or so I had to travel to some podunk town for who knows how long and fix some idiot's problem. And its always an emergency, like the world was going...Read On


Late Night Relief Goes Awry

Accepting a blowjob can have its costs.

It was a late Friday evening. I had an extended happy hour at my usual watering hole and was more than a little tipsy. I would have headed straight home but I found myself too horny not to take a detour and visit an adult arcade. I was aware of the many glory holes they had in the booths and thought I'd get some relief through one of them. I've had some amazing orgasms through those holes in...Read On


A Submissive Experiment

A quest for dominance gets sloppy.

I was basically a straight guy that got dominated into oral sex. As much as I struggled and tried to prevent a strange cock from entering my mouth, I couldn't help notice how hard I was. It was intoxicating to have someone wrest control from me.   It was an experience that had me searching for something similar. Maybe even more intense. There was a submissive awaking inside my psyche...Read On


Learning To Blow

Jane seeks professional oral sex advice

Jane sat in the waiting room, feeling apprehensive. She'd never tried anything like this before. Seeking sexual advice felt slightly out of her comfort zone. The price was a bit steep but she had heard they guaranteed good results. Five minutes passed (which seemed more like thirty). A door in front of her opened and a smartly dressed woman came out, escorting another lady - who appeared to...Read On


Gloryhole Experience

A wayward stop turns into a major experience

I was driving home from an out-of-town trip. The day was overcast and rainy and made all the more dreary and laborious with construction detours that forced me onto rural roads. Whatever 'scenery' there was to see was hampered by low visibility and a desire to keep my car in its lane. I had many hours to go and was already feeling tired. I thought about pulling over to rest and maybe...Read On


Exploring An Angel

Watching her stand there, staring out the window of my hotel room took my breath away.  Her blonde hair flowing down, her perfect hips and shapely legs send a jolt through my veins like lightning. I walk up behind her, placing my hand on her hip and moving her hair to the side. I waste no time letting my lips find the back of her neck and I can feel her shiver with anticipation. I begin...Read On



Allie can't resist Wyatt's influence at the office

It was about mid-morning when Allie sidled into Wyatt’s cubicle. With casual poise, she leaned back against the edge of his desk beside him as he sat working. Regarding him with a deliberate eye, she waited for a moment before she finally addressed him with a curly grin, “Hey, you.” Wyatt, unswayed by her presence, tapped diligently on his keyboard, his glasses steadily reflecting the...Read On


Professor Davis, Asst Cheer Coach 5

Prof Davis in the dark

"...and this is the darkroom where we still do some old-school pictures now and then," Allison said as we toured the Journalism department.  She was pointing at what looked like a regular classroom door, but it had a red light mounted above it and a big warning sign on it telling all not to enter when the light is on. Allison is the journalism teacher at the junior college where I work. I...Read On


Professor Davis, Asst Cheer Coach 4

He continues his extra curricular activities

"She's exhausted," Kyla said from the passenger seat of the rental car.  "Yeah," I responded. "She's out already. Poor thing. She was up all night. Every time that she drifted off, someone came in and woke her up to check on her. She'll probably sleep all of the way home."  "I feel so bad but it wasn't really anyone's fault, "Kyla explained. "It was just one of those things that happen."  ...Read On

Editor's Pick
Series Award

Echo's Run 2

“Echo,” he said. “It’s time to get started.” She had to blink a few times to get focused. Hawke was sitting on the bunk opposite hers in the trailer. He was leaning onto his elbows down on his knees, watching her face even though the cropped T she went to sleep in had ridden up over her left, candy tipped breast. She wasn’t even aware of it until he reached over and gingerly pulled the edge...Read On


Tonya Starts Work At The Club

A desperate girl takes a job that might have more to offer than money.

Desperate times Tonya was a junior in college when she lost her scholarship foolishly. They didn’t kick her out altogether, but the steps they did take took away her ability to pay for school. The student disciplinary committee pulled her scholarships, withdrew all grant money, made getting a student loan impossible and to finish the final hit on her financially, made it impossible to...Read On


Meeting Carol 7

The aftermath of Ralph

The ride back to Carol's apartment was relatively quiet.  I could smell her sex after her assignation with Ralph in his office.  I now also knew that many of our colleagues knew of Carol's sexual activities and how hard I had fallen for her.  I was humiliated but couldn't get out from under her spell.  I was falling into a vortex of depraved sex.  My feelings were like something having...Read On


Damp Basement

As a young thing of just sixteen, I often met with boys my age in the basement of an apartment building in our neighbourhood. It was mostly dark there, warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. There were usually half a dozen boys, but rarely other girls. At that time, I had red coloured hair, piercings in the nose and eyebrow and way too bony hips. But I was also blessed with the...Read On


A Valentine's Kiss

Amanda and Jack share a special Valentine's Day kiss!

The bed sheets covering Jack's naked body swayed below his hips. A soft groan escaped his lips. His hands pulled back the sheet. Amanda kneeled between Jack's thighs. Her head buried near Jack's crotch, her spine curved up, allowing her ass to rise in the near distance, shaped like twin mountains. Amanda's tongue glided upon the underside of Jack's hardened cock. Slow, sensual licks,...Read On


My Yearly Physical!

You can always hope it happens.

I work a job where a yearly physical is required. It’s a real pain in the ass. I go to the local occupational health clinic that the company contracts with. Once there I sit in the waiting room for hours until I’m taken back and ran through the drill of vitals, urine test, and eye test. After the nurse gets done with their part, I’m shown into an exam room and told to strip to just my socks....Read On


The Keys To Her Naughty Palace

Satisfying an older woman...

When Tabitha was sixteen, she lost her virginity to Ralph, the head boy of her brother’s all-male school. He wasn’t particularly keen – he was quite happy rummaging around in her knickers and wasn’t expecting to get his dick inside a girl until he went to university, but she more or less insisted. After all, they had been going out together for several months and people assumed they had...Read On

The After Math Part Two: Right and Wrong Decisions

One decision can change her life for the better or for the worse

 I looked in the mirror again to make sure I looked good enough for the interview. Lexi had come over and done my hair. She had done a great job. I decided to wear one of my black dresses. The plunging neckline was just enough to show a good amount of cleavage without being too over the top. It stopped just above my thighs, with a simple cross of my legs it revealed just enough of my thighs....Read On


The Surprise Blow job

Some times to see the light, you need your girlfriend's BFF.

"Happy anniversary," I muttered, coming up behind her and smooching her neck. "You remembered?" she pondered, angling her head back. "Yes," I answered, placing my hands on her breasts and pecking her neck. "On this day last year, I met you. You made me wait seventeen days and four dates for me to feel these, but..." I moaned, squeezing them. "The wait was worth it." "Just to be clear,...Read On


Early Sunday Afternoon

Part of an ongoing series about Annabelle's search.

It was Sunday afternoon, and I was ready. The apartment was neat and tidy again, and my laundry was clean, damp, and bagged by the front door. When Steve left last night, I wasn't thinking clearly enough to ask him what he would be wearing today, so I had no clear idea what I should wear. Indecision - I hate that. I settled for my burgundy cord pants, a sleeveless plaid ruffle top, and...Read On


Birthday surprise for my hubby.

A treat for hubby... but with a twist at the end.

Mark and I have been married for a few years now and we have always been very sexually active with each other and willing to try new things. On the whole, we have been faithful to each other but we both have been known to indulge in some "heavy petting" with other partners, usually when a bit drunk. For me it's never gone beyond the odd hand job. I don't think Mark minds that much as it...Read On



Cal downsizes to a mobile home, and gets more than just a reduced mortgage payment

When recently widowed Cal decides to downsize by selling his suburban house and moving into a trailer park, he gets more than he expected in the rural community...   Cal Tipton's wife died suddenly at the age of forty-nine and he had already decided to stop explaining the details, at it only depressed him and whoever he was talking to. So he simply avoided the subject, by telling new...Read On


Size Matters

My girlfriend judges a competition to see who has the biggest dick, but things get out of hand

It started like any Saturday night. The guys came over to watch the game and my girlfriend (soon to be fiancé), Emma, catered the event. There was always plenty of beer and snacks; of course, Emma was looking mighty tasty herself. I don’t know if she dressed up for these occasions on purpose but this night, in particular, she had gone over the top – she was wearing a tight black dress...Read On


After Dinner Snack

Oral sex is a two way street

"You know, Anna, you're very trusting to have me up in your apartment the second time we met." "I'm too trusting, am I?" I leaned toward him to pour his coffee. "Let's think about that. What do I know about you? You dress well. You are clean-shaven. You're polite and honest. You're not married, and I've seen you off and on at Mass for what, six months?" I walked to my seat, poured my...Read On


Nozomi Episode 4 "The Birthday Boy"

Nozomi is the center of attention at Darren's Birthday party, for more reasons than one

It’s Darren’s birthday and his birthday week couldn’t have started off any better. His week started with the sexy handjob he got from Nozomi (read in episode 3) and now today is the day of his house party. His parents are allowing him to invite some friends over, eat some food off of the grill, listen to some music, and have some drinks. He is happy to see his friends but he is...Read On


The Polite Thing To Do

This is a true story on how I give blowjobs.

To put some context, the guy I’m giving a blow job to, his turn on spots are his neck his thighs and when he is kissed passionately. I could tease you like crazy. It would be so simple. Wearing nothing but my red and black bra, I lie on top of you kissing your neck and nibbling your earlobe as my hands are on your chest. I work my way to your lips kissing you softly at first, you put...Read On


Denise, My Hot Secretary

A big-titted secretary turns into a SEX-retary for her boss's office pleasure!

I've always had these wild sexual fantasies about my secretary, Denise. She is quite lovely, a sweet young girl about twenty-four or twenty-five years old, with a cute little girl look that I find so sexy! She is about five foot four inches I guess when in her stocking feet, but since she usually wears heels, she comes up to just below my own six-foot stature. She has a very nice figure...Read On


A Full House

A private poker match proves to be a real challenge.

The house was huge. Powerful floodlights lit the garishly decorated building, as it dominated the hill overlooking Los Angeles. Somewhat ostentatious to my mind, it proved yet again that wealth and good taste aren't always mutual bedfellows. That said, I wasn't here for aesthetics; I was here for the money.  I'm a professional poker player, Anthony Daniels is my name, Tony for short, and I...Read On


The Garage

Summer night blow job in the garage

This was going to be good, he just knew it, there was no doubt about it. They had been playing for months now but tonight he was here at her house and he knew he was finally going to have her. He knocked on the door but there was no answer, how could that be, they had talked, she knew that he was coming. Then he saw the light on in the garage, was she there? He figured he’d give it a try so...Read On

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