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Spanking stories involve characters who like to spank or be spanked. They could be over the knee (otk) spanking stories, or people being spanked with a cane, paddle, flat of the hand, tied up against an X-shaped bondage device, or any other imaginative form of subtle 'punishment'. The most common type of erotic spanking is administered on the bare buttocks, but can also be combined with bondage, in order to heighten sexual arousal and feelings of helplessness in the spankee.


Tina and Miss Cindy’s Anniversary Celebration

Tina and Miss Cindy celebrate their first anniversary together, but not as Tina expected

It was coming up to the very special anniversary for Tina and Miss Cindy. It was now a year since they first met and, since then, the relationship has been one in which the now nineteen-year-old Miss Cindy controlled the now sixty-year-old Tina. Tina never minded being under the disciplinary control a woman so young compared to herself and, in fact, found the need to submit to someone just...Read On


A Disgrace To The School. Miss Downey's Story Chapter Nine

Misbehaviour on the school trip leads to a punishment in front of an audience upon their return.

Karen O’Donnell and Abbie Tainio sat silently in the Sixth Form assembly hall at St. Katherine’s Girls’ School. It had been over a fortnight since the incident on the senior school visit to Berlin during the Easter holidays but here they were, going to be punished for letting the school down in such an embarrassing way. Both girls looked straight ahead at the large table at the front of the...Read On


Punished by the Gym Mistress

Avoiding a few PE lessons leads to a spanking from Miss McKenzie for Mike and Jo.

My name is Mike, I’m nearly seventeen, and because I go to the gym I’m pretty fit but I was so bored with the PE lessons at School. They only had ancient equipment, no cross trainers, no weights and no rowing machines, so I skipped those lessons whenever I could. I was in a history lesson at the end of the day when Miss McKenzie stormed in and whispered something to Mr. Kramer before...Read On


Miss Downey Sees And Knows Everything, Girls. Miss Downey's Story Chapter Eight

Charlotte gets in trouble just to experience a detention with Miss Downey

Tall, seventeen-year-old sixth former, Charlotte Beccles sat behind her desk in Miss Downey’s classroom and awaited the arrival of her quiet, but extremely strict, Form Mistress. The straight A* student had no idea how Helen had found out about the practical joke that Charlotte had played on her Maths teacher, Miss O’Driscoll, but the no-nonsense History teacher knew and had awarded...Read On


Granny Caught Smoking Pot Again

Vera is caught again and gets spanked by the much younger lifeguard

Vera was smiling as she walked along the promenade. It was sunny and warm and she wore her favourite very pretty bikini, not minding at all that her sagging full breasts pushed the bikini bra down and showed off her deep cleavage, and her tummy ever so slightly bulged over her bikini briefs. She was sixty-five-years-old and felt confident with her body, enhanced by her creased skin, bat...Read On


No Homework - Again!! Miss Downey's Story Chapter Seven

Katherine forgets to attend a detention and pays the price.

Katherine Cook arrived outside Miss Downey’s classroom shortly after lessons had ended for the day. She was no stranger to after-school detentions at St. Katherine’s Girls’ School, but this would be her first experience of one supervised by her usually sweet and gentle Form Mistress, Helen Downey. The usually conscientious Katherine was nervous. She had been there, that first day of term...Read On


Student Discipline Programme - Chapter Two

Stella is disciplined by the much younger Megan with surprising results

Saturday arrived all too quickly for Stella although equally, she hated the wait. She had played over in her mind so many times how Miss Dawkins had disciplined her and she knew some of the cane welts were still showing although the stinging had gone. That wasn’t her main concern, though, as Megan lived with her and was her ex-partner's daughter, and yet it was Megan who was supposed to...Read On


Sent To Miss Storey's Office At Lunchtime: Miss Downey's Story Chapter Six

Naughty Nicole gets one final chance to learn how to be a good St. Katherine's Girl.

Eighteen-year-old sixth former, Nicole Rannigan fidgeted with her hands, then her hair and finally her black school shoes as she waited on the blue padded chairs which lined the wall facing the offices of the Head Mistress, Deputy Head Mistresses and Heads of Year at St. Katherine’s Girls’ School. Nicole was in serious trouble this time and she knew it. During her six and a half years at...Read On


Spare the Rod, Spoil the Wife

I had been married to Carolyn for about 2 years now. She was gorgeous and the sweetest woman I had ever met ... most of the time. About a year after we married, I saw a different side surface every now and then. You see, she was a perfectionist and when things didn't go her way, she didn't handle it too well. Most of her life had been easy for her, but her new career was not. She was a...Read On


Ella's Weekly Spanking

Ella visits her Mistress for her weekly spanking - and much more!

Looking at down at the delicate black watch draped across your soft skin, you hurriedly walk out of the shop door while trying not to stumble in your black high heels. As you walk, you let your mind drift to the woman awaiting you at home. You quickly try to adjust to a quicker pace as your heart begins to race in anticipation of what is to come. You feel your nipples begin to pucker and...Read On


PE Department Punishment: Miss Downey's Story Chapter Five

Two of Miss Downey's Form Class pay the painful price for missing their PE lesson.

Neither Lindsay Pinkham nor Laura Galley were shocked when their Form Mistress, Helen Downey had read out their names from the list that morning. Both eighteen-year-old sixth formers knew that they were due a punishment for not having their PE kit the previous day. Both girls had deliberately “forgotten” their kit as they hated what they were doing in PE. Gymnastics just wasn’t their...Read On


Tina Is Disciplined Once Again

Tina is rude and pays the penalty

Tina was fifty-eight-years-old with a lovely body for a granny, grey hair, a lined face with sagging skin, bat-wing arms, large drooping breasts, an almost flat tummy, and fleshy thighs. However, she was the chummy granny of policewoman Miss Cindy, who was nineteen-years-old and who was sexily dominant and, indeed, the one unquestionably in charge of their relationship. Tina loved...Read On


Lucy and Jo Go Into Business

Business has gone down, so the girls decide to take matters into their own hands.

Lucy and Jo had both done very well at the company they worked for. Thanks to the company policy, both of them had now both been promoted twice. They had now moved from their small two bedroomed flat into a house with three bedrooms and a study. Life was looking good. Although the girls had done well personally, the company had not. The business was down, profits were down and redundancies...Read On



It was what they both needed...

Chris really didn’t know when he first became fascinated with spanking. Spanking; certainly not the craziness of his mother chasing him around the kitchen with the dreaded “wooden spoon” in an attempt to land a glancing blow over something silly. No, a spanking as an adult that was formal over the knee spanking was what he was always curious about. If he had to guess, it was from the books...Read On


Detention With Miss Downey: Miss Downey's Story Chapter Four

The A Grade student finds herself in detention with her Form Mistress

Seventeen-year-old sixth former, Debbie Griffin couldn’t take her eyes off the clothes brush that sat on her Form Mistress’ desk. She tried her best to return her concentration to her History homework – the reason why she was sitting in detention that Tuesday afternoon. Debbie looked across the classroom at her fellow detainee, Leah Ellis, who was busily writing away. Debbie Griffin...Read On


The Head Girl Teaches: Miss Downey's Story Chapter Three

Miss Downey witnesses a punishment from the Head Girl and her curiousity about spanking grows.

Helen Downey sat behind her desk in her classroom marking a set of books during her free period. She had been at St. Katherine’s Girls’ School for six weeks and was looking forward to the half term holiday that was just over a week away. The young History Mistress paused and thought to herself for a moment. She had settled in quickly and had established herself with her classes, possibly...Read On


Miss Downey Meets Her Form Class For The First Time: Chapter Two

Miss Downey's first day at work results in a spanking

This was it. The time had come. Helen Downey walked down the corridor of the Sixth Form block with the Head of Sixth Form, Nicola McNamara. The older lady was the Head of St. Katherine’s Girls’ Sixth Form and had spent time during each of the previous two inset days helping Helen sort anything out that she needed. “They’re a lovely form class, Helen. All nice girls who are generally...Read On


Miss Downey's first teaching appointment

Miss Downey takes a caning to secure her ideal teaching position.

Twenty-two-year-old Helen Downey sat in the conference room with the other three candidates, nervously awaiting the decision. This had been her first interview for a teaching post and she really wanted the job at St. Katherine’s School for Girls. She had done her best during the day-long interview process and was daydreaming about what she would do if she turned out to be the...Read On


Panty Fairy 01 - The Sick Friend

Rin discovers a new love, months before she graduates from high school.

Looking around the room, John Rose saw twenty-odd students, all in uniform, textbooks open, bright and attentive. Junior students had to take his classes, but these students were in their final year, their final semester. They were here because they wanted to be. While he enjoyed teaching English, his real passion was history, something he shared with them. It was his favourite class. He...Read On


Professor Davis, Asst Cheer Coach 3

Even more extracurricular activities

"Hey, Professor Davis!" Kyla said cheerfully as she bounced into my room. She was followed by another girl that I recognized as being on the same cheer squad as Kyla. "You know Stephanie, don't ya?" She asked, pushing the girl towards my desk. I stood up. "Hi, Stephanie. I recognize you as one of the cheerleaders, we've just never met." "Hi." She said softly as she shook my hand. Hot....Read On


Student Discipline Programme - Chapter One

Stella unwittingly joins a student discipline programme and has to meet the disciplinarian

Megan had giggled when she sent the instruction off. It had only been a joke when she had set her mum up but now it made sense as she was risking failing the evening class she was taking.  Megan was twenty-years-old and in her last year at Uni. Her mum, Stella, had insisted Megan be included in the Student Discipline Programme believing that she needed the same level of direction as she...Read On


Professor Davis, Assistant Cheer Coach

Just a bit of extracurricular activities

"They like to show off and flirt a bit, don't they?" It took me a few seconds to even realize that I had heard the question. "Huh?" I responded weakly.  I was busted. Busted hard. The cheerleader sponsor had walked up behind me and had whispered it to the back of my head.  I turned to see her with a cute smile on her face and a knowing twinkle in her eyes.  "Oh, relax. It's no big deal....Read On


You Didn't Think I'd Forget, Did You? Part Two (of Two)

She thought she got away with it...she didn't.

Without a word, she heard his belt slip the rest of the way off... She snuck a peek behind her and saw him folding his belt in half.  He held it at each end and then pulled it together, making a loud snapping sound.  Despite watching him do it, the sound still made her wince because she knew what was coming.   She gripped the sink as tightly as she could and noticed she could see his shadow...Read On


The Sisters' Review

I told Jimmy he needed to take my panties down to give me a proper spanking.

Lisa and little sister Joni slept in on Saturday morning.  They both had restless nights thinking about Jimmy.   Lisa was up first enjoying a cup of coffee when Joni finally made it down to the kitchen.  It was about 11 am and both girls were anxious to hear the other's story from the night before.  The girls exchanged sleepy good-mornings as Joni joined Lisa with her own cup of coffee. ...Read On

Recommended Read

My Girlfriend's Sister

Joann stayed out past her curfew because her parents were out of town.

Lisa and I had been dating for just a couple of months.  She was a really cute girl, but also a serious student.  We had gone to a few movies and out to dinner, but she was always concerned about the curfew her parents had.  I knew right away that pleasing her folks was of the utmost importance to Lisa.  We had really only, "Made out," a couple of times and even those were limited to a...Read On


Lucy And Jo Go Clubbing

The girls thought they were in for a good time, well they did... in some ways.

Lucy and Jo both worked at the same company. They had been there for about five years. Jo was employed after Lucy, but only by about six months. The two girls became good friends, and after about two years, they decided to move into a flat together  After all, it would help with the bills and the wages were not great. The one thing the company did have was that they promoted from within,...Read On


You Didn't Think I'd Forget, Did You? Part One

She thought she got away with it...she didn't.

She received a message from him just before she left work that evening. I want to see you tomorrow, I haven't seen your new workplace yet and wanted to stop by after closing.  Text me when it looks like you're about to close. She hadn't seen him for a while; they conversed often but rarely in person, so she gladly wrote him back saying that she'd love to see him as well.  She had just...Read On


Teachers Subterfuge - Chapter 3

The headmistress gets her comeuppance from the sixth form girls

Eight o’clock couldn’t come soon enough for the three teachers, nor for the three college girls. Miss Logan knew that Emma would be arriving at her room any moment, as she sat on the bed in her nightdress knowing that she had on no knickers, and that as soon as Emma arrived, the nightdress would have to come off. Emma stood in the corridor outside the teacher's bedroom area and they...Read On


Bad Girl - Chapter 1

Pam and Gerry had been together for nearly six years and married for almost four and had a pretty good life going. He owned a landscaping business and they lived in a nice house in a decent neighborhood. They had an active sex life as well. Though Pam was bisexual, and Gerry was aware of that fact, she had not been with anyone else since their wedding. Pam was also somewhat more...Read On


Teachers Subterfuge - Chapter 2

Schoolgirl's take charge of the teachers who wrongly had them disciplined

It was pure chance for Emma, Lily, and Lizzie, or, rather, bad luck for the teachers, Miss Brent, Miss Carson, and Miss Logan. It was Sunday at the boarding school, and everyone was more laid-back than during the week. Mrs Jasper, the headmistress, was out for the day which allowed the atmosphere to be even more relaxed than usual. However, the girls still had to wear their school dresses of...Read On

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