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Jerry discovers his mother-in-law is not all what people think...

After Kathy left, it was very lonely around this over-sized bungalow. I was getting action from my boss, but the remarks by the crew were cutting. A few came up to me privately and apologized, but I  figured they just might be horny for the same thing.

There was that fantastic day Kathy’s parents paid a visit. Rev Adam and his lovely wife, Ann. No doubt that Kathy got her looks from her mother, as her conservative dress could not hide everything. She was stunning like her daughter.

He, on the other hand, spent his time lecturing me for letting his daughter go. He told me I didn’t control her and gave me his other bullshit accusations. I got tired of listening to it. He finally told Ann they were leaving and walked to the door. Ann whispered to me, “I will call you.”

Now the gossip was that Ann was having an affair with one of the elders of the church. Which one, I had no idea. But he bragged to one of his friends and the word spread. I think she thought it was still a secret. I thought Harold and I were a secret until my boss all of a sudden got interested in my work.


Ann did call and say, “I have made a spicy casserole for you, and if you are home, I will bring it right over.” It was Saturday, and the Rev would be busy tomorrow. Of course, Ann would have some free time. A knock on the door and when I opened it, there stood Ann with casserole in hand. I ushered her in and offered to take her coat.

Unbuttoning her coat, she said, “You never know what to wear on these fall days.” She handed me the coat, and I could not look away from conservative Ann. A short dress, with exposed cleavage I had never seen. With her hair down and more makeup I had seen her wear, she was a knockout. An older version of Kathy stood before me.

“Where can I put this?” she asked. Looking at her, I knew where I would like to put something. Although  I had plenty of sex, not this kind, and she looked scrumptious.

I said, “Right here will do.” She leaned over exposing more cleavage and placed it on the table.

“I know how much my daughter hurt you when she left. I feel so bad about it. Is there anything I can do to help?”

I replied, “I appreciate it, but I will get through it.”

“I know men have needs that my daughter took away from you. If I may be bold, I am willing to take her place in your bed. I don’t need an answer right now, and you should think about it. My free time is usually on Saturday, but I can slip away other times on occasion.”

Good grief, the woman just propositioned me, but I said, “No need for you to do that, Ann. If Adam found out he would not be happy. And looking at you, I would not want to detract from his pleasure.”

“Jerry, he has not touched me in ten years, that way.”

“I am sorry about that, but surely there must have been someone in your life that cared about you that way,” I innocently inquired, knowing damn well what I was after.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I don’t mean to pry, but there has been the talk around that you and one of the elders were very close,” I said, thinking that if he wasn’t hitting on this elegant woman, he was just stupid.

“You mean John? I guess secrets have a way of getting out. Yes, Jerry, for the last three years, John has been pleasuring me. Unfortunately, he is started to have problems, and we have diminished to only oral contact.”

With that little bit of news, she was making me harder than I did just looking at her. I went to her and put my hands on her shoulders. First I looked down on those gorgeous breasts, but drew her near and kissed her. Her mouth immediately opened, and her tongue penetrated my lips. The softness of her against me was exciting. I kissed her ear. I kissed her neck.

I put my finger on her lips and traced down her chin. I felt her neck as my finger kept going down her chest until cleavage was reached. I let my finger slip inside the lowest point of that dress front. Her breasts were warm, and I know she could feel my erection against her.

I went back to holding her, and as I kissed her, I felt the firmness of her ass. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to fuck this wonderfully elegant woman. I asked her, “Ann, would you like to go to bed right now with me?”

“I can’t right now, but I want to very much. Adam was not very clear on when he would be back,” she said.

“That is OK. You tell me when you have some alone time, and we can go to dinner. We then can get a hotel room and do it right,” I quietly said.

Then she said something that really surprised me, “Oh Jerry, you don’t know how much I wanted you to fuck me all these years. I was jealous of my own daughter.”

 I was surprised at the knowledge of her desire and the language I had never heard her use. If she talked this way in bed, I understood whey John could not get enough of her. Imagine her laying in front of you, and you could not get a hard-on, it certainly would be frustrating.

As she was putting on her coat to fool the world, the coat caught the hem, and more leg was revealed. I imagined those legs wrapped around me as she kissed me goodbye. I watched her drive away.

I immediately went to the box of pictures that Kathy had to see if there were any good ones of Ann. Yes, her at the beach in a one-piece racing suit that did not hide much because of its thinness, I used it to jack off.

I looked at the ID on the cell, and it was from Ann. After we gave the usual greeting, she breathlessly said, “This weekend Adam is going to a revival, so I have Friday through Sunday available for our date. Is that OK with you?”

“Ann, are you willing to spend Friday through Sunday together with me? This won’t be a problem with John, will it?”

“No, not at all. I told him what we are doing,” Ann confessed.

“Ann, you told John that we would be spending the weekend together,” I mumbled.

“Yes, I did, and he would like to join us if only to watch.”

“Oh Ann, that is asking a lot,” I stammered.

“I know Jerry, but I love him so much. Besides, your little secret has made the rounds also, and he would like to be with you too. He would like to go down on you as much as I do. He wants a man to make him cum while I watch.”

“Ann, if that is what it takes to be with you, I am more than willing to please you and John. Only one ground rule is that any hole can be used on any of us,” I said.

“Jerry, you are making me wet!” she said, her breath coming in gasps.

“Tell me if you are fondling yourself?” I asked her.

Her affirmative answer made me take myself out. We both continued to tell each other what to do with our hands and fingers. I spurted high in the air listening to the sounds I had never heard before from her. Her wailing of, “Fuck me Jerry, oh please fuck me!” led to gasps of pleasure. She made me cum.

I told her that I would call her with the time to pick her and John up. She thanked me one more time about the John thing and then hung up. I really didn’t know what I was getting into but sucking my ex-wife’s mother’s lover while she watched was so erotic, I tried to jack off again, but she had taken too much out of me. And there was cum all over the couch already.

The arrangements were made with Ann that I would pick them both up in the far southwest end of the Harrington Shopping Mall parking lot. I arrived to see John dressed in a suit and Ann with the same coat she wore to my place that fateful afternoon. I imagined what was under that coat. Her hair was up and looked more sophisticated than the last time we were together.

We drove to the hotel with John in the back seat and Ann sitting next to me. The coat was open enough for me to get a peek at those marvelous legs, while the three of us jabbered about nothing important. I asked if everyone was hungry, but the response asked if we could get room service at the hotel. That was fine with me because I was anxious to have Ann’s body.

I checked in, and we headed for room 392 in the elevator. We stood side by side and looking back I could see John rubbing Ann’s cute ass. She apparently liked it as her eyes were closed the trip up to the third floor. I reached over and fingered her palm. Her little gasp led me to believe that Ann had long fantasized by having two men pleasure her.

She must have given that gene to Kathy, who loved Harold and me pleasing her at the same time. Kathy had the noisiest orgasms when we both had something in her. My first double penetration of a woman and it was erotic.

The room was more than friendly with an oversize bed. Ann had an oversize bag to carry her needed womanly supplies. John decided to use the hotel furnished robe, and I planned nothing on me once my clothes were off of me. John came out of the bathroom with the robe open, and I saw what held Ann’s interest in John. It was Harold’s size and swung when John walked.

Ann made her way to the bathroom walking past John giving him a kiss while she felt his hanging tool. I like that she did that, showing what she wanted. With Ann in the bathroom, I removed my clothes in front of him. When the boxer briefs were lowered, I watched John look at me, and his hanging member was no longer just hanging. He liked what he saw. John was surprised when I went to him and kissed him. He did not back away.

Ann’s entrance to the party was more than spectacular. She was wearing a black see-through long gown that had bands of opaque black winding around her covering what we both wanted to see most. A  picture of fucking sophistication. I was not semi-ridged any longer from my kiss of John, but both of us had risen to the occasion.

Ann went to John, kissed him and said, “John, I am glad things are working better.”

I was not sure who I wanted first. John with his Harold prick as hard as a rock or Ann’s fucking sexy body. It was no contest, Ann won! I went up behind her and hugged her pressing my leaking cock into her soft ass. I kissed her neck and saw that she was holding John’s cock while I softly nudged her ass with my hips.

Finally, Ann broke all the silence by saying, “Alright, lovers, who is first? Which of you boys would like to part my lips of either hole? Or would you like to show me what men really like about each other? I do want to feel two of you in me by the time before the night is over, but I want to able to kiss both of you while you have what you like. I hope I am clear with that.”

We both said, not quite in sync, “What would you like, Ann?”

“John has always wanted to see me fuck, but Adam was out of the picture. Jerry, I want you to fuck me so John can watch, but then I want you to blow him so I can watch. After that, it's first come first served, and forgive the pun.”

John was already feeling her breasts but conceded to me after that statement. I kissed her letting my hands slip down on her ass. I moved my finger up her crack and back to her neck. She shivered, and said, “Jerry, I have waited a long time for this, and I hope you are as half as good as Kathy said you were.”

I went about my business being gentle at times, but rough other times. My goal was to make her forget she ever fucked John or her husband. Ann heated up very fast. She did that quicker than her daughter ever did. I whispered in her ear, “Ann, may I eat you first?”

“Oh god, yes!” she responded pulling me towards the bed as John sat down in the overstuffed chair with his cock in his hand.

I slowly pulled the straps of her gown over her shoulders. Her breasts became free and even though being older were firm with protruding nipples. The gown was easily manipulated to the floor. Standing before me was the mother of my wife, whose body was more beautiful than her daughters. She was so fuckable.

My kisses were hungrier than usual, but she gladly accepted them. On her back, her breasts rolled to the sides as she invitingly opened her legs. I made my way down from her neck, giving small kisses to the softness I saw. I reached my goal, and a gorgeous bare mound beckoned me with a little thrust towards me. With the first kiss of it, I heard the sound of wanting as John grunted stroking himself as he watched.

My tongue went to the opening and easily parted for the feel of my tongue on both lips. I kissed and sucked each swollen lip, and it was delicious. Between those lips was a protruding member wanting attention, I gave it all I had, as the moans were so pleasant to my ears. She was fast and getting close.

As I did to her daughter whenever I devoured her pussy, I slipped my finger in her ass just enough for a tease that when she would start to cum, I would wiggle my finger and feel the pulsing bud when she was coming. That made her daughter almost get violent when she came. Ann was no different than her daughter except she did get forceful pushing on me with a hard thrust to my face, and yelling, “You mother fucker!” That was not precisely true, but about to be. It was magnificent to listen and watch her cum.

I buried my face on her pussy until she calmed down. I pushed her legs apart, and with her legs dangling in the air, I entered my mother in law. If ever there was a good fuck, it was Ann. Every thrust of my hips she met with a sideways movement of hers for a delight for both of us. She came again and not too long, I also did. This was the best piece of ass I had ever had in my life.

I rolled off the bed and went to John and knelt before him. He was wet from all the stroking, and when I put his cock in my mouth, he was ready. He kept saying, “Suck me, Jerry. Suck me!” When he did his cum overfilled my mouth and pushed out the side of my mouth.

I could see Ann fingering herself and one more time she came by seeing something for the first time. It was a very erotic moment seeing her do herself as I had John’s cock in my mouth. Very little leaked from my mouth as I showed him his cum in my mouth and then swallowed it for him.

Ann rolled off the bed and came to me. She kissed my wet lips from John’s cum. She said, “Help me get John in me. He is big, but he is losing his erection when we do it.” She straddled John, but to no avail. We could not get him in her as he was going limp fast.

I said, “Suck him, Ann. See if you can get him up again.” She had straddled him facing me, and just leaned over and took me in her mouth. Her educated mouth was fantastic. John thought so too as he watched her sucking me, it was something he wanted to see, and with a little help, Ann got him in her cunt.

Just sucking my cock would have been erotic to watch, but Ann fucking John at the same time was more than I could handle and came in her mouth. She got off of John and turned around and shared my cum with John while he struggled to get it back into her pussy. He did with her help, and they shared my cum multiple times until John did finally cum in her,

“This was John’s last hurrah. He wanted so much to be sucked by a man and wanted to feel a cock in his mouth. So if you will, just lay there and let John do his thing. You and I will have plenty of time together again,” Ann said.

I just laid there, and John hovered over me. He picked up my cock, and I immediately started getting hard. He placed it in his mouth. He certainly was not the best blow job I had, but to spend more time with Ann, it was a necessary thing. I did cum in his mouth, not much, as most of it resided in Ann’s pussy.

I asked John, “John, would you like me to fuck you?” When John declined, Ann promptly offers herself to me fo fuck her in the same place.

“I love it taking it there!” she said. Another plus from my new found love.

I fingered Ann’s pussy, getting wetness from it, and swiped it on her ass opening. She was bent over trying to get John hard again to blow him. Looking at that bud which I was about to penetrate, I leaned over and tongued her ass. Her little sigh gave it away that she really liked that. I was hard and ready and put the head of my cock on the opening and pressed forward. I felt the tightness of her ass, and it was beautiful.

I knew Ann had done this before as she started milking me with her bud. Ann was a closet whore with many talents. The slow beat of our fucking was so sexy. Every time I pushed myself in she let John’s cock slide down her throat. Seeing our trio in the full-length mirror was so erotic. John did not cum, but I did. I pulled out, and she turned around with John’s wetness on her lips and kissed me.

Ann was not fulfilled and asked, “Jerry, would you go down on me again?” Of course, I did, wanting her that song of Ann’s pleasure. A symphony of eroticism played in the room. I was ready for her gyrations this time, and when it happened, it was so sexy to watch. The shuddering and thrusting of hips was pure magic to see, along with the shaking of breasts from side to side.


The three of us lay in the bed with Ann between John and myself. We needed recovery time, but I could not resist those tits of hers and would caress and kiss them. My curiosity at a peak, I finally asked her, “Ann, why did Adam ever stop giving you what you obviously need? All that time before John, how did you do it?”

“Oh honey, John wasn’t the first. I got caught off guard and gave in to temptation.”

“How so?”

“I was in the church laundry room with those big washing machines, and I didn’t think anybody was around. I leaned my mound against the corner of one of the ones operating, and I felt it right down to my toes. I stood there letting it build. I knew I was close when a voice out of nowhere startled me. 'You need more than what that machine can give you, Sugar,' Sam said. Sam was the custodian who had worked for us for years. He stood there with his big black cock out of his pants. He quietly told me, 'Just lean over that machine, missy, and lift up your dress and pull down your panties. Sam will send you right to heaven.'"

She continued, “I was so horny and so close. I had never seen a cock that large before. Without thinking, I leaned over the washing machine, and that dear old sweet man penetrated my pussy. He started humping me, and I never was fucked like that ever. I did not feel violated, but the pleasure of feeling so full and cumming like never before. He fucked me in that laundry room for over eight months, until Adam fired him for taking home church property.”

I was mesmerized by her story, but she continued on, “To get back at Adam, Sam gave the word of my passion for doing the laundry to the choir director. I thought Edmond was gay, but one visit in the laundry room convinced me that I was in error. His little fantasy was to fuck me in a choir gown while I wore nothing beneath it. He did sing my praises, but left for a new position after a year.”

She concluded, “With Edmond gone, I seduced John, and he and I have been fucking wherever and whenever we can. Jerry, I am counting on you to keep me happy.”

“Ann, I plan to keep you more than happy,” I boasted. It was the right thing to say. With John sleeping, she scooted down and started blowing me. An elegant woman who loved being a slut was more than I could ever ask.

We did leave the hotel, and I dropped them off where they had parked the car. I never saw John again, but he has his fantasy fulfilled with me sucking him and he sucking me. Of course, Ann and I continued to satisfy each other. She did not seem to mind that I was giving men blow jobs when I felt the need. I did ask, “You ever think about a girl on girl thing?”

She softly replied, “Yes, it is something I would like to try, but for right now you are my lover and my wonderful mother fucker.”

I got hard when she said that and fucked my wife’s mother one more time.

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