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The Legend of Willie Mac II: Rise of Pearl

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Willie gets a taste of Pearl’s luster.

This is chapter two of three. To understand Wilhemina Macintosh and her connection to Pearl, it would help to read chapter one. I have linked it below.

“Yer outnumbered, girl!”

‘Girl? I’ll show you girl.’ Willie propped her bowler hat on a stick and raised it slightly over the ridge of her rocky barricade. A ricochet twanged off the boulder before she even heard the shot; a grey puff of earth rose just above her head.


“Last chance, girl,” one of them shouted. ”Reward says dead or alive, but as purdy as ya’re,” there was a pause. “We’d rather take ya alive!” Their callous laughter echoed.

‘Sounds like there’s three,’ she thought and quickly counted the lead plumbs left in her revolver. Two.


She leaned her head back against the rock, wiped sweat from her brow and stared up at a buzzard circling overhead. “Hope yer here for them.”

Suddenly, a shot rang out from off to her right. No ricochet. Return fire rapidly ensued, but not aimed in her direction.

One... two... three more thunderous shots from the right. Silence.

Willie crouched and listened. Heartbeat pounded her ears. A horse’s whinny drew her attention and she raised up cautiously to investigate. Dust circled the steed as he stamped in place. Two motionless caballeros laid prone in the dirt, another slouched over the top of a wood chest.

The rider pushed up the brim of her sweat-stained hat. It was Pearl. Smoke curled from the tip of her signature sidearm. Reins, held firm with her free hand, tugged from side to side to gain purchase of the slightly spooked beast. The sites of her talkin’ iron pointed squarely at Willie’s busty chest.

“I guess I owe you a bit of gratitude,” Willie called out. One hand rested tensely on the butt of her Colt. She knew she could draw and fire before Pearl would get off an accurate shot, but there was something in those green eyes she couldn’t resist. She stayed poised. “There’s enough tin in that there trunk fer the both of us.”

“I ain’t gonna shoot ya.”

Pearl slid from her mount, holstering the pistol with a spinning snap. “Heck, coulda done that the second you prairie-dogged yer pretty little head.” There was a swagger to her voice, one Willie hadn’t heard until now. It was invigorating.

She loosened the grip on her firearm and seized the moment with a three-by-nine smile. “I have a proposition for ya.”

“I’m listenin’.” Pearl sauntered over and with her dusty boot, shoved the slumped cowboy off the trunk.

“I only need to pull one more heist,” Willie now perched atop the rock, her long blonde hair lay flat in a French braid. ”There’s a stagecoach, it usually only has one guard.” She watched confidently as Pearl’s emerald eyes lit up at the treasure in the coffer. “I reckon the two of us could take it, then I’d have enough for my whiskey business.” 

“One job, that’s it?” Their eyes locked.

“That’s it, babygirl.”

“Gonna be dark soon. Best we distance from this mess and set up camp.”

The evening air was cool as they rode, a welcomed relief from the heat of the day. Breezes rustled in the branches signaling a storm which threatened off in the distance. Pearl spotted a grassy patch buffered by a small slate ledge, perfect cover for the night. It wasn’t long before bedrolls were spread beside a fire; glowing embers danced up into the darkness.

“Ya know, they raised the bounty on you?” Pearl plucked some whiskey from her satchel and brought the bottle to her lips for a long pull.

“I figured. Them boys back there were pros.”

“Yer welcome.”

Willie slid over to Pearl and snatched the bottle for a swig of her own. She swallowed with a grit of her teeth. “Maybe, I should thank ya proper?”

In the glimmer of the firelight, Pearl could see the lust in Willie’s eyes. “Maybe,” she made a feeble attempt to stave off the advance, “you should tell me ‘bout this heist?”

Willie slithered between Pearl’s long, slender legs. “We’ll need to get these off for me to illustrate accordingly.” She tugged Pearl’s chalky trousers down.

“Ya see, there’s this pass,” she pushed Pearl’s bare thighs apart to expose her honeypot. “We’ll need to post up here,” a firm, sensual bite marked a spot on her tender groin, “and here.” She moved across to nip at the other side.

A throb jolted Pearl as Willie inched closer to her clit. “Now, as the coach runs through this pass,” her tongue dragged up Pearl’s glistening slit. “We will be ready to take it.” She hissed a heated breath across Pearl’s swollen nub before plunging in firmly. Pearl’s head snapped back with a gasp.

“If all goes as planned,” she continued. “We’ll -” Pearl didn’t let her finish. She clamped her legs tight and swiveled to flip on top of Willie, straddling her face. Willie was taken aback by the brazen turn, but smirked and continued to probe her tongue.

Pearl reached back and slipped a hand under Willie’s waistband. Her nimble fingers were welcomed by the soft, moist folds of Willie’s furry jewel box.

Their first climax came wild and fast and almost simultaneous. The adrenaline buildup from the earlier shoot-out acted as the perfect catalyst. Their second was more sensual. Pearl made love to Willie deep into the night, while sounds of coyote yips and the fire’s crackling wood joined her chorus of moans.

Pearl woke to the warm light of sunrise, Willie’s empty bedroll next to her. A pit formed in her stomach. She sprung up quick to survey the area. Both horses, gone from where they were lashed and the fire was now just ashen coals.

Faster than a jackrabbit being chased by a bobcat, Pearl pulled her pants on and was hustling ‘round the corner of the ledge.

Willie was sauntering back holding a coffee kettle while the horses drank calmly from a nearby brook. She brushed past Pearl with a wink.

“Didn’t think I would leave, did ya babygirl? We have a job to do.”


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