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Incest is the Best Medicine

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Mother and son decide to help ailing grandfather but sexy things happen, unexpectedly.

Jack, who had his sixty-ninth birthday this year, suffered a serious accident and was rendered limp from the neck down. His prognosis didn’t seem very promising. Jack was unconscious in the hospital for about a month. Once he regained consciousness, he was prepared to be shifted to his home.

Jack’s elder son lived across the country but his younger son lived in the city. Jack’s house was located in a nice suburban locality just outside the city. So, Jack’s younger son decided to move in with his ailing father and also bring along his wife, Laila.

Jack's son figured he would commute to work, which might be a bit of extra work but nothing unmanageable. Laila, being the caring and selfless person she has always been, was more than happy to take care of her husband’s father.

Laila’s daughter was already attending her second year of college elsewhere and her son Marty, who was seventeen at the time, had just finished school and was about to leave for college by the end of summer. The move came at a convenient time, so no one was really stressed out about it.

Week 1 after moving back home

Everything was mellow. Jack was still under severe medication so he was asleep most of the time. Laila used to give him a full-body wet-towel bath every day, apart from feeding him and also spending time with him. She used to wipe his groin area as well during those baths but his penis was incredibly flaccid and immensely retracted due to complete lack of mental and physical activity. Neither of them felt any sexual tension during those moments.

Week 2

His medication was reduced and Jack was almost back to himself, as far as his mental state was considered. He tried to come to terms with the fact that he may not move or even feel any part of his body ever again.

Week 3

He completed all his medication. Jack was fully himself again. The laughing, loving, kind man he always was. At rare occasions, he noticed a slight tingly feeling or twitchy movement of his toes. He didn’t raise his hopes and decided to share it with the family if it occurred more frequent and prominent.

Week 4

On the last day of the week, Laila came into the room with a warm bowl of water and prepared to give Jack his wet-towel bath.

Laila said, “So, are we ready to get wet today?”

Laila was one of those people who are genuinely innocent and never realize the multiple meanings that their choice of words gives away.

Jack replied, “We? Haha, that bowl isn’t nearly enough for even one of us, dear.”

Laila responded, “All that damage and not a single scratch to that sarcasm of yours.”

They both giggled.

As Laila began to wipe his shin, Jack reacted, “Ow! That’s a little too warm for me, Laila. Do you mind, if we wait a few minutes for the water to cool?”

Laila sat near the bed on a short stool with her eyes staring wide and her teeth glaring bright. Jack didn’t understand at first why Laila would be so happy about him almost burning his leg away. But soon enough, it hit him.

Jack exclaimed, “Oh my god, Laila! I can feel something!”

Laila joined in, “Oh, this wonderful, Jack! The doctors did say that you still had a chance to recover. I’m so glad you’re recovering already!”

With a very content passage of time, Laila completed the towel bath and exited the room and the rest of the day was only as eventful as any other day.

Week 5

Laila asked Marty, “Hey, do you mind giving Grandpa his wet-towel bath? I’ll just finish off this laundry that’s been piling up.”

Marty responded, “Me? Wet-towel bath? Grandpa? Come on, mom. I can’t do it. I don’t even know how. Besides, it would be weird.”

Laila said, “Marty, he’s family. I shouldn’t have to remind you of it. Of what use is family, if we can’t take care of each other during difficult times like these? It’s already been hard on him ever since Grandma passed away last year. He’s always been there for you. Although not the best of timing or opportunities, at least you get a chance to express your gratitude.”

Marty responded hastily, “Jeez mom, you didn’t have to lay it out all on me like that. Now, I feel like I’ll burn in hell if I don’t do this.”

Laila smiled and walked away. Marty unwillingly picked up the bowl and headed to Jack’s room.

As Marty set up the bowl next to his grandpa, Jack said, “Hey Marty. I’m sorry you have to do this.”

Marty replied without skipping a beat, “Oh come on, grandpa. Don’t be like that. You know we all love you.”

Marty began to scrub Jack with the warm wet towel. As he moved closer to the groin area, Jack began to get an involuntary erection and that made the blanket rested on that area, tent up. Marty was shocked.

Marty stepped back while having hands in the air and said, “Whoa!”. At this moment, one thigh of Jack’s was exposed while the groin area and the other thigh was still covered by the blanket.

Jack noticed his erection but since all of this happened in less than half a minute, Jack couldn’t find the words to pacify Marty. He wasn’t sure himself of what was happening. Jack could feel the erection but not completely. If one thing was certain, it was that he couldn’t make it go away or even control it.

Jack looked at Marty with an embarrassment and began to say, “Marty, I… it’s not what it looks like. I… I can expla-”

Before Jack could finish, Marty dropped the towel and ran to get his mom. Jack was a nervous wreck. He began to palpitate thinking about what had just happened.

Marty reached the basement laundry room and called out to Laila, “Mom! Mom!”

Laila reacted, “What? What is it? Why have you come running?”

Marty said, “Grandpa… Grandpa…” while still catching his breath.

Laila asked, “Oh my god, what about Grandpa? Is he ok? What happened?”

Marty caught his breath and recited to his mom about what had happened. Laila had a confused look on her face. She didn’t quite know how to react to this. After a few seconds of silence,

Laila said, “Ok, let me just put these clothes in the dryer and come take a look.”

Marty snapped, “Did you just listen to what I said? Grandpa perved on me! And you want to dry the clothes first? Oh, I think I’m gonna throw up.”

“Ok, easy there. I don’t fully know what happened up there.”

“Wow. You don’t trust me? You don’t trust your own son?”

“Marty, calm down. I’m not saying that I don’t trust you. I’m just saying that maybe you’re mistaken. Grandpa loves both you and your sister, more than anything. Besides, he’s really old. I’m not sure if what you’re saying of him is even possible at his age. Let me just come upstairs in a few minutes and see what’s going on.”

Marty found reason in his mom’s reaction and calmed down. After a few minutes, both of them made it up to Jack’s room but Marty halted Laila just before they reached the doorway. He moved her aside and whispered to her that he would check first before she walked in.

Marty peeked and found that Jack was still in the exact same position as he was and the erection too. Marty moved aside and signaled Laila to take a peek too. Laila did and was quite surprised at what she saw.  All this was new to her and she looked at Marty as she withdrew from the door frame.

Marty asked Laila, “So, do you believe me now?”

Laila didn’t nod yes but she didn’t nod no, either. After a few seconds of contemplating,

Laila said to Marty, “I think we should go in there and talk to him.”

Marty reacted, “What?!”

Laila said, “I think he deserves a chance to explain himself.”

Marty, once again, found reason in Laila’s argument but wasn’t too fond of the suggestion, either. Laila slowly made her way into the room. Marty, seemingly pissed, just stood at the door and didn’t walk in with his mom.

As Laila moved into Jack’s line of vision, Jack exasperatedly said, “Oh Laila, I’m so sorry. I really wished you didn’t have to see this. This is so embarrassing!”

Laila could see the honestly in Jack’s eyes and the pain on his face. But for Marty’s sake, she still had to make sure that this wasn’t something else. After all, Marty was still just a young man and he shouldn’t be scarred for life.

Laila asked hesitantly, “Jack, I’ve been attending to you for about a month now. We didn’t have any... incident. But now… with Marty…”

Jack’s facial expression changed from pain to shock.

Jack said, “Oh, dear Lord. You think... you think...” as he tried to look at Marty standing at the doorway.

Jack continued, “You’d think I would think of Marty that way? Marty... would think that? Oh no, no, no, no. Never, never. I’m not like that. I wish my wife were alive right now. I don’t even know why this has happened. Oh, please forgive. Please!”

Jack almost began to cry. Laila felt bad and Marty felt even worse. Laila looked at Marty and he walked into the room. As he got closer to Laila,

Marty said, “It’s ok, Grandpa. I’m sorry. I think I overreacted. It’s just that… I’ve never been in a situation like this before. Guess, I should have been a little more patient.”

There was a couple of minutes of silence and Jack was able to compose himself.

Jack said, “Laila, I think this is a sign of my nerves recovering. Last week, it was my toes, remember? and now, this. There just can't be any other explanation!”

Laila responded, “Yeah, I thought so too.”

Marty exclaimed, “Toes? Last week? Why didn’t you tell me, mom?! Jeez, now I feel like an idiot to have reacted the way I did.”

Everyone shared a quick chuckle and then Laila went on to ask Jack, “So, how long has ‘this’ been like this?” pointing to the tented up area.

Marty answered for him, “I think... ten minutes, now.”

Laila thought to herself, Wow. Ten minutes? That’s something.

Jack said, “I’m trying to make it go away but I… I don’t know. Nothing works. To be honest, it’s starting to… ache.”

Laila and Marty looked at each other confused. Soon after, Laila pulled Marty aside away from Jack and whispered to him.

“Ok, we gotta do something. We need to help him, somehow.”

Marty said, “Yea, yea, of course. Should I call 911?”

Laila replied with a confused expression on her face, “911? This is not an emergency!”

“Then, what do we do?”

“We need to help him ourselves.”

“Uh… what do you mean?”

Laila just stared at Marty but in a suggestive manner. Marty wasn't sure at first but soon understood what his mother was trying to tell him.

Marty whispered loudly, “What? No way! Are you kidding me?”

Laila replied, “Well, do you have a better idea? I mean, look at him, Marty. He’s suffering. What are the paramedics or doctors going to do about his anyway?”

Marty let out a huge sigh of air. He was still not convinced that this was the right course of action. He contemplated for a minute and shot another question at his mom.

Marty asked, “What about dad? How do you think he’s going to react if he finds out?”

Laila responded hesitantly, “Maybe… it’s best that he... doesn’t know about this.”

“Oh mom, you’re really being unlike yourself. Lying to dad? Really?”

“Well, it’s not really lying if you’re not saying anything at all, is it? Besides, we are not gonna do anything here just to fool around. We will be providing relief to a man who can’t help himself. Call it therapy, if you will.”

Marty being countered with undeniable logic found himself at a loss for words. Then he said,

“... whatever… we’re going to burn in hell, all the same though.”

“So, you’re ok with this? I won’t do it if you’re not ok with this.”

“I don’t see what choice we have, anyway.”


Before Laila could take a step towards Jack, Marty tugged on her arm and told her,

“Look, I’m not gonna do a damn thing. Please, don’t tell me to do anything.”

Laila took a deep breath and responded, “Ok… fine.”

Laila walked up to the end of the bed to stand near Jack’s feet. Then she said,

“Um, Jack…” and then she posed an awkward smile. Jack seemed puzzled.

She continued, “Marty and I had a quick word and we… um… decided to help you out ourselves. This isn’t really an emergency so it wouldn’t be fair to call on the doctors or even the paramedics.”

Jack still didn’t quite understand what Laila was trying to convey.

Jack asked, “Oh good, there are medicines for this?”

Laila responded, “Haha, well not exactly. What I meant was that… we… um… ‘help’ you out.” and she gestured with her hovering palms over the elevated blanket that refused to go down.

Jack seemed lost for words in as much as he was shocked. His eyes and head shuttled between looking at Marty and Laila.

A moment after, Jack responded, “I… I… I don’t know, what to say. No, I can’t, Laila. It’s not right. I can’t subject you and Marty to that. I won’t.”

Laila replied, “Come on, Jack. You’re benevolent but neither of us is being forced to do this. We wanna help. After all, what’s family for?”

Jack gulped loudly. He seemed pacified but he still wasn’t convinced. He looked at Marty. Marty broke his staring of the floor and looked at Jack while taking a huge breath of air.

Marty then said, “It’s alright, Grandpa. We do wanna help.”

Jack looked back at Laila. He didn’t audibly say, “ok,” but his confusion seemed to ease up. Although his nervousness was still intact.

Laila slowly walked to the other side of the bed and stood near Jack’s right knee. At this point, Laila had the curtained window of the room behind her; had Jack lying down in front of her with his head to her left and had Marty standing in the middle of the room facing them both.

Laila slowly reached for the blanket that covered Jack and brought it down. Just as she did, the true height of Jack’s erection was revealed. The only thing between the erection and Laila was worn out and loosely fitting underwear.

The upper side of the underwear holding back the crown of erection had already become soaking wet from the precum that has been oozing from Jacks’ penis for the past few minutes. Jack was embarrassed but he still kept his calm.

As Laila reached towards his loins, Jack interrupted her with a question, “Laila, what about my son?”

Laila looked at him confidently and replied, “He doesn’t have to know and… Marty agrees.”

Jack remained nervous but nodded hesitantly to give a reluctant approval. Laila touched and held the side crease of the underwear which was already floating high enough to give glimpses of Jack’s lower shaft to an observer on either side.

Laila intended to just move the underwear aside, quickly do what was necessary and put back things as they were and be on her way. She began to do just as she intended. But once the penis was revealed, Laila was almost taken by a pleasant surprise.

Jack’s sixty-nine-year-old penis stood proud and robust. It was slightly bent upwards, so it would appear to be bent to the left from where Laila was standing. There was foreskin but not much. The girth was normal as well. The highlight, however, was the length of the penis. Laila noticed that it was definitely at least a full inch longer than her husband’s.

As a result of a natural and ancient reflex, Laila's mouth began to salivate as soon as she saw Jack’s long member. She swallowed with both men in the room being able to see her throat. She bent forward and slowly wrapped her trembling fingers around the lower half of Jack’s penile shaft.

Jack closed his eyes and exclaimed, “Oh, god!”

Laila slowly began to stroke her father-in-law’s penis. At first thrust, there was a fountain of precum that exited the crown. Laila used it and quickly found a rhythm and stuck to it. After about a minute, Laila quickly exchanged a look with Marty who had an intensely morbid facial expression.

Laila was secretly fascinated and was mildly enjoying what was going on. Her sex life with her husband wasn’t particularly exciting and her husband was only one of two men that she’s ever been with, in her life.

This long penis; she sexually servicing a family member and also the fact that her own son was being a personal witness to all this, was creating a flutter of excitement and mixed sensations.

However, Jack remained nervous. After a few minutes, Laila could feel the precum drying up and the stroking becoming a little heavy with friction. She suggested to Jack,

“Whenever you’re ready, Jack. Don’t worry, I’ll clean up afterward. Just... whenever you’re ready.”

“Oh, my dear.”

“What is it, Jack? Does it hurt? Speak to me.” said Laila, as she slowed down her stroking.

“Oh… I’m sorry, Laila. I’m not… not even nearly there yet. I think we should stop.”

Laila flashed a look at Marty trying to emote her thoughts, What do I do now?

Marty expressed his thoughts as well using his facial muscles, I don’t know!

Laila thought on her feet and just said everything that came to her mind. She said,

“Oh, don’t worry about it, Jack. It shouldn’t take much more.” and as she said so, she began to speed up her stroking. At that point, the therapeutic approach began to spiral down into a more casual handjob.

Jack began to breath faster. He took turns looking at Laila and then at his stiff cock that was being loyal to him. Laila began to notice that Jack was doing this. Laila began to respond to this unexpected attraction.

Laila said, “Maybe, it might help if you thought about things that work for you.”

Jack blurted, “Oh…”

Laila insisted, “It’s ok, Jack. Go ahead, no one here will judge you.”

Jack replied patiently, “I doubt it, Laila.”


“I’m… I’m more of a… I’ve always been a visual kind-of-guy.”


“Besides, I can only feel half of what is being done to me.”

“Well, do you think it’ll help if I just-” and just as Laila said those words, she squeezed the penis pretty hard and then continued to stroke it with this increased tension in addition to the fast speed that she was already maintaining.

Jack exclaimed, “Oh dear, that’s better. Much better. Thank you.”

“Well, don’t thank me yet.”

As Laila began doing this, she started to feel a little hot. The tight hold allowed her to feel every single vein and every bit of pulse in Jack’s blood-rushed appendage. This wasn’t therapy anymore. It was getting personal.

Laila felt her heart race. She hadn’t been this intimate even with her husband. This felt… unadulterated… real… honest. She began to feel a little moist between her legs. Involuntarily, her bent posture began to change. She arched her back prominently and stood in a way to protrude her butt.

Marty began to notice these changes that Laila was expressing. Witnessing all this raw sensual innocence began to make his nether region swell, as well. But it wasn’t a proper stiff erection, yet.

While Laila tried to keep up this effort, she couldn’t anymore. She stopped abruptly and said, “Phew!” while smiling at Jack and simultaneously wiping her mildly sweated forehead with the back of her palm.

She kept up her smile, switched hands and continued to stroke. Obviously, she tired one of her hands.

Jack said, “Oh, dear. I’m so sorry that this is taking so long. Maybe, we should stop. We’ll figure out another way.”

Laila shot back, “Jack, maybe it’ll help if you stopped thanking and apologizing. I think you’re letting your guilt or gratitude prevent you from feeling the... euphoria. Just forget about everything and for lack of a better expression, I gotta say… just enjoy yourself!”

Jack looked at Laila and then at Marty.

Marty supported Laila by saying, “Mom’s right, Grandpa. Don’t worry about us. Just do what you gotta do. I'm a guy… I get it.”

Laila added, “Just let go of all inhibitions and just... be in the moment.”

Jack took a minute to respond. Then he said, “Ok… as you say.”

He continued after a short pause, “But like I said, I’m more of a visual guy.”

Marty asked, “What do you mean, Grandpa?”

Jack said, “Uh… I like to… I need to ‘see’ things. That’s what… works for me.”

Marty went Oh! with his face. Laila saw Marty’s reaction and understood what Jack was trying to say. The situation was beginning to get a little too complicated but Laila felt that she should brace through.

Laila thought she was making conversation by saying whatever she did but really it was only making things more and more intense.

Laila asked, “So, are you more of a… bust-man or butt-man?” quickly followed by an awkward laugh.

Jack remained calm and looked at Marty. Marty nodded to convey that it was fine to confess.

Jack said softly, “Bust.”

As soon as Jack said it, Laila felt a shot of vigor flow through her upper body. She felt goosebumps run up her arms that ended in making her nipples perk up. She could literally feel them pushing out from underneath her dress.

There was silence for a while. Laila looked at Marty. Marty had nothing to offer; he was confused himself and was trying to figure out why he was not completely averred by all that was happening.

Laila figured that she was flying solo at this point. She felt the unbearable urge to squeeze her breasts to help tame the erect nipples. She obviously couldn’t do such a thing in front of the men. Not without raising suspicion or causing embarrassment.

Laila asked, “Mart, do you have… magazines or something?”

Marty replied, “Magazines? Wow, you definitely were born in ancient times. Everything is on the internet now.”

“Whatever. Can you let him use your laptop or phone or something?”

“I could but Grandpa’s internet is 'really' slow. No one listened to me when I said that it needed to be upgraded. And here we are!”

Laila expressed disappointment and frustration. However, the moistness between her legs caused a radical thought to cross her mind. She mustered up all the courage she could and translated it into words.

Laila said to Jack, “Hmm… ok then, if you don’t mind, I can maybe... show you... mine.”

Jack quickly shot back, “Laila!”

Marty said at the same time, “Mom!”

Laila trying to pacify them both, “What? I only meant to help!”

Jack replied, “No, Laila. I could never ask that of you.”

After a moment of silence, Marty said, “Want.”

Jack asked confusedly, “Want what?”

Marty clarified, “You didn’t say that you didn’t ‘want’ that of her. You only said that you couldn’t ‘ask’ her of it.”

Jack was baffled at the undeniable logic that Marty was able to deduce from Jack’s spontaneous choice of words.

Jack mumbled, “I… I… didn’t mea-”

Laila interjected, “It’s ok, Jack. Don’t feel bad. Remember? No judging here. It’s ok, let me help you. I… want to.”

After saying those words, Laila slowly but confidently pulled down the neck of her dress with one hand and dug her other hand in to scoop out her almost-perfect breasts, one by one. Laila was stunning for her age.

Something strange had occurred at this point. Laila, who usually took counsel from Marty, failed to ask him for it before doing this. Stranger still, Marty, who was always very protective and possessive of his mother, didn’t bother to stop her from doing this.

After Jack processed the unbelievable sight of Laila pulling out her jugs in the most sensual of ways, Jack exclaimed, “Oh, Lord have mercy!” just as he let out another spurt of fresh viscous precum all over Laila’s hand that resumed the stroking.

Marty, while still brooding a morbid expression on his face, felt a new rush of arousal after seeing his mom’s breasts completely exposed. They were heavy and so it drooped a little but one could feel the smooth skin and perfect firmness even while standing afar.

Laila used this opportunity and with her other hand, brushed across both breasts in the name of courtesy-wiping and quickly squeezed them both to try and ply her aroused nipples. Witnessing this scene in addition to the unexpected nudity, gave Marty a proper hard on. He couldn’t prevent it anymore.

Laila asked Jack, “Is this better now? Does this help?”

Jack just stared at Laila and her breasts.

Laila insisted, “Come on, Jack. I think we’re past the point of feeling awkward. Just voice yourself truthfully.”

Jack swallowed his saliva.

Laila guided him, “Don’t be shy. Ok, let me walk you through it. Do… you… like… what you see?”

Jack mouthed hesitantly, “Yes.”

Laila responded, “There you go! Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Laila began to speed up her stroking. This made her breasts bounce in the most enticing way. Marty began to bite on his lower lip. Laila remembered about Marty and looked his way. She noticed him staring directly at her breasts. Marty didn’t even blink. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he even forgot to breathe sometimes.

Laila’s face grew pale. She didn’t expect this new level of complication. Better yet, Jack noticed both of their reactions. Marty’s boner began to show prominently in his pants. Laila felt shy and pretended to pay attention only to her stroking.

Marty began to appear restless where he was standing. He tried very much to resist but his hands kept taking turns to adjust the crotch of his pants. A thin layer of sweat emerged on Laila’s breast and both men were inexplicably captivated.

As Marty’s shuffling increased, Jack took this opportunity to reduce his embarrassment by sharing it.

Jack asked Marty, “You ok there, Marty?”

Marty replied, “Yea, yea, I’m fine, Grandpa.” while still not breaking eye contact with Laila’s breasts.

Jack insisted, “You sure?”

Marty said, “Uh huh.”

Jack got the impulse to tease Marty a little. He asked, “Like Grandpa, like grandson, huh?”

Marty stopped shuffling and looked at Jack with a blank expression. Jack suffered from a misguided sense of loyalty and felt like he was duty-bound to help Marty out.

Jack said, “It’s ok. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Laila asked, “What? What’s happening?”

Jack replied, “My dear, I think all of what is happening in this room, is a little too much to handle for little Marty there."

Marty said, “Come on, Grandpa. Don’t treat me like a prude. I’ve had a couple of girlfriends. I’m not even a virg-”

And he stopped abruptly realizing that his mom was in the room. Laila looked at Marty, clocked her acknowledgment at what he was about to say and resumed to look at her stroking.

Jack then said, “You may have experience but you’re still only a young boy.” and giggled a little.

Jack added after a short pause, “Do what you must. It’s ok. Neither of us will judge you. Would we, Laila?”

Laila responded with an awkward giggle, “Haha, no… no… of course not.” not being entirely sure of what Jack was implying.

Marty looked at Jack and Laila for a moment and slowly placed his hand on the buckle of his jeans and unbuttoned it. But before he pulled down the zipper, he stopped and asked his mom,

“Mom, you sure, you’re ok with this?”

Laila looked up at Marty and then at his protruding erection. She quickly understood what was going on and what Jack was hinting at.

Marty added, “I’m sorry, mom. It’s just a reaction. I really tried to help it but…”

Laila responded, “It’s ok sweetie. I get it. I don’t know how much longer this would take so it would be unfair of me to ask you to wait. Do what you need to. It’s ok. ”

Soon after, Marty pulled down the zipper of his jeans and let it fall to his ankles. He then slowly pulled down his underwear to just about knee-high, revealing his virile cock. Laila was surprised to find out that her son’s cock was just like his Grandpa’s.

Laila thought to herself, Why God? Why must only my husband be blessed less?

Marty began to pump his penis without any shame or hesitation. It may not be wrong to assume that he took comfort in the fact that he was not the only one with his dick out in that room. This certainly eased Jack’s awkwardness for the same reason.

Laila, witnessing his son’s naked erect penis and realizing the fact that his son was masturbating to her, in front of her, looking at her own sweaty bouncing breasts, was subjecting her to a new level of gratification.

Not even a couple of minutes had passed, but Marty started to be brash about his masturbation efforts. He began stroking vigorously with one hand while tickling his ball bag with his other hand. Both Jack and Laila noticed that things were getting a little more intense than they expected.

Laila began to realize that these two men were testifying with their body, as to the attractiveness that she was capable of at her age. This fed both her pride and her horniness. She began to stare at Marty’s masturbation and his innocent face that was exposing the pure pleasure he was enjoying from all this.

Laila became excessively horny. She was beginning to feel her underwear getting soaked. She really wanted to put her other hand between her legs and rub on her clit but she knew she couldn’t. Not in front of these men.

Laila began to move about at the place she was standing. Her knees couldn’t stay together and her other hand was fidgeting, frequently squeezing her skirt or the blanket on the mattress or the foot rail of the bed. Marty took quick notice of all this. Marty felt an unknown level of courage fill him. He began to voice his thoughts without a filter.

Marty asked, “Mom, is all of this making you horny, as well?”

Laila being taken by surprise, “Hor-?... Horn-? .... why, uh, that’s a rude thing to ask a woman.”

Marty asked again without guilt, “Mom, is all of this turning you on?”

Laila responded with an awkward giggle and looked at Jack intermittently. Laila didn’t want to embarrass herself by exposing that she was horny as fuck.

Marty persisted, “It’s ok, mom. You can tell.”

Laila pretended to be deaf to Marty’s words and continued to stroke her father-in-law’s stiff dick with an unabridged level of dedication.

Marty went on, “Mom, just be real. We’re the ones who are already exposed here.”

Still no reaction from Laila. Marty felt a little apprehension now but still went ahead and asked, “Mom, are you wet?”

Laila shot back, “Marty!”

Marty said, “Just tell me, mom. What’s the big deal? I’m not hearing a ‘no’.”

Marty endured, “It feels good, doesn’t it? You can’t bare it, can you? I see the way you’re arching your back and how your legs are trembling. Your hand can’t keep to itself. You’re really aching to touch yourself, aren’t you?”

Laila responded, “Stop it, Marty. All of this is no way to talk to your mother!” with fake anger in her tone.

Jack intervened, “Now, now. There’s no need to quarrel here. Marty, don’t talk to your mother like that.”

Marty said, “I’m sorry, Grandpa. I only wanted to… help.”

Jack replied, “I know, Marty. I know.”

When Laila was almost convinced that Jack was taking her side, Jack did something unexpected.

Jack asked Laila, “But my dear, are you… aroused?”

Laila responded with her eyes wide open, “Jack?”

Jack said, “I’m sorry, my dear. But, if Marty is right, then I don’t want you to suffer in silence. You’re doing so much for me. I can’t turn a blind eye to your plight.”

After a moment of silence, Marty asked yet again all while still stroking his raging penis, “Tell us, mom. Are you turned on?”

Laila took a moment but slowly nodded positively while not looking either of them in the eye.

Marty swallowed hard and then said, “Mom, if you want to touch yourself… don’t hold back. I’m telling you, what you told Grandpa. Neither of us will judge you.”

Laila slowly looked at Marty as he said, “I swear. It’s ok. Go on.”

Laila then looked at Jack who also nodded and assured her that it was ok. Laila slowly looked back down again at her stroking and said softly, “I… I… can’t.”

Jack asked with concern, “Why, my dear?”

Laila said, “I… it’s… throwing me off balance. I can’t reach down there and also… stroke up here, at the same time.”

Marty asked after taking a moment to contemplate, “Would you like some help? I can help.”

Laila asked, “How?”

Marty replied, “I could... touch yourself for you.”

Laila exclaimed, “What?!”

Marty quickly explained, “Come on, mom. How is it any different than what you’re doing to Grandpa here?”

Laila just stared at Marty not being able to find the words to counter his logic. She then looked at Jack but this time Jack didn’t have any guidance for her. He too drew a blank face. Laila had to make a decision on this on her own.

Marty persuaded while Laila was still contemplating, “Don’t overthink this, mom. What do you say?”

Laila was still contemplating but Marty began to understand that Laila’s lack of denial was nothing but a silent scream of consent. He realized that his mom wasn’t saying no because she was struggling or just feeling shy to say yes out loud. So, Marty decided to be a little proactive.

Marty said, “Mom, tell you what? You don’t have to say or do anything. Why don’t you just try what I have to offer and if you don’t like what you feel, you can always tell me stop. Cool?”

Just as he said all those words, Marty stopped stroking himself and slowly stepped out of his jeans and underwear, which had also dropped to the floor. He slowly made his way to the foot of the bed and stood close to the right of Laila.

Laila asked, “Try?”

Marty said softly, “Yes, mom. No harm in trying, is there?”

Just as he said these words, Marty slowly put his left hand atop the protruded butt of his mom and felt the lay of the land. Laila had a slightly larger butt but it still had great shape and contour. Laila felt a jolt of rush when Marty’s hand touched the upper half of her butt but she didn’t let it show.

Marty said, “Ok, mom. I’m gonna have to lift up the skirt.”

Even before Laila could respond, Marty began to lift up her long skirt. Although redundant, Laila still voiced her approval by saying, “Hmm hm.”

Marty lifted the entire skirt up on the back and placed it atop his mother’s arched lower back. Laila was wearing regular underwear which covered just enough and showed just enough.

Marty could see that the bulb of his mom’s cunt is perfectly covered by the crotch of the panty. The underwear was a little tight so the panty’s crotch had become wet and the patch was visible.

Marty couldn’t believe what he was doing or seeing. He began to palpitate and also break a mild sweat.

Marty mumbled to himself, “Oh, mom, you’re so wet.”

Laila asked, “What?”

Marty said, “Uh, nothing, nothing. Mom, could you keep your legs a little apart, please."

Laila obliged.

Marty said, “Ok, mom. Here goes.” and slowly placed his middle finger alone against the clit of her pussy covered by the underwear and began rubbing it gently.

Laila jerked her body a little at the moment his finger touched her and exclaimed, “Oh!”. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths besides heavily swallowing on a parched throat.

Jack could see the pleasure Laila was experiencing and allowed himself to feel a dirty pleasure that his guilt-ridden self was trying to avoid all this while.

A couple of minutes hadn’t passed but Marty had already included his index finger and also his ring finger to join the rubbing party. Marty began to rub indiscriminately all over the bulb of the pussy while still maintaining pressure on the clit. Laila began swerving her butt without even realizing it.

Marty couldn’t believe what he was doing to his mother but it wasn’t enough to accomplish anything here.

Marty said, “Mom, I think this would work better if we dropped the underwear.”

Laila responded, “Drop the underwear. Wait, what?”

Before Laila could open her eyes and snap out of the pleasure vortex she was stuck in and realize what her son had told her,  Marty had already pulled down her panty all the way to her knees.

Laila then said, “Marty, wait! I don’t think that’s necessary!”

Marty asked, “Well, you do want to cum, don’t you?”

Laila asked, “Cum?!?”

Just as she said that word, Marty plunged his three fingers again against her naked clit and repeated what he was doing for the past couple of minutes over the underwear.

Laila exclaimed, “Oh, Marty! Hmmm!”

Marty asked, “Feels better, doesn’t it?” as he rubbed her with every bit of energy his left hand could offer.

Laila once again closed her eyes and kept moaning, “Hmm! Aw!” every few seconds.

As Marty was truly working his mother, he glanced at Jack only to find that Jack himself was involuntarily trying to get a glimpse of the action that was going on, by moving his head as high and far it would go. The long skirt still draping the front was blocking his view.

To Jack’s embarrassment, Marty caught Jack making such efforts. Jack felt ashamed but Marty understood Jack’s predicament and decided to help without being too obvious about it.

Marty’s left hand was rubbing Laila’s pussy while his right hand was holding the skirt that was rested on her lower back. Marty found a good excuse.

Marty asked, “Mom, can we just remove the skirt, as well? I have to keep holding it and I can’t hold onto you properly.”

Once again, Laila broke away from her pleasure trance, opened her bloodshot eyes and asked Marty, “What?”

Marty repeated, “Your skirt, mom. Can I remove it?”

At this point, Laila had lost much of her inhibitions and her response too reflected that.

Laila said, “Oh… I don’t know, Marty. In front of Grandpa?”

Marty responded, “Mom! You already have your boobs out! Besides, this will also help him cum sooner. Remember, he likes seeing stuff.”

Laila looked at Jack only to get no reaction from him. She still asked him, “Jack?”

Jack said, “I... couldn't... ask that of you.”

Marty thought to himself, You dirty old fuck! How much would be enough for you?

Regardless, as soon as Jack responded, Marty began to undo Laila’s skirt and she didn’t resist. As Marty brought the skirt down, he also pulled down the underwear completely to the floor.

As enticing as this scene was, Jack still couldn’t see anything worthwhile from his position and Marty figured out as much.

Marty said, “Mom, put your left leg on this” and pointed to a nearby stool that Laila often used while giving the wet-towel baths. The stool was a couple of feet tall and was located to the left of Laila.

Laila said, “Really?”

Marty whispered to Laila, “Yes, mom. How else can Grandpa be able to see anything while you're stroking him?”

Laila hesitantly lifted her left leg but far too slowly. Marty, as impatient as he usually was, grabbed her left thigh with his left hand and brashly lifted his mom’s leg and placed it with a loud thud on the stool.

Marty said as he resumed his rubbing, “There you go.”

Laila went, “Oh, Marty!”

At this point, Laila was completely exposed beyond belief. Her pussy was completely visible to Jack in all its glory while her clit was being massaged by her son.

Marty asked, “How’s that, Grandpa? You like seeing your daughter like this?”

Jack exclaimed, “Oh, dear!”

Laila could feel the heightened rush of blood in Jack’s penis. Laila began to ignore all shame and decency and let anyone look at anything and say anything. She closed her eyes in pleasure and began squeezing her breasts openly. She had only one unoccupied hand but two breasts to squeeze.

Marty noticed her struggle and took the opportunity to advance the interaction further, now that his right hand didn’t have anything much to hold.

Marty said, “Oh, let me help you with that.” and reached out in front and grabbed Laila’s right breast and massaged it with good pressure. Laila didn’t resist.

Marty himself couldn’t understand what he ever did to deserve such good luck and opportunity. He even pinched on her nipples a few times.

Laila went, “Marty! Oh!”

Marty said, “It’s ok, mom. Don’t think about anything. Just enjoy it. Cum whenever you want.”

Since Marty reached out in front, he had to move closer to Laila. In consequence, his erect dick was poking up against the upper back of Laila’s right thigh. Laila half-turned her head to exchange a sultry look with Marty to acknowledge that she’s aware of his manhood grazing her.

Soon enough, Marty began to rub Laila pretty intensely and asked her, “You like that, mom? Huh? Is that how you like it?"

Laila muttered, “Yes, yes! I’m cu-... I’m cumming. Cumming!... ah!”. She struggled to stand on one leg when she orgasmed but she managed to pull it off.

Laila came right there in front of two men of her family who were never supposed to see it. She whipped her head back to lean on Marty’s left shoulder when she came. After about a minute of silence and stillness, Laila slowly lifted her head and opened her buzzed eyes.

Laila slowly put down her leg and eased her grip of Jack’s cock which has still not met with its destiny. Being still dazed from the exquisite orgasm that she hadn’t experience in a while, she slowly stood up straight.

It’s only at this point of time, both Marty and Laila realized the stupid precarious situation that they both led themselves into. The whole purpose of this exercise was to make ‘Jack’ cum! Instead, both their efforts ended up accomplishing completely something else.

When they both looked at Jack still having his boner unaffected, after regaining a little bit of composure, felt really stupid and embarrassed.

Laila apologized, “Sorry, Jack. That was a little… detour.”

Marty surprised everyone by asking, “Did you like what you saw, Grandpa?”

Laila looked at Marty in surprise but didn’t say anything. Marty kept looking at Jack for a response. Laila too turned to look at Jack since Marty wouldn’t acknowledge her.

Jack responded hesitantly, “Yes.”

Laila breathed through her mouth.

Marty asked softly, “Would you like to see more?”

Laila looked at Marty once again. Marty’s cock was doing the talking at this point.

Jack replied apprehensively, “Yes.”

Laila exclaimed, “Jack!”

Jack said, “I’m sorry, my dear. But what happened a moment ago… was unexpected but it really helped me a great deal. I’m almost there. I just need… a little more.”

Laila calmed herself and convinced herself that she needed to see this through to the end since she started it and also the result is only a… stroke away.

Laila asked, “What more can I show? I’m already really naked.”

Marty pointed out, “Maybe, there’s something you could ‘do’?”

Laila said, “I’ve already stroked him for nearly 15 minutes now! What more can I do? My hands…” and she drifted her vision to see how sore both her palms had become from the non-stop handjob.

After a moment, Laila looked up at Jack for answers to her questions but she noticed Jack staring at her crotch with no shame. She wondered what’s so fascinating to look at especially after the show she put out for him.

She bent down just enough to satisfy her curiosity and she stayed that way for a few seconds.

Marty jumped in front saying, “Wait, what’s everybody looking at?” and looked down as well.

As all three of them witnessed, a single drop of clear transparent precum rolled down Laila’s left thigh all the way down to her knee.

Marty said, “Jeez mom, I’ve seen ‘soaking wet’ but this is drippin’!”

Laila said, “Oh, I’m so sorry!” and she quickly wiped it off with her hand.

Marty asked, “Wait… mom, are you still horny?”

Laila shot back, “Marty!”

Marty insisted, “What? Just tell me. I wanna know.”

Laila said, “Marty, stop it. That’s none of your concern.”

Jack intervened, “Women are not like us, my boy. They don’t need a reload time to fire again.”

After a pause, Jack added, “It’s probably God’s cruel way of balancing things out… against their life-long pain during menses and the life-taking pain of labor.”

Marty looked at Laila and asked in surprise, “Wait, so it’s true? You all can keep cumming again and again?”

Laila had a baffled look to Marty’s question and she tried to avoid answering that question.

Marty persisted, “You want to cum again, mom?”

Laila exclaimed, “Marty!”

Marty reasoned, “What? You heard Grandpa, didn’t you? He said it helped him, the last time you came. Besides, what’s the downside for you? It’s all gain and no pain.”

Laila flashed an overly awkward look in response to Marty’s uncomfortably direct questions. But once again, Laila never said no to any of Marty’s penetrating questions. Laila crossed her hands just below her bulging breasts and avoided eye contact with both men.

Marty persuaded, “Mom, look, if you cum again, that’s two birds in one stone. What do you have to lose?”

Laila took her time and slowly glanced at Jack and asked, “You sure this will get you home?”

Jack responded softly, “I certainly hope so.”

Laila dropped her hands, turned around halfway and asked with newfound enthusiasm, “Ok, fine, now what do we do to get this done?” and looked at Marty for some wise-ass suggestion.

Marty asked, “Well, how wet are you, mom?” and quickly stuck his fingers between Laila’s legs.

Laila shouted, “Marty! What are you doing?!” and tried poorly to hold down his hand from feeling around her pussy.

Marty replied, “What? You didn’t have a problem with this until just a minute ago!” while managing to stick the tips of two of his fingers inside Laila.

Soon enough, Laila pushed Marty’s hand away successfully. Marty then, slowly lifted his hand to showcase his fingers to all people in the room. His fingers were drenched in precum and it began to drip down his wrist.

Marty said boastfully, “Wow, mom. You’re brimming. And that’s just at the opening.”

Laila blushed with shyness. She didn’t know what to say. She shrank and just looked at the floor and pretended to appear unaffected by Marty’s crude remarks.

Marty continued, “Mom, I think it would be a real sin if we let all that lady juice go to waste.”

Laila asked coyly while still staring at the floor, “What do you suggest we do about it?”

Marty responded, “There’s only so much that’s possible with just rubbing the clit.”

Laila said, “I’m not sure about what you’re trying to say.”

Marty said, “Grandpa, needs more stimulation than normal. He can only feel half of what he would normally be able to. Your hands certainly are stressed out already. And you need to cum and-”

Laila looked up and said, “Make your point, Marty.”

Marty struggled, “I think… you should… just… get with Grandpa.”

Laila was confused. She didn’t understand the lingo Marty was using. She was trying to figure out herself of what Marty had implied.

Jack retorted with surprise, “Marty!”

Marty said, “I don’t see another way, Grandpa.”

Laila intervened and asked Marty, “Wait, I don’t get it. What did you mean?”

Jack answered that question, “Marty wants you to… lay with me.”

Laila seemed shocked but not to a lethal extent. She took it rather well. She allowed the suggestion to sink in and responded rather maturely,

“Is it really necessary?”

Marty said, “Necessary? Maybe not. Most efficient? Definitely. Option with the highest probability to achieve the result we intend to? A hundred percent!”

Laila looked at Jack and asked, “Jack?”

Jack responded, “My dear, Laila. I could never-”.

Marty finished his line, “Ask this of you. Yes, yes, we know. There you go, mom. Grandpa is fine with it, as well.”

A whole lot of stress was felt leaving the room once all three were in agreement of what was to happen.

Laila looked at Jack’s still erect penis and asked generally, “So, how do we do this?”

Marty said, “Well, there is only one way, given the situation.”

Laila asked, “You want me to… um… sit on him?”

Marty replied, “It’s the only way, mom.”

Laila came to the reality of the situation and allowed Marty to help her get atop the bed and move into position. She couldn’t believe that she was going to fuck her father-in-law and more so, do it in front of her own son.

Laila had kneeled on one leg and kept her other leg stretched out. She brought her cunt as close as possible to the tip of Jack’s pointy wand. She paused to take a breath. She looked at Jack who was equally nervous.

Laila said in an assertive tone, “Your son shall never know about this. Ever!”

Jack nodded in affirmative.

Then Laila, slowly put herself down and guided Jack’s penis to enter her. It slipped in smoothly. As soon as, Laila sat down completely, one could physically see the gush of precum drench Jack’s pubic area. She could feel his crown strike the ceiling of her womb. Something her husband was never able to give her.

Laila moaned, “Oh!”

Marty asked, “You alright, mom?”

Laila responded, “Yes, honey. I’m fine. Hmm.”

Then, Laila slowly began moving her hips up and down to fuck Jack in a classic cowgirl position.

Jack moaned, “Oh! Oh…”

Marty asked, “Does that feel good, Grandpa?” as he pumped his own penis to this sizzling scene.

Jack responded, “Yes! Oh, yes!”

Laila smiled wide at Jack and began riding him with a well-rounded whipping movement. It was a fantastical visual for anyone who was lucky enough to be in that room.

Laila closed her eyes and grabbed both her breasts and squeezed them and occasionally pinched her own nipples. Marty was pumping his hard cock with loads of precum helping his efforts.

Jack’s bent penis was rubbing her at all the right places. Without notice, at one point, Laila just bent forward and pressed her breasts against Jack’s bare chest.

Jack exclaimed, “Good god, Laila!”

Marty said, “That’s right, mom. Don’t hold back. Do whatever you need to, to cum. If you cum, so will Grandpa.” while massaging his penis in several different ways.

Laila moaned, “Oh, I’m trying sweetie. Hmm!”

Marty got a splendid view of his mom’s ass now. He could see her tribbing on Jack’s cock which went in and out in the most erotic of ways. He could also see her butt hole which gave him a new rush of excitement.

Without asking for permission nor worrying about the consequences, Marty slowly reached for his mom’s ass and grabbed one of them softly. Laila turned her head around to take note of this but she didn’t say anything and she turned back.

Marty understood this as approval and went ahead to squeeze both ass cheeks and play with them like a young child with play dough. He also stretched his luck by rimming Laila’s asshole occasionally with one of his fingers.

Laila moaned, “Oh, Marty!” and continued to ride Jack while lying smack against his chest.

After a few minutes, Laila mumbled, “Jack, I’m ready whenever you are.”

Jack exclaimed, “Inside you?!?”

Laila replied, “It’s ok. I know my dates. It’s safe. Do it. Just do it.”

Jack said, “Oh, my sweet Laila!”

However, after about a minute, Jack said softly, “I’m almost there but…”

Laila asked, “But what?” while running short of breath.

Jack said, “I need more pressure.”

Marty asked, “More pressure? Isn’t she tight enough?”

Laila responded, “Marty!”

Jack replied, “Oh, no, no. Laila is... more than any man could ask for. Definitely, more than my wife ever was. Just that, I can feel only half. Half of everything. Ugh...”

Marty said, “Well, I don’t suppose she can squeeze you tighter with her vagina as she did with her hands. Can you, mom?”

Laila replied, “Jeez, Marty! Why do you always have to be so crude with your words?”

Marty insisted, “Mom, now is not the time for decency. Just, answer me.”

Laila replied, “Of course not.”

Marty thought for a minute and came up with an ingenious plan which for the most part was only self-serving.

Marty said, “Ok, mom, I have an idea but you gotta trust me on this.”

Laila asked, “What… is… it?” while still working Jack with every bit of energy she had left in her.

Instead of giving her a direct answer, Marty climbed onto the bed and kneeled exactly behind Laila.

Laila asked, “Marty, what are you going to do?”

Marty placed his hands on Laila’s perfect love-handles and said, “Mom, slow down... slow down, stop.”

Laila obliged and eventually slowed down and stopped.

Marty said, “Mom, catch your breath. I have an idea but you gotta trust me.”

Laila shot back, “Ok, the more you say those words, the less likely it is to happen.”

Marty laughed modestly and said, “Ok mom, this is the only way.”

After he said those words, he slowly let his penis stab against the small area of flesh that is present between the vagina and the anus, also known as the perineum.

Laila asked in a shrill voice, “Marty! What do you think you’re doing?”

Marty replied while still pushing the crown of his cock against the perineum and also the edge of the vagina that still had Jack’s cock inside,

“Well mom, Grandpa needs more pressure and that’s possible only if your hole was tighter. Since we can’t make the hole any smaller, we have to fill it with stuff to make it 'feel' like it’s tighter.”

Marty went onto mumble, “Wow, I can’t believe all those physics classes in school are coming in handy in a situation like this.”

Laila took a second to process and respond, “Marty, are you sure about this? Is there no other way?”

Marty replied, “Maybe, there are other ways but this… this is only a choice away, mom.”

Just as Marty said those words, he pushed his penis a little more firmly against Laila’s rim. This made Laila bite her own lip in pure pleasure.

Marty asked in a sinister tone, “The only question now is mom, can you take two dicks in one hole?”

Within a second or two Laila responded with the most unexpected of replies.

Laila said, “Well, there’s only one way to find out.”

Marty and Jack were surprised that she gave explicit approval to something this crazy. Marty slowly pressed his cock against Jack’s shaft that was already inside Laila.

Laila screamed softly, “Ah!”

Marty assured her, “Breathe, mom. Just a little more.”

It took a while but Marty was able to slowly squeeze the head of his penis to fit into Laila’s labial lips. After making that breakthrough, the rest of his shaft was relatively easy to push through. Once Marty was completely in, it was an out of body experience for everyone involved, for none of them have experienced anything like this ever before.

Marty said, “Oh my god, mom. I can’t believe we’re doing this. Grandpa and I are fucking you. Fuck!”

Laila purred, “No, Marty. Don’t say things like that.”

Marty smiled and began to thrust with the proper rhythm. It was an insane feeling for everyone. Marty and Jack were both straight as arrows but now they both were rubbing cocks with each other but it felt amazing. Laila was fucking her own son. Everyone was feeling a whole volley of emotions.

Marty soon picked up his pace. Jack moaned, “Yes! Yes! That’s right! That’s what I needed!”

Laila moaned, “Oh god! I’m gonna cum. I can’t hold it back anymore.”

Marty moaned, “Me too, mom. Ah!”

Jack moaned, “Ah! Me too! Ah!”

Hardly a moment of this crazy fuck style and both men had cum inside Laila, while she orgasmed too. They all stayed there motionless for about a couple of minutes and eventually mounted off one by one.

Laila cleaned herself up and then Jack. Marty picked up his clothes and retired to his room. The rest of the day was only as eventful as any other day and none of them even talked about what had happened just before.

The next day, after Laila woke up, she had to walk past Jack’s room to get to a closet on the other side of the corridor. As she did, she noticed an unusual scene at the corner of her eye as the door was kept open. She stopped, stepped back and turned to take a proper look inside the room.

She noticed Jack sitting up straight on the bed, with his feet touching the floor and him feeling his one arm with the other, in a massaging fashion.

Laila asked surprised, “Jack?!”

Jack responded happily, “Laila! Look at this, I think I’m healed! I woke up an hour before and I was able to feel and move my entire body. I didn’t want wake you all up so I tried moving myself and slowly I was able to pick myself up. Look how far I’ve got! Isn’t this great?”

Laila responded, “Oh, this is wonderful, Jack! The Lord is kind!”

Laila added, “Alright, you take it easy now. I just have a couple of chores to take care. I’ll be right back to check on you in a few minutes.”

Laila smiled wide and withdrew herself from the room and began walking towards the closet in the corridor when she heard Jack say from inside the room, “And guess what, Laila? Now, I’m able to feel all of everything, haha. All of it!” followed by a mischievous laugh.

Laila stopped and stood in that hallway, staring into the void, with her eyes unblinking, her heart beating out of her chest, her hands trembling, her teeth biting her lip and her underwear... beginning to drench.


- the end -




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