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Housewives of Valley County Ch.03

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The story continues...

Joseph Kerns, a senior at the Combs high school, stood by the sidewalk outside his house. As always he wore a nice dress shirt, though today he wore a brand new one that his girlfriend had helped him pick out yesterday.

Girlfriend… Joseph thought to himself. He still had a hard time believing that he and Melea were actually together. He had been in love with her since the first time he saw her back when they were just juniors. Sometimes he found himself just staring into her deep brown eyes where he simply could get lost for hours.

As he stood there waiting he looked down and straightened his shirt once more. He wanted to look proper, especially today since it was Jabari Day at school, an important African holiday.

Whilst he straightened his shirt for the fifth time his eyes paused for a second at his bare penis. Though he was somewhat used to being bottomless in public since there were many African celebrations where it wasn’t proper for men of any age to wear pants or underwear. And of course, during sports in school, he didn’t wear any shorts either.

Though the thing he was a little nervous about was the fact that whenever he was around Melea he often found himself stiffening in his underwear, and today he wasn’t wearing any underwear or pants. And not just that, but this morning Melea’s mother Amarika was picking him up and dropping him and Melea off at school.

Having fixed his shirt he picked up his notebook to work on the latest poem he had written about Melea. His talent for writing poetry he had probably gotten from his mother who loved reading books and writing short stories.

With every sunrise my heart grows for you, with every sunset my mind fills with loving thoughts of you…

Joseph scratched the loving bit, he hadn't told Melea that he loved her yet. He so wanted to but was too nervous.

Down the street from Joseph, Margot Hinger and Deborah Young were out on their morning walk. Margot, who was a year older than her friend, at thirty-seven, had long blonde hair which she had tied in a knot behind her head since she wore a cap. Though she used to be a bit more slender in her twenties, the pounds she had put on in later years had only translated into a bigger butt and bigger and fuller breasts. Though if she had to admit it to herself, which she usually didn't, her breasts had started to sag a bit.

Deborah, on the other hand, had golden brown hair, that unlike Margot's shiny blonde hair that flowed past her mid back, stopped at her shoulders. She was also much thinner. A figure she had sported since her more youthful days which, in combination with her fantastic balance and grace had led her to have a long and prominent ballet career.

Both women wore their usual walking outfits, snug shorts, a cap and a pair of sunglasses, with one exception. Since today was the day of Jabari, they had left their tops at home. Unlike men, for women, the proper way to dress for Jabari was in a topless fashion.

“You know, I read this article in Molly yesterday, “How to celebrate Jabari day with your Husband”. Margot had an excited smile on her face when she turned to her best friend.

“Oh, anything naughty?” Deborah smiled hoping for something juicy.

"Oh, there were lots." Margot's large and natural breasts jiggled slightly as she turned and smiled.

“Uhh.” Deborah couldn’t wait to hear about it.

"Well, there was this thing that I might just try later if I get the chance. It said that if you happen to meet a handsome black man…"

“I like where this is going already.” Deborah smiled widely as did Margot when she looked at her friend.

“Hehe, Well, if you meet a black man, you should tease your husband a little by sending him some sexy pictures of the two of you, and then telling him that if he can hold it until he gets back home, that you’ll have a surprise for him.” Margot got excited just thinking about it.

“Oh wow. You think Derek would make it home?” Deborah asked about her friend’s husband.

“Maybe…” Margot thought about it for a moment.

“Though I know that he has an important meeting today, so I don’t know if I should.” Margot didn’t want to embarrass her husband in front of his clients.

“Yeah.” Deborah nodded.

“What about you, maybe you should try it with Edward?” Margot asked her friend.

"Well, hehe, I don't think Edward would make it home." Deborah smiled, knowing how quick her husband was. He usually spurted within moments of seeing her with a black man. Even when she went down on him, he would spurt his little load the moment her tongue touched the tip of his penis. Though because of their love, she would always suck him until he grew inside her mouth and spurted once more.

“Well, I don’t think he really needs to make it home.” Margot smiled knowing that her own husband probably wouldn’t last until he came home either. But she would plan a nice surprise for him either way.

As the two women walked further down the street, they saw Joseph Kerns standing on the sidewalk.

“Morning Joseph.” Margot and Deborah giggled a little when they saw the young man standing there pantless, with his small penis out in the open.

"Oh. Morning Mrs. Hinger, Mrs. Young." Joseph looked up from his notebook and said politely. Though he tried not to, his eyes wandered down to their bare breasts. Mrs. Hinger had large and full breasts that made small bounces with each step that she took, whilst Mrs. Young's breasts were smaller though perkier with big nipples.

At the same time, he noticed them looking down and giggling at the sight of his small penis that had started to grow a little, which made him awkwardly look down..

As the two gleeful women passed the slightly embarrassed high school senior, over by the Kerns house, the door opened and a handsome black man waved and said goodbye to Harriet Kerns.

“See you later sweet stuff.” Graham Turner smiled at the woman in her bathrobe.

Margot and Deborah paused for a moment and looked over at the black man as he closed the door.

“Mmm, Harriet sure is a lucky woman.” Margot smiled as she imagined the black man who was walking towards his car on top of her.

"I hear he's been sleeping over for a couple of days now," Deborah replied enviously.

Joseph looked over just in time to catch Graham giving him a wave.

“Morning Graham.” Joseph waved back smiling politely at the black man who had been sleeping over at their house for the past week. Joseph would often come out to the kitchen for a snack to find Mr. Turner’s leaning back on the living room sofa. Joseph’s mother would be on her knees between his legs eagerly sucking on his huge throbbing black cock.

Once or twice Joseph had even noticed that his mother had put her phone on the table, aimed at her and Graham, and on the phone, Joseph could see that his father was watching her suck the black man's cock.

Joseph’s father Gerald, who worked as an architect, would sometimes be out of town to oversee the construction of a building or some other structure he had designed. When he was they would often talk over Skype.

Over on the sidewalk, Joseph watched Graham get into his Chevrolet Camaro. He really liked Graham. He had explained a few things about football that he had always had trouble following. Though football had never really been his thing, Joseph wanted to learn more about it since Melea was rather into watching the school’s team play.

Just as Graham started up the powerful V8 engine, the door over at the house flung open and a slender woman with glasses came running out. The woman’s red hair, that she had tied in a knot at the back, waved slightly in the warm breeze as she waved her hand.

Joseph could see that his mother had something in her hand, and as she was waving it and at the same time trying to get Graham’s attention, she took a small tumble, though she didn’t fall. The tumble, however, loosened the knot she had tied with the rope around her bathrobe, and with another step it brisked open, exposing her naked body. The slight reddish blush around the areolas of her flopping breasts and the trimmed red fuzz just above her pussy slit made it quite obvious that she was a true redhead.

“Graham, Graham!” Harriet called out worried that he might not see her.

Over the roar of the V8 engine, Graham thought that he could hear someone. Turning over he saw Harriet coming towards him. Her robe was wide open and the sight of her nude body made his thick cock twitch and tighten in his pants.

With a turn of the key, he turned off the powerful engine and rolled down the car window.

"Oh, Graham…" Harriet panted as she came up to the Camaro.

“You… forgot your wallet…” Harriet held out his black leather wallet.

Graham instinctively checked his pocket, and surely enough, his wallet wasn’t there.

"Thank you." Graham smiled thankfully, and at the same time, his black cock grew even harder as his eyes wandered down her naked body. He felt the urge to bend her over the hood of the car and slam into her sweet pussy, but he was already late, so he had to settle for something else.

“You’re welcome.” Harriet smiled feeling so thankful that she had caught him before he left, and the way he was looking at her with those gorgeous brown eyes made her even more thankful.

“Come here.” Graham motioned Harriet to lean down, which she eagerly did.

Leaning in through the open window, she was met by the soft yet manly touch of Graham’s lips pressing against hers, and the wetness of his tongue making its way into her mouth. Harriet quickly twirled her own tongue against his as she passionately kissed him back.

"Mmm." Harriet felt like putty for Graham to do with as he pleased. What she wouldn't give to wrap her lips around his thick cock, or even, sit down on it and feel its girth stretch her so good.

Over by the sidewalk, Joseph turned away awkwardly, wanting to give the two of them some privacy. Just as he did, a car pulled up just in front of him.

"Hi, there young man." The driver's window of the car pulled down and a strong looking ebony woman with a short cut afro looked over at Joseph.

Joseph looked over at Melea’s mother Amarika Jakande. He could see that she wore one of her traditional African tribal dresses. It was quite easy to tell that she was a strong and proud African woman, something that also translated into her profession as a professor in African studies.

“Oh, Hello Mrs. Jakande.” Joseph had always been a bit nervous around Melea’s mother. He worried a little that he might accidentally do something improper around her, but more than that he really wanted her to like him since he really loved her daughter Melea.

"Hi, Joseph." Suddenly Melea leaned her head down over at the passenger seat. Unlike her mother's ebony tone, Melea was a bit more light-skinned and had a larger and curlier afro. On a more average day, Melea would have worn a dress, skirt, jeans and or a top. Today, however, in honor of Jabari, she had put on a Tribal dress that her mother had gotten for her on one of her recent trips to Africa. Normally one of these dresses would be more loose fitting, though Melea's and her mother's dresses were snug and really accentuated the curves of their bodies.

Before Joseph had even time to say hi, and without even thinking, his gaze found its way to Melea’s dress and the immense and deep cleavage that showed off of her amazingly huge breasts. He almost drowned in her cleavage.

“Something tells me that he’s happy to see you.” Amarika glanced down at Joseph’s now fully erect penis.

"Oh… I'm." Joseph felt so embarrassed when he looked down and saw his small, three and a half inch penis, standing straight up.

"Hehe." Melea giggled a little and smiled as she leaned over a little to get a glance of Joseph cute little penis.

"I hope you'll be able to keep from squirting inside the car. I don't want no messy seats." Amarika said in a stern manner. Though she was just pretending to sound a little intimidating. Truthfully she rather liked the goofy kid her daughter was seeing. She liked how he would always try to impress her when he was over at their home. Always trying to be polite by pulling out her seat, helping with the dishes, always offering to fetch her a glass of something when she said she was thirsty.

“Oh, no Mrs. Jakande… I… won’t.” Joseph immediately felt nervous since he was already feeling a twirl in his balls just by seeing Melea in a dress like that.

"Well then, get in," Amarika told him as the boy nodded.

As he got into the backseat, Joseph began to think about things that might make him limp, but with Melea in the car with him, he knew that would be next to impossible.

“Comfy back there.” Melea leaned back and smiled at her cute boyfriend. She also took a glance down at his erection. She could see small droplets of precum oozing out from the tip. She knew that if she leaned over and showed off a little of her boobs, that Joseph would probably come like he usually did when she undressed or wore something like she did today. Though the last thing she wanted to do was to embarrass him like that in front of her mother.

“Yes, thank you.” Joseph smiled nervously whilst gulping inside by Melea’s beauty.

“Oh, and… hi by the way.” Joseph smiled having not been able to say hi before.

“Hi.” Melea smiled, wanting to give him a small kiss. But again she resisted the urge since she had a pretty good inkling at what would happen as she took one last look at the small erection of her boyfriend before turning back around.

“Oh, who’s that handsome man with your mother?” Amarika asked as she looked over and saw Harriet lean back out of the car. She could barely see the man’s face.

“That’s Graham… erhm, Mr. Turner…” Joseph paused. He didn’t want to seem improper in front of Amarika.

"He's been sleeping over for the past week," Joseph told her whilst Amarika watched the man drive out of the driveway. Then she turned her attention over to Harriet who waved goodbye to the man.

“Seems someone has had a good morning.” She called out to Harriet who still had her robe open.

“Oh, hey Amarika.” Harriet smiled and laughed a little when she looked down and tied her robe back up...

The two women had attended the same college, Mason, where they were getting their bachelor’s degrees. Amarika in African studies, and Harriet in Library and Information Science. They first met when Amarika was looking for a book at the college library and found her way to one of the back rows. When she turned the corner she found Harriet on her knees, with her blouse open, between two sexy black guys with their pants around their ankles. Amarika watched the red-haired girl blow the two guys until they emptied their balls on her face and down her throat.

Over the next week, Amarika would come back each day, and each time she found Harriet back there in the same row with her lips wrapped around another black guy’s thick cock. By that time she had noticed that Harriet had seen her standing there, and one lust-filled day Amarika decided to go over to her. As Amarika sat down next to her, Harriet freed the twelve-inch black cock of the guy she was stroking whilst sucking another guy. Amarika glanced up at the sexy guy who she had just sat down in front of, and after he gave her a smile, she wrapped her luscious lips around his bulbous cockhead.

From that day the two women became good friends and each day Amarika and Harriet found themselves back behind that row pleasuring black guys...

“Yes, quite the morning… and evening.” Harriet walked up to the car and smiled as she and Amarika let out a small laugh.

“I bet.” Amarika smiled.

"Hi, Melea…" Harriet leaned over.

“My, don’t you look stunning today.” Harriet admired Melea’s Tribal dress. She had no trouble seeing why her son was so in love with her. Not only was she smart and kind, but also very beautiful. Though her son didn’t know that she knew how he felt about Melea. Harriet had found some of his poems one day whilst cleaning, and though she respected his privacy, she couldn’t help but read a few of them. Whilst reading it became quite clear that he was in love.

"Thanks, Mrs. Kerns." Melea smiled.

Hi… Harriet then looked back and waved and smiled at her son.

Joseph awkwardly waved back knowing that his mom could see his small erection.

"So kind of you to drive Joseph today Amarika, which reminds me, I've got to hurry, there's still quite a bit to fix down at the Library for the Jabari showcase," Harriet said. She was very proud that the director of the library had chosen to put her in charge of the showcase.

"That's no problem, Harriet, happy to help. I might actually swing by to check out the exhibit after class today." Amarika said. Since she had devoted a large portion of her life studying Africa, she was very fascinated to see how the Jabari exhibit turned out.

“I hope you do.” Harriet waved as they said goodbye and Amarika drove off.

On her way back inside, Harriet thought more and more about the exhibit at the Library. She really hoped that it would turn out well, and even more, she hoped that she had done Jabari justice. It had been such an honor to have worked on such an amazing project, that celebrated such an important African figure as Jabari. The great African warrior that had brought peace to almost all of Africa during the late eighteen hundreds.

Inside, as she was about to head upstairs to take a quick shower, Harriet heard her phone go off. She knew straight away that it was her husband Gerald since the tune that her phone played was the theme music to the A-team, The African Team, her husband’s favorite show on television...

The show was about a group of five strong black ex-military men who helped out people in trouble. In a previous episode that Harriet had caught with her husband, a young married Italian couple, Alfredo and Sofia, had just opened a restaurant and were being harassed by some punks. Since no one else could help them, they sought the help of the African Team. It turned out that the punks had been paid by a nearby restaurant owner who was afraid that he would lose a lot of his customers to the Italian restaurant.

The episode ended with Sofia in bed with the five black men of the African Team, for a glorious gangbang, whilst Alfredo thankfully and happily made a superb dinner for them.

The show had become a massive success, and actresses from around the world were lined up to play the female lead in each episode. In the episode that Harriet had seen, Sofia was played by the famous Italian actress and model Giulia Bianchi. By the end of the episode, Harriet could easily see why all those famous women were so eager to be a part of the show...

“Hi there Rhett,” Harriet answered the phone and smiled.

“Hi, Scarlett.” Gerald smiled where he sat pantless in the backseat of a Tuk-Tuk taxi heading back towards his hotel from the construction site in Cambodia where they were building a new museum that he had designed.

The nicknames they had for each other they had gotten from their favorite book and film, Gone with the Wind.

"I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" Gerald asked thoughtfully since he didn't want to disturb in case his wife was with Graham or another black man.

“No, Graham just left…” Harriet smiled to herself. She could tell that a part of her husband had hoped to have caught her together with Graham.

"And I was just about to go and take a quick shower." Harriet walked up the staircase.

“Oh.” Gerald glanced down at his small erection. He had felt himself stiffen just before he called up his wife, just by the sheer thought of hearing her moans.

“Well, I just called to wish you good luck on the Jabari exhibit.” Though it was already 11 p.m in Cambodia, Gerald knew that Harriet had worked very hard on the exhibit and wanted to call her up and wish her good luck before he took in for the night.

“Thanks, honey, that’s very thoughtful of you.” Harriet loved how loving and considered her husband was.

“Well, I’ll let you jump into the shower. Love you.” Gerald smiled.

“Love you.” Harriet made a kissing sound as she hung up the phone.

In the Tuk-Tuk, the Cambodian man, Ponleu, who drove Gerald looked back at him.

"Your wife?" Ponleu asked in his broken English accent as he pulled up to Gerald's hotel.

“Yes, Harriet.” Gerald had been driven by Ponleu since he got to Phnom Penh a week ago, during that time they had gotten somewhat friendly, so Gerald flipped through his phone and showed Ponleu a picture of his wife.

“Oh, very beautiful, you a lucky man.” Ponleu smiled as he flipped down the sun visor and took out a Polaroid photograph.

“My wife, Charaya.” Ponleu proudly showed Gerald the polaroid of his wife. The photograph showed a Cambodian woman with a bright smile sitting on her knees, wearing a Sampot Sâng, a traditional Khmer short skirt made of silk. Other than the skirt and a flower tucked in her black hair, she didn’t wear anything else. Her pointy breasts were bare and standing around her were two naked black men, with their cocks hanging down between their legs. Even in their semi-soft state, their manhoods reached their knees.

“Very beautiful.” Gerald nodded at Ponleu though his eyes wandered down to the photograph once more. Gerald had seen quite a few of these kinds of photos, very similar in nature whilst in Cambodia. The photos had become quite popular in Cambodia, and were referred to as, “បរពនធរករយ, សវមដលមនអណរគណ”, which translates to something similar to, “Happy Wife, Grateful Husband”. Something that Gerald could easily relate to.

“Yes.” Ponleu felt his bare four-inch penis stiffen, (the day of Jabari was something that was celebrated across the world) when he looked at the photograph again. He remembered the joyous moments after he had taken the photo. Precum started oozing out from the tip of his penis when he thought back to when he crawled up between Charaya’s legs and watched the semen flow from her pussy after the black man had pulled out of her. Ponleu even remembered the taste when he ran his tongue up and down Charaya’s slit, licking up all the cum that flowed out. Having cleaned her for a few moments, Ponleu had noticed the other black man moving up to the side of Charaya, stroking his huge twelve-inch erection, so he politely crawled backward on all fours giving the black man room. As he watched the black man push into Charaya with his impressive black cock, Ponleu remembered glancing down at his own penis and smiling. Cum leaked out from the tip and ran down his meager shaft. He had been so excited that he hadn’t even noticed that he had climaxed.

“Well, have a nice evening Ponleu and see you tomorrow.” Gerald gave Ponleu a nod and stepped out of the Tuk-Tuk.

“Have a nice evening Mr. Gerald.” Ponleu nodded back.

Back in Valley County, Amarika, on her way to drop off Melea and Joseph at their high school, drove past and waved at Malin Knutson, a retired Swedish supermodel she had met at a gala celebrating the 52nd birthday of Clarence Woods, the esteemed Mayor of Valley County.

At first, when she met the now forty-one-year-old model, Amarika hadn't recognized her. However, as an avid study of African history and culture, something about her made Amarika pause and think. It then hit her where she had seen the blonde woman. It had been on the cover of the 2002 issue of People Magazine.

At the peak of her career, twenty years old, Malin had posed with Waithaka, the new King of Kenya. In what had become a very symbolic and celebrated photo across the world, Malin had been completely naked and kneeling in front of Waithaka. With her arms wide open and an expression of pure bliss, her stunningly beautiful face and perfect breasts dripped with heavy wads of cum.

The photographer had captured the very powerful, yet sensual moment when Waithaka, posing over Malin like an ebony god, climaxed. His fourteen-inch black cock spewed thick streams of cum, splashing the young model's face and chest. The photographer, the renowned François Belan, wrote in one of his books, that his underwear was soaked afterward. He had spurted just from taking the photo. In his book, he even showed a photo that he had taken afterward, where you could see his three and a half inch penis through his damp white underwear.

Outside of 103 Cedar Road, Malin Knutson, on her way from her Mercedes-Benz SL550 convertible parked in the driveway, waved and smiled back at Amarika who passed on the street.

“Älskling.” Malin walked in with her shopping bags. Älskling, being the word for darling in Swedish.

"Hej, Älskling." Jan Knutson, Malin's husband walked out from the kitchen wearing an apron. At forty-two Jan still looked young for his age, with a boyish smile and dirty blonde hair. Though he considered himself somewhat thin, he had put on a few extra pounds around his waist.

Malin and Jan had first met and grown quite close in high school back in Sweden. However, when Malin’s modeling career took off, they lost contact, until they reconnected a few years later and fell in love.

"How did the shopping go?" Jan walked over and kissed his wife. With their lips gently pressed against each other, and their tongues passionately entangled, Jan not only felt the softness of his wife's lips and the sweetness of her tongue but behind those sensations, he felt the subtle aroma of cum on her breath.

Mmm… Jan’s love for his wife grew, as did his small penis when he felt the familiar taste. He knew for sure that Malin had had a great time when she had been out shopping.

“Well, I found several really cute outfits, but I couldn’t really decide between them, so I ended up picking up all four.” Malin smiled and held up her prim shopping bags from the exclusive Tiff’s.

“Maybe you could help me pick out which one to wear for tonight?” Malin smiled sexily.

“Oh, yes, I would love to.” Jan got even more aroused with thoughts of seeing his wife trying on sexy outfits.

"I hope I got one that Cleveland will like," Malin said in a hopeful manner.

Cleveland Barrett was a retired football player who Malin had been seeing off and on during her modeling years. Though after Malin and Jan moved across the country to Valley County, Malin hadn't seen him for almost five years. Last week, however, Malin got a call from him where he told her that he would be in town this week and that he would love to meet up.

Being more than a little excited to see the black ex-football player again, Malin said yes and accidentally hung up before she had time to tell him her address. Luckily she had been at home with her husband when it happened...


“Oh my god, oh my god, I just hung up on him. And I forgot to tell him our address.” A slightly panicked Malin looked over at Jan.

“Well, just call him back.” Jan had seen how excited his wife had been when Cleveland had called her, and couldn’t help but giggle a little to himself at his wife’s innocent mishap.

“I… I can’t... I’m so embarrassed.“ Malin looked down a little and then up at her husband.

“Can, can you do it?” She asked in the sweetest and most hopeful way.

“Hehe.” Jan smiled to himself.

“Of course I will.” Jan saw how his wife lit up.

After being handed the mobile phone, Jan took a moment to compose himself before hitting redial. He wanted to make sure that he would come off in as proper and polite of a way that he possibly could, which was quite important whenever one called a black man, especially when you did so on behalf of your wife. Jan recalled the article he had read in Cuck Magazine when he was younger on how to be the most polite when calling a black man.

Nodding to himself, Jan cleared his throat and then hit redial.

“Hello?” Jan recognized Cleveland’s voice when he answered the phone.

“Hi Mr. Barrett, this is Jan Knutson, Malin’s husband… I don’t know if you…” Jan said politely.

“Oh Jan, Hi, no, I remember you.” Cleveland even tried to pronounce Jan’s name like they said it in Sweden. At the same time, Cleveland shook his head at the woman standing in her underwear in front of him. Cleveland sat in a lingerie boutique where a young woman, Cleveland figured that she had to be around twenty-two, had asked him if he could help her decide which outfit to get. The girl’s fiance, who was with her, hadn’t been much help since he thought that she looked amazing in everything.

“What’s up?” Cleveland asked Jan. At the same time, he had to rearrange the front of his pants when the girl undid her bra and stepped out of her thong to put on another lingerie outfit. Her breasts were round and perky and completely defied gravity.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you?” Jan asked politely.

“No, I can talk for a moment…” Cleveland felt the thickness in his pants grow even bigger when the girl bent over to pick up her new thong. When she did she gave her a perfect view of her tight butt and clean shaved pussy.

“Oh, good. Well, the reason why I’m calling you is that, oh…” Jan recalled what he had read in Cuck Magazine.

“First let me just apologize, I know you said that I’m not disturbing you, but it doesn’t feel proper if I don’t apologize.” Jan glanced over at Malin who nodded that he was doing the right thing by being extra polite.

Cleveland didn’t really respond since his focus was mostly on the girl who now stood in front of him in a new sexy bra that slightly pushed her breasts together and made them pour out of it, though he appreciated Jan’s manners.

“Well, the reason I’m calling is that, well Malin got rather excited before when you told her that you wanted to see her, that she accidentally hung up on you, and also forgot to give you our address,” Jan said whilst Malin looked at him hoping that Cleveland hadn’t thought that she had been too improper.

“She’s really embarrassed about it.” Jan could tell that his wife was still rather flustered about it.

“O, hehe, I just figured the battery died or something, but don’t worry about it.” Cleveland hadn’t really thought anything about it. Though when Jan brought up their address, it did hit him that knowing their address could be useful.

“Oh, thank you, Mr. Barrett, would you like me to tell you the address or should I send you a message?” Jan felt much more at ease after hearing that Cleveland hadn’t minded it too much. Looking over at Malin, he could tell that she felt like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders as well.

“You can just text me.” Cleveland watched the girl pose for him and her fiance who sat next to him.

“Okay, and sorry again for the mishap,” Jan said politely and sincerely.

After they had all hung up, Cleveland glanced up at the girl.

“That one looks spectacular on you.” Cleveland smiled as the girl lit with joy hearing the handsome black man’s praises.

“Let me just have a feel to make sure that it’s the one.” Cleveland put down his phone and sat up in his chair whilst the girl eagerly walked over to him. There was no hiding the lust in her eyes.

The girl lightly bit her lower lip when Cleveland reached up and ran his fingers along the side of the bra, gently nudging against her heaving breasts.

“Yeah, looks and feels really soft.” With his fingers resting on the side of her bra, his thumbs found their way to the inner parts of the lace cups, cups that held her amazingly soft breasts. With a gentle push of his thumbs, he made her breasts jiggle a little.

“Mmm.” The girl let out a moan.

“And very easy to undo.” Cleveland smiled as the girl’s perky and naked breasts came into full view just in front of his face after he had unsnapped the back of her bra.

“Wow, ungh… unghhh.” A soft gasp exhaled from the chair next to Cleveland, where the girl’s fiance sat. The moment he saw Cleveland cup his fiance’s wonderful breasts and suck her nipples, he had spurted in his pants…


Knowing Malin, and the dresses she usually went for, revealing and snug, there was no doubt in Jan’s mind that Cleveland wouldn’t love them. Especially if...

“Well, as long as it shows off your…” Jan glanced down at his wife’s well-shaped butt. Being a model she had never had the biggest butt, but the shape and firmness had always been there. And from hard work at the gym, she had managed to maintain the tightness, even at the age of forty-one.

“I think he’ll love it.” Jan smiled.

“Oh, they all do that.” Malin smiled knowing how much Cleveland loved her butt, as well as her husband.

“Well, should we go up and try them on?” Malin looked over at Jan, who’s bare penis stood straight up.

“Yes… let me get those.” Jan’s meager penis jutted up and down whilst he hurried over and got his wife’s shopping bags.

“Tack, Älskling.” In Swedish Malin replied with a sexy; Thank you, honey.

Excitement flourished as the joyous couple headed upstairs.

Over at Combs High School...

“Thanks for the ride mom.” Melea leaned over and gave her mother a quick kiss on her cheek.

"Yes, thank you for the ride Mrs. Jakande," Joseph said politely from the backseat.

“You’re welcome. And remember, that today is Jabari’s Day, so make sure you give him some thoughts and remember the struggles he went through.” African history wasn’t just a passion for Amarika, she felt that she had a calling to promote the great African culture.

“Of course mom.” Melea gave her mother another smile before she stepped out of the car.

“And that goes double for you Joseph.” Amarika gave the boy who was seeing her daughter a stern look in the rear view mirror.

"Oh… yes, of course, Mrs. Jakande..." Joseph stuttered a little looking up at Amarika. He paused for a moment. He wondered if he should to let her know that he had been reading a lot of books on Jabari.

“Ehm, I’ve… actually been reading several books on Jabari.” Joseph managed to get out through his nervousness.

"Oh, you have?" Amarika had just thought that she was going to have a little fun with the boy who was seeing her daughter, by giving him a stern look, but now she was slightly intrigued. Had he, in fact, read some of the books or was he just being polite.

"Yes, I've read "The Warrior Who United Africa", "The Man Who Rose", "He Came from Africa", and I must say that from what I've read, I think Jabari was probably one of the greatest men who's ever lived," Joseph said in a most sincere and honest manner.

"Yes, he was." Amarika felt a little surprised that Joseph had taken the time to read all those books, especially He Came from Africa, which is a very hard to find book.

Hmm… Amarika found herself smiling. Though she liked Joseph before she hadn't been sure if he was good enough for her daughter. But suddenly she could see that he truly had the qualities a young man like him should have. He was kind, polite, honest and timid.

"Are you coming, Joseph?" The back passenger door opened and Melea stood there waiting for Joseph.

“Oh, yes of course Melea.” Joseph nodded as he reached over grabbed his backpack and notebook.

“Have a nice day Mrs. Jakande, and thanks again for the ride.” He said politely before he got out.

As the car drove off behind him, Joseph looked over at Melea and his jaw dropped.

"Oh wow…" In the bright sunlight, Melea appeared like an absolute goddess. Joseph couldn't even describe how beautiful she looked. Her stunning smile and the way she looked at him made him feel even warmer than the sun.

What made him gasp even more was something he hadn't noticed until she was out in the sun. In the light of the sun, her tribal dress was partly see through. Standing there, he could see the shape of her breasts, the roundness, and fullness of her huge naturals. The hint of her perfectly round areolas that circled her erect nipples that poked out the thin material of her tribal dress.

Mmm… A bright smile lit up Melea when she saw the way her boyfriend looked at her. It was a look that made her feel both warm and sexy. Also, she found Joseph really cute like that.

Looking down, she could see his small erection standing straight up with small droplets of precum oozing out from the tip. She could tell that Joseph would come if she as much as blew a breath of air at him. Though now that they weren’t in her mother’s car, she really wanted to see him spurt.

"Ohh, it's soo warm, don't you think Joseph." Melea ran her hand from her hip up to the side of her dress until she reached the softness of her voluptuous right breast. With her hand, she slowly lifted her breast up her chest. At this point, she saw Joseph looking up at her.

“Ehm… I…” Joseph made out a little groan. He felt embarrassed that he had been staring at Melea’s breasts like that, but there was another feeling that was taking over and about to burst.

Looking into her boyfriend's eyes, and with a sensuous smile on her face, Melea gently let go of her breast and let it drop.

“Ah… arhh.” As Joseph saw the beauty that was Melea’s large breast come to a single bouncing stop, with small waves flowing upwards along the skin of her sizable breasts, a short stream of cum spurted from the tip of his penis.

Oh yess… Melea smiled warmly when she saw and heard Joseph cum. She loved the cute and awkward facial expression he made when he climaxed. And she loved seeing his small spurt and the cum oozing out from his penis afterward.

“Uh… oh… Melea… I…” Joseph panted awkwardly, he knew that there were a lot of people around, lots of high school seniors that had seen him come, but the one he cared most about was Melea. He really hoped that he hadn’t embarrassed her.

“Shh… I loved it.” Melea leaned over and whispered into his ear.

Joseph gulped and felt surprised and overjoyed at the same time. As Melea leaned back, Joseph wanted to tell her that he loved her.

"Hey, girlfriend." "Hey, Melea." Taisha Williams and Paula Sanchez, two of Melea's best friends came up to her and hugged her.

“Oh hey Taisha, Paula.” Melea smiled, happy to see her friends.

"Hey, Joseph." Taisha and Paula both giggled looking over at Joseph. They had seen him spurting his load on their way over to Melea.

“H… hey.” Joseph awkwardly looked over at Taisha and Paula. He was still panting slightly, and he could tell that the two girls were giggling at his limping penis.

"Damn girl, that's a fine dress." Also of African descent, with dark skin and long braided hair, Taisha looked back over at Melea's dress. She also wore African colored clothing, though her outfit consisted of a snug top that only covered her ample breasts, though nowhere near as large as Melea's. Her butt, on the other hand, was another story entirely. A thicker behind would be hard to find on a girl of Taisha's size. And the snug tribal colored skirt she wore did little to hide that fact.

"Yeah, it's really beautiful," Paula said in her Hispanic accent. Paula, like many other girls and women on Jabari Day, was topless. Her bare perky breasts stood straight out ending with a pair of beautifully pointy nipples. The only thing she wore was a pair of stylishly ripped, knee-length denims that hugged her round butt.

“Thanks.” Melea felt so glad that they liked it. “Mom picked it up on her last trip to Kenya, she knows a designer who lives there.”

“Wow, wish I had a dress like that.” Taisha admired Melea’s dress whilst wondering how she would look in a similar one.

“I’m not sure it would fit.” Paula nudged her hip into Taisha’s huge butt and giggled jokingly.

"Oh wow." Melea couldn't help but giggle as well.

"Oh, that hurts, especially coming from Miss Bum Bum. Oh, wait," Taisha arched her big butt at Paula and smacked it. "This booty right here won that title, hah." Taisha smiled, teasing Paula right back.

Last month the school paper had held its first Miss Bum Bum competition. A booty competition that had its roots in South America, but in recent years had become increasingly popular in the states. The girls who entered the competition got their photos taken by a professional photographer, and would then choose a single photo that would be published in the paper for the competition.

After it was revealed that the black male students were the ones who would cast the votes, the contest became even more popular amongst the girls, that the paper had to print an extra issue just for the competition.

The other students at the school, like Joseph, could of course also vote, though it was more of a cheer vote, and didn't really count towards the winner. Joseph had, of course, voted for Melea, who had posed in a string bikini bottom with her butt arched towards the camera. A picture Joseph had saved on his phone after he had asked Melea if it would be okay for him to keep it. Which after giving him a sweet kiss on the cheek, she had told him that it was okay.

"Yeah, I bet that twerk you performed at the football party had nothing to do with that," Paula replied in a snarky manner.

“Hey, sometimes this big booty just has to twerk.” Taisha did a quick dance in front of her friends. Her butt cheeks bouncing up and down as she twerked.

“Fhweeoo Fhweeoo,” Two guys from the basketball team walked by and whistled at Taisha.

“Hehe.” The three friends giggled as Taisha stood up.

"Well, I guess we better get to class," Melea said still giggling a bit.

"Yeah, we don't want to be late for Mr. Robinson's class." Paula had a bit of dreamy look in her eyes when she spoke the name of the handsome forty-year-old black geography teacher.

“I guess we know who wants to have some private tutoring after class.” Taisha smiled.

“Hey, I can’t help it, he’s just so hot.” Paula’s white smile shined in the summer sun.

“He certainly is that.” Melea nodded as did Taisha.

As the three girls, side by side began to walk towards the school, Melea turned and held out her hand.

“You coming?” She looked at Joseph.

“Oh, I think he’s already done that,” Taisha couldn’t help herself. She and Paula burst into a chuckle.

“Hey, be nice to my little Joseph,” Melea told her friends, but she couldn’t help but giggle as well.

Though Joseph didn’t really mind. He was walking through school hand in hand with the most beautiful girl in the world.

          To be continued...


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