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Survival Instincts – Chapter 2

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Survival can release a number of emotions, sexual instinct being one of them.

This is a set of five chapters that follow the adventures of two women – fighting for survival in a land where lives are cheap. But there is hope that lies on the other side of the mountain range. A place where normality, peace and even a home, await them.

That evening, we cooked rice for three people. We sat at the table, ate and talked. Mark filled us in on his journey to this shack and we offered as little information as we could get away with in return. Deep down, we didn’t really trust him, but he seemed as anxious as us to get across the mountain, to safety.

Mark had been in the house for three days before we turned up. He was sitting on the porch when we stumbled into his world. He said that he heard us before he saw us. He didn’t know how many of us there were so he hid in the attic area and tried to keep as quiet as possible. The rats we heard earlier that day, was probably him moving around up in the rafters.

I’m not sure whether he trusted us either, so we decided to stay in the same room as much as possible. We were three years his senior and so it was that we stole the double bed. In any case, it now smelt of my sex juices so I hardly thought he would have wanted to sleep in it. We did though.

Mark pulled up some cushions and slept in the opposite corner of the bedroom. It was awkward.

Sarah and I tried to keep ourselves apart; curled up in the foetus position and facing opposite sides of the bed. We waited for Mark to fall asleep. I’m not sure what time it was when he did, but when he did, we automatically rolled into the centre and held each other close. It wasn’t long before my finger had found her wet spot. We kissed while I fingered her. When she started to moan I stopped, raised my head and looked over at Mark.

He was asleep or at least pretending to be, but Sarah was never going to be quiet, not when she got going. She more or less let out an audible groan when my finger paused on her pussy; chastising me for stopping. I continued to play with her while kissing her shoulder and watching Mark at the same time.

Sarah was bucking her pubis up to meet my fingers as they slid into her and I had to clasp my mouth over hers to stop her from screaming out. As she climaxed, I quickly placed my hand over her mouth to try and keep the sounds in.

I heard a groan come from the corner of the room and I looked towards Mark. He was still, but that was no ordinary sound someone makes while they sleep.

To my surprise, Sarah fell asleep almost as soon as she climaxed, but that was okay. I knew she needed it more than me. It seems that throughout this journey, we have kept each other going by giving pleasure, by looking forward to the next time we kiss, touch a breast or nipple, slip our tongues into each other’s wet and waiting pussies.

Let’s face it if we can’t pleasure each other, what else are we to do before we die? And dying in this world maybe sooner than expected. At least, I think I have loved. In my heart I love Sarah; though I want her and need her more than the word love can describe. I want to bring her as much pleasure as possible and right now that pleasure is administered through sex. It’s what she craves; what we both crave.

I watch as Mark makes a move in the corner of the room. I decide to trust him. He’s probably going for a pee, but he looks awkward as he rises with one hand about his cock; he rushes from the room at some speed. While he’s gone I climb out of bed and visit his corner of the room. My hand touches something wet and I suddenly realise that he was not going for a pee after all.

It excites me to think that he was listening to us copulating earlier; listening to the sounds of Sarah’s orgasm; to the sounds of female pleasure. It must be so different for men.


The following morning, we decide that we should leave this place and head higher into the mountains. We can just about see the top from where we are but everyone knows that the top is never the top; there’s always more to go. From what I remember of these parts, when my dad used to take us camping, is that we are about a third of the way up. Mark thinks we are lower down, and Sarah doesn’t have an opinion at all. She just stares at me with lust in her eyes from over the top of her morning’s dish of rice.

I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do with her. I only pleasured her last night and now she wants more and we have a long journey to make.

We pull together everything we could possibly need. We cook all the rice and wrap it in plastic bags for the journey. If there’s one sacred thing in this world, it’s plastic bags. All the scraps of food are pushed into makeshift rucksacks for Sarah and me, though Mark seems to have one of his very own; but he’s a bloke, so he would have. He doesn’t offer to carry anything for us and by mid-morning, we head upwards. The heaviest items we have are water filled bottles. The last of the water from the milk churns.

The weather is lovely. The sun is on our backs but the air around us is cool. It’s not difficult walking in these conditions other than the fact that we are not as strong as we could be. I stop atop a large boulder and wait for Sarah to catch me up. Mark has gone on ahead; I don’t know where he gets the energy from.

“I’m tired,” Sarah says.

“I know, but we must keep going.” She gets what she wants; a kiss.

I let her walk in front of me I smack her arse and leave my hand on her bottom for much longer than intended. She stops and wiggles her bum into me. I have to push her forwards to make her move.

“Not now, go!”

I smile at her insistence. Every chance she gets she tries it on.

When we first kissed, touched, and pleasured each other, I was the same. I couldn’t get enough. It was all new, female kisses, her scent, her smell, her reaction! Her reaction was out-of-this-world, for me anyway, and the more we pushed each other to pleasure, the more we found out about each other’s bodies. Sure, I had fucked a guy before I met Sarah but that was so different from being with her. With her, it’s like snowfall in summer, showering in ice cubes or swimming over waterfalls. It’s like something you shouldn’t survive, but you do. I survive every session with her but all it does is lead me into the next session and the next. One day, it will be my last. I’m saddened at that thought, but it’s true.

Mark is shouting for us to hurry up, that it’s getting dark and we need to light a fire. I’m at the back with the matches and all I’ve been looking at for the last twenty minutes or so is Sarah’s backside. I’m certain she’s wiggling it on purpose.

I hand Mark the matches and he dutifully starts to do man things with them. I think he thinks that he’s looking after us now. I have to smile.

Sarah has flopped down on some grass in the clearing that Mark has found and I join her. We watch as the sun drops below the level of the mountain. The smell of pine is leaving us behind as the land becomes covered in gorse bushes and alpine plants. There’s no snow. There shouldn’t be at this time of year, it’s too hot for snow, but the climate is colder than I expected. I’m glad we brought the blankets along with us even if they are heavy.

I set out our blankets in the clearing. Mark has a smile on his face as he points to the fire. We huddle around it for a little bit of warmth as the last rays of the sun light up the sky. We chat and try to decide how far we have come. We are a lot higher than we were this morning and so far there has been no sign of any other people; below or above us. It’s a very reassuring thought.

With silence there is nothing. Sometimes, nothing is comforting. We hear some birds squawk their last sounds into the night air. The breeze rustles the treetops and the bushes at the edge of the clearing, but apart from that – there is silence and the crackle of the fire.

I flop back onto the blanket only to be joined by Sarah. She cuddles into me. Part of me feels sorry for Mark, being on his own but he seems to be coping well with the situation. He’s looking out over the fire and onto the vista beyond and making his bed for the night.

“I want to lick your pussy?”

“I guessed as much,” I whispered, turning around to Sarah to look into her lust filled eyes.

I want her to lick my pussy too. It’s been longer than it should have been; normal was every five or six hours before one of us had a finger or tongue somewhere wet.

“We’ll have to wait a little longer, he’s just settling under the blanket.”

She wasn’t listening to me. Already she had unbuttoned my jeans and her hand was snaking under my panties. A finger slipped along my lips and sunk into the knuckle. I closed my eyes in anticipation but then she pulls it out, sucks it clean and proceeds to strip. In minutes, she is naked and starts to undress me too; pulling her blanket over us once she has finished.

At last, some modesty. I wonder how long that will last?

We start to kiss. Gentle at first, becoming more insistent as Sarah starts to pepper my mouth, neck and shoulders with tiny kisses, making her way south to my breasts and nipples. Her hand has already found my beast and is squeezing it tightly. Her finger pushes at my nipple and pinches it into an erect bulge that is ready for her mouth.  I dare not think of what Mark is hearing, seeing or doing. In fact, right now, I don’t care.

Her mouth found my nipple and I let out a tell-tale sigh. Her mouth and tongue slither off my nipple and more kisses are planted on my stomach and curve of my waist. It tickles me, it always has that effect. I try my best to suppress my giggling but she just concentrates even more on making me squirm. She eventually gives up; her need to dip her tongue into my pussy is obviously more intense than the pleasure at my discomfort.

I nearly melted when she slid her tongue over my lips. Like a wanton slut, I spread my legs for her. My heels found the small of her back and I let them rest there as she licks my pussy, fuck knows, I need it. Her long tongue was like a slithering snake as it slipped over and inside of me; alternating between my labia and my clit. I raised myself up on my elbows and opened my legs wide when her tongue slipped all the way in. I could see Sarah’s backside poking out from the blanket which had now been thrust to one side of us and she was on all fours giving me a serious licking. Two of her fingers replaced her tongue as she started to lick around my clit.

That was when I noticed Mark, sitting up and watching us. I don’t know why, but I didn’t feel in the slightest uncomfortable; unlike the day before, when he must have been watching us together in bed.

My eyes were half closed and I watched him stare at me, well not me, but the join between me and Sarah or perhaps he was staring at the way she displayed herself so wantonly.

It hadn’t occurred to me before now, but I didn’t know whether Sarah had ever had sex with a man before. I moaned at the way she licked me, feeling the pleasure build in every part of my body; inch by inch, centimetre by centimetre, every part of me became aroused. What aroused me more was the thought of Mark fucking Sarah.

I looked over in his direction once more and with a grunt saw that he was fisting his erection.

“Do you take cock?”

Sarah’s fingers pushed into me. She hadn’t heard me.

“Sarah,” I said, pulling on her hair and lifting her head off my pussy, “do you take cock?”

She nodded. It was all I needed to know.

“Mark, come over here and stick that cock up her. Now!” I demanded.

He almost stumbled between her legs for want of trying to get there too fast. Sarah had opened her legs just enough for his knees to rest behind her and within seconds his cock was inside her cunt. I watched Sarah push her bum back towards his advancing rod and she rocked her body in unison to the fucking motion. Her fingers matched the rhythm and her tongue drove me wild.

It was the horniest scene I think I have ever witnessed. Mark’s hand came upon her waist as he thrust his cock into her at some speed.

I was on the verge of climaxing; more from watching her and him and then feeling what she was doing to me. I heard her start to moan. I think she was coming too. I certainly was.

“Don’t come inside her young man,” I instructed.

Seconds later Mark couldn’t stop blabbering that he was coming. I think Sarah just about made it to home base before he pulled out of her and let his spunk shoot from the end of his cock. He started to move away from her and I watched as most of it ended up on the floor. I came hard and at the last second grasped her neck with my hand and pulled her into me.

The air was full of expletives together with moans and groans. Sarah rolled to my side allowing her hand to rest between her legs. She stroked her pussy as I got up from the blanket and waddled on my knees towards Mark. I sank down in front of him and sucked his cock into my mouth.

It had been a very long time since I had tasted spunk that was as good as his.

I straightened and grabbed his cock, pulling him in my direction and onto the blanket.

“On your back,” I demanded.

He rolled over and looked up at me. I straddled him with some urgency. Although he had spent himself once already, his hard cock shot straight into me and I furiously rode him to my second orgasm. His cock felt good, too good, and I secretly wished that I had not been converted.

Sarah just watched us fuck for a while, eventually kneeling down beside me to plant kisses on my shoulder and pinch my nipple.

I came twice on Mark’s cock; only letting him get away from me when Sarah more or less pushed me off him, but by then I had spent his cock too and it was wilting by the time she started to stuff it in her pussy for sloppy seconds.

We spent the night under one blanket, all three of us. How we managed to get any sleep I don’t know. There is something about being sexually exhausted that helps the sleeping process. That’s what I think, anyway.

By the time I awoke, Mark was missing. I looked around but there was no sign of him, but his rucksack was still where he had left it the night before.

I left Sarah to sleep and crept out from under her arm to start the fire and warm some rice up. As I had just got the fire going I saw Mark approach. In his hands were a handful of berries and edible fruits that he had foraged.

For a young man he was more than confident in this environment and judging by last night, we were more than lucky to have him.

He watched me as I cooked. His eyes flittered from Sarah to me and then to the pot of food.

“It’s ready,” I said. “Why don’t you wake her up.”

I was expecting him to shake her shoulder or just tell her that breakfast was ready. Instead, he knelt down between her thighs and dragged his tongue across her pussy. Sarah mewled in bliss. She probably thought it was me, and she gasped when she opened her eyes. I let out a loud giggle and told her that the food was ready.

I never felt jealous at all as I watched Mark lick her pussy the way he did. I suppose I don’t feel that I own Sarah, or that she owns me for that matter. Although, much of our combined journey has been a sexual extravaganza of one kind or another, perhaps that’s what people do when they are in this kind of situation. Get by. Make do. Find ways of passing the day. And when they find something that is exquisite – do more of it.

That morning we ate breakfast and talked much more like intimate friends rather than strangers; laughing and giggling while remembering scenes from the night before. By the time I had put the fire out, Mark and Sarah had packed all the stuff for our second leg into the mountains.

I didn’t much care for walking. Walking always introduced uncertainty, while here, in this place, we could have fun and pleasure each other in between eating; even if we didn’t have that much to eat. I always hoped that we would never meet anyone on our journeys, but one day we had to, it was inevitable. After all, the whole point was to arrive somewhere safe, where normal people lived.

That morning we put in a few miles on that mountain. It was the hardest day for me. I hated walking on scree, but at least it meant, or so Mark said, that we were nearing the top. We did eventually make the top. Sarah came up from behind me and hugged me close and looked over my shoulder at the same view. When Mark joined us he simply placed his arm around the both of us.

In the distance, we could see smoke rise from the trees. We looked in awe and then looked at each other. Trepidation set in, at least for me, I didn’t want it to be a nasty place. I wanted nice.

We formulated a plan as to how we could find out which it was, but as always, there were no reassurances in this life. One of us or all of us would have to find out.



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