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New Neighbours... New Life.

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New neighbours move in and my wife and I are introduced to a whole new way of living.

We learn our new neighbours are nudists and swingers. We are soon swept up in a new lifestyle that changes our lives.

I had been out playing golf and came home late and it was dark.

As I put the car in the garage, I saw a figure that may have been a peeping Tom or a pervert creeping around in the neighbour's yard. I shut the garage door and thought I would have a look to make sure I had not been seeing things.

After a minute or two, a naked female figure appeared.

Both Bill and Norma had moved into the home within the last six weeks and whilst we had introduced ourselves and been sociable, we had not had a lot to do with them. Norma has a figure more like a twenty-five-year-old than the thirty-five-year-old that she is.

I could see most of her features and I must admit my cock firmed up in my pants as I watched her as she began to pirouette around the lawn and dance about completely naked. She was obviously unaware of me watching her. She sat down on the lawn and to my surprise began to masturbate using a dildo. I had an amazing view of her actions and could see every move she made.

After at least three or four minutes, it was obvious she was cumming. Her body shaking in a familiar way. She withdrew the dildo and then sucked it. I could see it shining in the moonlight and it appeared to be about a foot long and one of those glass ones with ripples.

My cock was uncomfortably jammed in my underpants. I used my hand to slightly adjust my cock. She must have noticed the movement and she jumped up and ran indoors. I was amazed that Norma had never shown in any way or words that she was sexually motivated.

The next day being Sunday I was at home and was working in the front garden. To my surprise, Norma greeted me from her front yard,

“Hi, Tom.”

I looked over and she was dressed in jeans and a blouse and looked attractive. She had short hair and it was always done in a nice way. Her appearance was quite different from the previous evening.

“Would you and Jan like to come over for a drink at about twelve. Bill is away and I am alone and would love some company,” Norma asked.

There was no hint that I may have witnessed her performance the previous evening.

After a second or two delay, to gather my thoughts, I said, “Sure, that would be lovely,” I replied, “However Jan is at her mother's for the weekend, she hasn’t been well, and she popped over to see how she was coping.”

“Never mind, there is nothing to stop you coming over is there?” Norma asked.

I thought about it for a minute and replied: “No that will be fine. See you at twelve,” I replied

Norma then went inside and left me to wonder if I had done the right thing. Being entertained by my neighbour while both her husband and my wife were away. Then the image of her performance the evening before flashed into my mind. This could be interesting, but this meeting was at mid-day and in bright daylight.

Shortly before twelve I went inside and showered and dressed. I was having difficulty getting the image of her performance the night before out of my mind.

At twelve I left the house with a bottle of nice cold wine as I believed that that would be the neighbourly thing to do. I rang the front doorbell and Norma appeared and invited me in.

“Oh, I see you have bought a bottle of wine. How nice of you. That will make the conversation flow a little better than coffee.”

“I assumed you do have a drink occasionally?” I asked.

“Both Bill and I enjoy a drink on social occasions, we are not big drinkers.”

Norma led me out to the back conservatory of their home. I knew the place quite well as my kids had often played with the kids of previous owners of their home, and we had often had drinks or meals with them. They had a tennis court; we had a pool.

We talked socially about my wife’s mother being unwell, and she informed me Bill was on a business trip and had taken the opportunity to play a round of golf at the invitation of the business associate he was visiting.

Norma had set out a plate of fruit together with a plate of cheese. We sat and nibbled the fruit and cheese and had a glass or two of wine as we chatted. She was interested in the social activities in the district and the neighbours.

We had been sitting side by side and often during the conversation Norma often put her hand on my thigh as she made a point in our conversation.

After about an hour I needed to visit the toilet and excused myself and as I knew the house well, I was able to find my way without directions.

On the way, I noticed a photograph of Norma and Bill and they appeared to be naked from the waist up. The photograph was on the coffee table in the middle of their lounge room. I was somewhat taken back to see such a display of nudity openly being displayed.

I had my pee and returned making sure I had not been imagining things as I went back and again looked at the photograph.

As I got back and sat down again, Norma poured one glass of wine which had emptied the bottle. I was surprised we had consumed that much. The cheese plate was almost empty as well.

“I will have to go and get another bottle,” Norma said.

When she returned, she had another bottle of wine and the corkscrew in her hand, together with a little more cheese.

“I am enjoying this little chat," she said. "I don’t normally drink at home and especially on my own. I am so happy you could join me. I was feeling a little down this morning and this had picked me up no end,” Norma ventured to tell me.

She handed the bottle opener and corkscrew to me, bending forward to do so.

It was then I realised she was braless under the blouse. I could clearly see her nipples which had obviously hardened.

I removed the cork and finished filling her glass and having great trouble keeping my eyes off her top. As I sat down again, she asked, “Did you happen to see that photo in the lounge on your way?” 

She was obviously referring to the topless photo I had seen.

“Actually, I did. I haven’t seen anybody displaying a photo like that before so openly,” I said.

“We are nudists,” Norma said and nothing more.

I was a little taken back and not quite sure what to say.

“I haven’t met a nudist before, or anyone that admits they are,” I replied.

“Oh, we are quite open about it. Bill and I spend a lot of time at the club, that is one of the reasons we bought a home in the district. We had to drive for an hour or more to get to the club from our previous home.”

“Oh, I never realised that there was a club like that around here. I have lived here for twenty years and never heard of it,” I said somewhat dismayed.

“It's well down the road past the Golf Club, I am surprised you are not aware of it.”

“Is it the big gated estate down there with locked gates? Occasionally you see a car drive down, but I always imagined it was some sort of religious retreat or something. You only ever see cars drive down there at weekends. Nobody has ever mentioned it to me before. I am surprised.”

“That would be because it is very elite. There are not many members. We have been warned not to say a word, but I thought you and Jan may have been members. I have seen Jan in the back yard suntanning in the nude.”

“We both do a bit of skinny-dipping but no, we have never heard of it,” I replied.

“Oh dear. I have really let the cat out of the bag, will you promise not to say anything?” Norma asked.

“I think I will have to let Jan know, but yes, I will promise not to mention it, other than to her.”

“Well, now that’s out in the open, let’s see how you feel about it.”

Norma undid the buttons of her blouse and removed it. She has beautiful breasts as I have seen them both in the photograph and in the dark last night. They are firm and with lovely nipples on the tip of her uplift and dark pink areola. They looked like those I imagined a model would have.

“Shit,” I said. “I wasn’t expecting this to happen,” I told her.

“Do you like them? They cost Bill a fortune. They have been surgically shaped and uplifted.”

“My God, what will Bill say if he knows what you are doing?” I stammered.

“He won't mind, he and I have no inhibitions about nudity obviously.”

Then without another word, she began to undo the belt of her jeans and removed them together with her underwear. Now she was completely naked standing in front of me. Naturally, this did things to me and my cock got hard in my pants.

Here was a woman I hardly knew, stark naked in her home with a virtual stranger. I could not take my eyes off her. She has a perfect body and my eyes were drawn to where she had virtually removed most of her pubic hair and it was shaped in what I would call a strip which looked beautiful.

“God, Norma, I am somewhat shocked. I never expected this,” I told her.

“Don’t worry, Tom, I don’t bite. The wine has loosed my inhibitions why don’t you join me?”

“I can’t, I would be so embarrassed,” I tried to explain.

“Don’t be, come on join me I will certainly not be embarrassed. I have seen so many men naked I don’t believe I could even count them. You will be just like the rest of them, tall upstanding and have a penis and a set of balls. All men are the same, its only women who are different,” She chided me.

Then she stood in front of me and took my hands and pulled me to my feet and her hands immediately went to my belt and undid it.

“Get your shirt off while I attend to this,” She instructed me.

Like Norma, I believe the wine had affected me, and I was doing as I was told, and, in a minute, I was a bare as she was, only I had an erection.

“I am impressed, and you are circumcised. I love men that have been cut. It looks beautiful.”

Immediately Norma put her hand around it and squeezed my cock and stroked it once or twice.

“Oh, look what I have done, it has a tear in its eye.”

Norma bent and licked the pre-cum that was oozing from the eye of my cock.

Norma then stood up and wrapped her arms around me. Our naked bodies were pressed together. Then whispered in my ear, “I want it.”

I stood there transfixed. Here was a woman I hardly knew propositioning me for sex. I had never been propositioned by anybody other than Jan, my wife.

“Come with me, my darling,” as she took my hand and lead me to an adjoining bedroom.

Within a minute, Norma was sitting on the edge of the bed and had me standing in front of her. She immediately looked up at me and then took my cock in her hand got down on her knees and then wrapped her lips around it. I let out a sigh that I had never uttered before. I should have been shocked… I wasn’t. Nothing had felt as awesome as what she was now doing to me.

Jan had given me oral sex once or twice years ago. It felt nothing like what Norma was doing to me.

She took my balls in her other hand and began to gently fondle each ball in turn. After a couple of minutes, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I was almost at the point of cumming and I went to pull my cock back out of her mouth. She immediately realised what I was trying to do and gripped my cock with her hand and took her mouth off it and said,

“No, you don’t. I want every drop.”

Norma quickly replaced her mouth and proceeded to swallow every drop as soon as I filled her mouth. I held her head to steady myself as my knees went all weak, but recovered and stood firmly before her as she milked my cock and swallowed every drop of my cum. She continued to suck on my cock like it was a lollypop.

Never ever have I had such an experience. It seems quite normal to her. I was stunned.

“Oh God, that was amazing,” I told her.

“Doesn’t Jan do that for you?”

“Not like that,” I replied. “She doesn’t swallow. I have to masturbate to finish it.”

“Bill and I do it often. I love it.”

I was surprised she was being so open and honest with me. I was now doing something I had never done before. I was being unfaithful to my wife.

Norma patted the bed and indicated she wanted me to sit beside her.

“I gather you enjoyed that,” she asked.

“I have never been with another woman since I married Jan, but did I enjoy what you did to me? Definitely.”

“Just relax. I think the two of us are getting along fine. It won’t matter if you don’t go home for a while. I would like us to become better friends.”

“My God, is that possible?” I asked.

“Let’s have another glass of wine and we will see where that leads us.

With that Norma got up and we went back to the conservatory, and we had some more wine and cheese. I could not believe I was doing this and not being freaked out. This was as if it was something neighbours did every day.

After about half an hour of just ordinary chatting, Norma asked,

“Do you think you could handle my next performance?”

There had been no reference to what we had done or we're going to do. Sex was not mentioned other than a few words about the nudist club and some of the members. We talked mainly about my job and Bill's work.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Well, I would like us to have some time together on the bed. I hope you don’t mind a little bit of fun on the side.”

“To be honest and I think I have already mentioned, I have always been faithful to Jan. This will change all that.”

“Don’t worry about that. Let’s just enjoy what we have for the moment. I like what I have seen so far, and I would like to enjoy that in another place if you know what I mean,” Norma said.

“You mean we are going to have sex together?” I asked.

“Thant’s a nice way to put it. Yes, we are going to have sex, not make love. Some would say to have a good fuck.”

I was taken back a little, why I don’t know. Here I was, a man of fifty in a situation with a woman fifteen years younger than I am and being unfaithful to my wife for the first time. Somehow, I could not believe what I was doing with her, but Norma had a way with her I could not refuse. I could not help myself.

“You haven’t said anything. Is there a problem?” she asked.

“No, I was just thinking about what we were doing. I want to, as you say, ‘fuck’ you. I have not fucked a woman for over thirty years. I have only ever made love to Jan; we enjoy lovemaking and it’s always been loving and gentle. We have had two children who are happily married. I just wonder what they would think of me, sitting here naked with a woman who has just sucked my cock and wants me to fuck her.”

“Put it down to the wine. You won’t be the first man to fuck me and you won’t be the last. Bill and I are swingers and that is one of the reasons we moved, as well as the nudist thing.”

Once more Norma had somewhat amazed me with her revelations. They were swingers as well.

“Swingers?” I exclaimed.

“He also got a girl pregnant,” Norma explained.

“Shit. How?” I asked.

“She was the daughter of one of the swinging families. She was seventeen and not allowed to be a member. Parents and children could not be in the club together, even married ones. We draw names out of a hat, and you had to fuck with them. She would have had to do it with her own father if she had been drawn out.

“That is not allowed?” I asked.

“We do have rules. Bill picked her up one night on her way home from the station. It was raining, and she was soaking wet. He suggested she take her wet clothes off. Her family were also nudists, so she didn’t hesitate. Somehow, they ended up fucking on the back seat. After that, they did it a few more times. She liked his big cock and kept coming back for more.”

“Is it bigger than mine?” I asked.

“About the same.”

“Bill usually used a condom with her. One day he had run out, so they did it without one. She didn’t cum the first time, so they did it again. Two months later she told him she was pregnant. All hell broke loose and we were kicked out of the club. She had it terminated, and we paid for it. That’s the main reason why we moved.”

“Did you know about them fucking?”

“Yes, I came home one day, and they were fucking in the back bedroom. I didn’t mind but told him he was silly doing it with a girl as young as she was. He laughed and told me she was legal, and I was jealous. I wasn’t.”

“I will see Bill in a different light from now on.” I laughed and said, “I will have to watch out for him and Jan.”

“Don’t laugh, he has seen her by your pool and told me she really looks good naked. He was impressed with her full bush of hair,” Norma added.

“I wish him luck. I will be surprised if he gets her pants off.”

“Don’t worry, he is a real charmer when he wants it.”

“Let’s wait and see. I won’t say anything.”

Norma then took my slack cock in her hand and immediately it rose to the occasion.

“Come on, lover boy, show me how it performs,” Norma took my hand and we went back to the bedroom again. “How would you like to do it. Do you have a favourite position?” she asked.

“I only know two ways,” I replied.

“Then I think we are going to have a lot of fun. There is a lot to learn it seems. Do you lick Jan out?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Oral sex… haven’t you ever gone down on her?”

“Holy cow, no. We have never done that. She has sucked my cock a few times but never swallowed my cum as you did."

“Then I believe you are going to have a virgin experience.”

“You mean you want me to lick your pussy?”

“More than that, I want you to make me cum.”

“I don’t know that I can. I have never done it that way ever.”

“Tom do you know something, I have never enjoyed being with a man like this for years. You are a delight; I am really enjoying this. You are so naïve and lovely. I really like you.”

“Norma, I have never been with a woman like you ever. At college, I had a couple of one-night stands and then met Jan. I have never been with another woman since. Somehow, and I don’t know why, I am beginning to enjoy this myself. I don’t feel guilty for some reason.”

“That’s because I am good at what I do. I am one of the favourites at the swingers, all the men hope to get a draw with me.”

“Somehow I am beginning to find out why. It seems you have no inhibitions about having sex with different men. How does Bill feel about it when he sees you with other men?”

“He loves it. I see him with other women and when we come home, we discuss who we were with and what we did. It’s not unusual for us to have a fuck ourselves after all we have done.”

“Will you be telling him about us?”

“For sure. Come on let’s give me something to talk about. I think you are about to lose one of your virginities.”

Norma then began to wipe herself with a damp washcloth and clean herself ready for me to do something I have never ever achieved with any woman before.

She then lay back on the bed and told me to get down between her legs.

Once we were both in a position for me to get my head down and lick her pussy. Norma started to tell me how she wanted me to start on her and so I would not be too embarrassed and to realise what women liked when this was done to them. I was going to have to remember everything. I wanted to learn how to do it well so I could attempt it on Jan if I got a chance. I had not felt so inadequate for years. This was going to be a real experience for me.

Norma lifted her legs and held them up with her arms. I could see her vagina which looked like a ripe peach. Her vulva was plump and hair free. Unlike Jan she had removed most of her pubic hair and only had a little bit above her slit. I could see it was moist and then she said,

“Use your fingers to open me wide and see what I look like.”

I did as I was told, and I saw that she looked a little different to Jan. Jan and me had played around at times and I had masturbated her with my fingers during our foreplay. I had never attempted to do what I was about to do to Norma.

Jan had her inner labia protruding a little from her vulva. Norma ‘s was completely covered by her prominent, plump outer lips. I could see the inside of her vagina. She looked pretty much the same as Jan. Pink and moist. Her urethra was the same and her clitoris is quite a bit bigger than Jan’s.

Jan’s clit was about the size of a match head. Norma’s was almost as big as three match heads. I was fascinated by the fact Norma was quite enjoying me using my fingers to explore her the way I was. I was just touching and admiring her and not fingering her as I would if I was masturbating her. I remembered last night and her performance on the lawn and how she had masturbated using a dildo.

“You are nice and close; I can feel your breath. Now lick between my lips right up from the bottom to the top.”

I did as I was told. This was my first experience as far as giving a woman oral sex. My virgin lick. It had taken fifty years to achieve this and I felt like a naughty boy, and I was loving it. My cock, believe it or not, was slack and began to leak pre-cum. I was that aroused.

She had the scent of a woman that I had noticed similar to Jan at times. The taste of her vagina on my tongue was slightly musky and quite erotic.

“Now do what you feel comes naturally and I will tell you if I want you to do something special,” Norma told me.

I then proceeded to lick her thoroughly and then put my mouth over her slit and pushed my tongue into her as far as I could get it to go.

“That’s beautiful,” she said.

I continued to use my tongue to pleasure her. Then I moved up and licked her clitoris.

“Use your fingers and squeeze it and get it out of its sheath,” Norma instructed.

I did exactly what I was told. It looked pink and wet and when I licked it and her body jerked.

“Sorry,” I said.

“No, Keep doing it like that, I love it. It’s sensitive there. You are doing everything right.”

I felt like a kid in a lolly shop. It was exciting. This was something I had never imagined I would be doing to a woman.

After a few licks, she was quite comfortable with my licking. Then she told me,

“Put your mouth over it and suck it into your mouth and lick it.”

I did exactly as I was told, and she shivered and jerked a little as my tongue rubbed her clit. It was obvious she was enjoying what I was doing as I noticed she was getting wetter and I had some cunt juice to add to the taste of her. I was really having an amazing virgin experience doing this.

“Oh God, I love this. You are going extremely well for your maiden experience,” she told me.

I maintained my licking for a few minutes before she virtually screamed.

“Keep going… Keep going, I’m cumming, I’m cumming… get ready.”

I had no idea what to expect. Then she really began to buck and lifted her bum off the bed and forced my mouth onto her even harder. I could hear her grunting and groaning.

Then she called out loudly, "Keep it there… Keep it there. Oh, shit this is amazing. Fuck me, I am loving this.”

For some reason, I felt as proud of myself as I could ever imagine. This was better than a hole in one at golf. My cock was now dripping pre-cum, I was that aroused.

Norma’s orgasm was a unique experience for me. I had not experienced any woman other than Jan having an orgasm. I had seen Norma cum twice now. I had also watched her cum while masturbating on the lawn, but then it wasn’t my tongue stimulating her clit.

After she had cum, I sat up and watched her beautiful body lying there, she was deep breathing and sweating. Her breasts were rising and falling with each deep breath. This was something I had never experienced before. I had never seen a woman cum from oral sex. Her legs were spread, and I could not help but look at that part of her I had just enjoyed.

I touched her and she said, “You can do that again. Don’t stop, I like it.”

I did exactly as I was told before she sat up.

Afterwards, we just sat and relaxed and I discussed the experience I had never enjoyed before. Norma was somewhat fascinated with my naivety. I had a feeling she was getting some satisfaction from my inexperience and had some idea she was going to show me how wonderful sex can be. She was anything but inexperienced and I learned during our conversation she had worked as a prostitute in a brothel as a nineteen-year-old student to pay her way through her studies. She was an amazing woman.

We then went and had a cup of coffee.

She was in no hurry to continue my education. However, it was obvious I had much to learn and she was going to be a great teacher.

I hadn’t realised that it was now some hours after I had arrived, the sun was going down and it was getting cooler. We had been enjoying our fun in the sun for over four hours.

Norma asked, “When is Jan coming home?”

“Not until tomorrow,” I replied.

“Great, you can sleep with me tonight. There is no hurry, you have fucked before so we know that is not something I need to show you how to do, I hope,” she laughed as she left no doubt that we were going to fuck normally. We remained naked as she was perfectly comfortable and it was warm indoors.

The next couple of hours were interesting as we talked about our various experiences and my inexperience. We spent some time talking about the local swingers' club she and Bill participated in, having been expelled from the last one. I was completely unaware such happenings took place in the area.

I learned that there were a few people I was aware of in the town who were participants. I knew the young woman who worked in the pharmacy but not her partner who was a trainer in the gym. He was in big demand from the women as he could maintain his erection for some time and allow the women to cum two or three times each time as he fucked them. The pharmacy girl was able to procure some interesting stimulants for some of the older men, and a regular supply of condoms and lubricants at attractive prices. Evidently, condoms were required for most fucks.

The parson's daughter was also a member (who it seems was a nymphomaniac,) whose partner was a teacher at the local school. Both seemed to be in demand as well. She was the youngest member at twenty-three and was in demand for sex just for being the parson's daughter. Evidently, she had no inhibitions about doing what any man wanted her to do.

Norma quite enjoys the variety of men herself and mentioned her aim was to go with at least four men every visit. Bill’s ambition, it seemed were women he sought out for various reasons.

I could not imagine Jan even considering going to the club let alone having sex with men she didn’t really know.

It was getting late and Norma suggested we have a light meal and go to bed and finish off the night with a good fuck.

I was quite agreeable. My afternoon had not only been enjoyable, unique and enlightening, but I had enjoyed doing what we had done and being naked for as long as I could ever remember, and with an attractive naked woman as well. I felt like a naughty boy might feel.

I helped her clean up and tidy the kitchen as I would have done if I had been at home with Jan. then we just went to her bedroom as if I had been going to bed with Jan.

We both used her en-suite bathroom and I joined her on the bed.

We didn’t speak but she rolled toward me and we kissed. It was something I had not done with another woman since being married. The kiss was open mouthed and just as I kissed Jan. it was nice, sexy and I enjoyed her.

As we kissed my cock firmed up as the passion rose in our kiss. She felt it and took my hand and put it on her breast. That was the signal that the curtain had gone up on the performance.

I squeezed her firm breasts and fondled a nipple. She obviously enjoyed that as she positioned herself in a way I had easy access to both her breasts.

“Squeeze the nipples harder,” she asked.

Her hand went down to my cock and she responded to my manipulation of her breasts with a similar touch of my genitals. This was just wonderful. No hurry, no rush, just a soft and gentle way of preparing herself for a comfortable fuck.

Norma then sat up on the bed, we looked at each other knowing what we were about to do.

I took each breast and held each one in one hand. I had two hands full of warm, firm, beautiful flesh. had done this to Jan many times and she loved it. I leaned forward and kissed and sucked each nipple which was already hard and erect, just as my cock does when Jan very occasionally kisses it for me before she sucks it.

Norma said, “I like that.”

“They are beautiful tits,” I said as I sat back and looked at the firm red nipples and the bright red areola I had just licked and sucked. Both shone with the moisture I had left on them.

Then Norma leaned forward and put two fingers around my cock and squeezed it. If it were possible to get harder, it did. I could feel the hardness wanting to burst out of its skin covering. It twitched as she then put her hand completely around it and stroked the soft skin up and down pulling the foreskin over the head of it. Then she leaned down and licked the pre-cum from the eye of it. Like she had done before she put her mouth over the head of it and licked around the rim then removed her mouth to reveal the shiny purple head of my cock.

“That’s a beautiful cock,” she said as she held and looked at it closely. “I want you to fuck me with that,” she said.

Then she lay down and lifted her legs and spread them apart and I was looking at a beautiful slit with a little patch of hair above it and I knew that what was inside there would give me a sensation I had probably not enjoyed since the first few times I had fucked Jan. We were novices then and we didn’t realise how wonderful fucking could be.

I looked up to her face. She was smiling and she had that look of a woman who knew what she was doing.

I took my cock in my hand and guided it to her opening. It was pink and adorable. I leaned forward and placed the tip of my cock against the lips of her cunt. I then pressed forward, and the head of my cock entered her body and I gently pushed it into her. I put my arms between her legs, and down onto the bed beside her. In doing so, held them apart and she was able to release her hold on them. She then placed her feet over my shoulders which gripped my cock even firmer. I pressed it down into her warm, tight wet vagina.

She used the pressure of her legs on my back to lift her ass off the bed and get the entire length of my cock so far into her I could feel the rim of her vagina against my balls. When I fucked Jan we just got together, and we fucked. What I was doing to Norma was almost ceremonial.

“God, that feels good. You have a wonderful cock. Not every man who has fucked me has made it feel as good as you have.”

I leaned forward and we kissed. That made fucking her feel even better.

We kissed gently… not passionately, for a minute or two. Just on the lips.

“You know many of the women at the swingers' club won’t allow men to kiss them when they fuck. They say that is for tarts or sluts. I am neither but this would only be the second or third time a man has kissed me when we were fucking. Bill does it because he knows I like it.”

“To be honest I can’t remember the last time Jan and I kissed when I was fucking her, but we have done it.”

I then proceeded to slowly lift and thrust my cock inside her and we soon had a nice rhythm between us that we were both enjoying.

Norma then put her fingers of each hand on my nipples and tweaked them.

“Oh, sweet Jesus,” I said. “That feels amazing, it sends a sensation right down into my balls.”

“Doesn’t Jan do that for you?”

“No, that is the first time I have had that done, I never realised my nipples reacted like that, I loved it.”

Norma laughed and said,

“I usually do that when the guy is taking too long, and I want him to cum. I don’t always enjoy a marathon fuck. Some of them seem to be able to go forever, and I get sore.”

“Shit, am I taking too long? I have only been in there for a couple of minutes.”

“No, No, No, I am loving this, it was just something I did, I didn’t realise you were unaware of the sensation. I am sorry I gave you the wrong message. I could go on for ages with you. It feels good in there, probably because I really want it with you. Often I am just going through the motions just to keep the guy happy at the club.”

“Do you cum every time a guy fucks you?”

“No. Cumming is something that I only enjoy when you like the guy doing it with you. I would say I cum about thirty per cent of the time I get fucked. Bill can make me cum every time.

“How does it feel with me?”

“I know I am going to cum with you.”

We stopped talking as I knew I had to make sure I didn’t cum before Norma. I didn’t want to spoil our first time together.

We fucked silently for another few minutes. I was making sure I didn’t cum until she was ready.

“What are you thinking about?” Norma asked.

“I was making sure I don’t cum before you. I don’t want to spoil our first time. You said you wanted to cum with me.”

“I like you; this is better than I imagined. At first, I just thought it would be fun to seduce you and let you know I could. I didn’t know it was going to be as good as this. I have not enjoyed myself as much for ages.”

“Thanks, I could not believe it when we started to get amorous that things would lead to us sleeping in the same bed overnight and doing everything we have. I thought you and I might fuck and then it would be over, and I would be home regretting what I had done and having been unfaithful to Jan.”

“And are you?”

“Does it look like it? I have never enjoyed being with a woman like I am being with you. Jan and I have never had an afternoon of doing everything we have done, never. We have had a few good fun fucks and the very occasional cock suck, but I have never licked her pussy or done the things I have with you. This is amazing, as far as I am concerned.”

“Would you like it to continue?”

“In a word, Yes. But I don’t know if we can. Jan I am sure would not be interested in joining the swingers' club. She would be revolted at the suggestion.”

“Then she has to be convinced that she would enjoy doing what we do there. Maybe I could just get her and Bill together and then you and I could do it as often as you want to.”

“That is fantasy land. Jan would never do it.”

“Leave it to me and be patient. I will work out a way that the four of us can do this together. Believe me, I have my ways.”

“I hope so but be careful. Don’t let her know that we have done this today. I have done things I have never done before, like licking you. That is a first for me as I have said. I have never licked her cunt.”

I had never fucked Jan and talked as much as Norma and I had talked. Today was a life-changing experience for me. One I have thoroughly enjoyed but feel I may never reveal in my lifetime. If I got to do this with Norma again it would have to be the best-kept secret of my life. I am sure Jan would divorce me if she became aware of what we hade done together.

I had no doubt Norma will be telling Bill that she has seduced me. I hope he will be cool with it. He obviously doesn’t mind her fucking other men at the swingers but then he is aware of who she does it with and what they do, I assume.

Both of us were fucking like we had been doing it for years now.

Then Norma said loudly, “Get ready, I am cumming.”

I increased the speed of my thrusts to try and make it as good an orgasm as she could enjoy.

“Oh Fuck, oh fuck, Yes, yes, keep it going like that. Faster… faster. Harder… harder…Oh, shit…. go harder.”

Norma wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me into her to get my cock as deep into her cunt as possible. This felt amazing for me. We were really locked together.

I was giving it everything I could and concentrate on doing exactly what I was told to do. Jan has never yelled at me to do what Norma was asking.

Norma’s bum was now off the sheets. She still had her legs locked around me as she forced my cock deeper into her. What she was doing was making my cock inside her get harder and further up her. She really knew how to make a guy feel good when she was cumming. Then I came. It was like a speeding bullet; I had no control over what was happening to me.

“Oh hell,” I screamed. I was already cumming before I realised it. I was squirting cum into Norma as I had never cum before. It felt sensational. My cock head was so sensitive. She began to use her legs to pump her ass and get my cock pumping my cum into her. This gave me a sensation that had me squirming to get the maximum feeling of my cock inside her cunt.

I could feel her cunt full of my cum. My cock was plunging inside her into a pool of not only my cum but the juices Norma had made as we fucked. Jan had occasionally got that wet herself, and it had felt amazing, but it had never felt like this before.

I collapsed on top of her and I could feel her heartbeat as both our hearts were thumping in our chests. I could feel it through her tits that were pressed against me. It was as if we were in a sandwich press. We were both breathless and covered in sweat. This had to be the most amazing fuck I had ever enjoyed. When I first got married to Jan it felt great to fuck and not have to worry about feeling guilty. Norma had surpassed the best effort Jan and I had ever enjoyed. This had been the best fuck of my life.

We both took a while to recover.

Norma broke the silence.

“I have not enjoyed cumming like that for years. That was one of my best. Thank you.”

“That was, without doubt, the best fuck I have ever enjoyed. Never have I cum like that. You were amazing.” I said.

“Then we had better make sure it is not the last time we do it together.”

“I hope not too, but I will have to be so careful. I don’t want Jan finding out.”

“Maybe her mother can get really ill, not that I would want that to happen, but it would give us the opportunity to do this more often. If Bill was home, we could do it at your place so it would make you feel better. I am sure he wouldn’t mind.”

The two of us cuddled together. Usually, when I finished fucking Jan, we both went to the bathroom to clean up. It was obvious neither of us was leaving the bed. We began to kiss passionately, and I fondled her breasts again. I knew to her it was just something that happened. To me, I was feeling somewhat guilty of being unfaithful. Before long we both knew a second fuck was inevitable. I soon forgot to feel guilty.

“Come on big boy, let's fuck again. I love it,” she said.

Without a moment's hesitation, she got up and positioned herself ready for a doggy fuck. Jan liked a doggy occasionally. She was guaranteed of cumming when we fucked like that.

As I positioned myself behind Norma, I realised her cheeks were as firm as her breasts. For a woman of her age, she had really looked after herself.

I took my cum covered cock and slid it into her pussy that was weeping the product of our earlier lovemaking. My cock slid in like a greased pole.

After our earlier time together, this was another magnificent experience for me. I had done Jan doggy fashion often and I believe I was able to fuck Norma this way and for her to enjoy it.

It didn’t take long for her to tell me I would be in great demand should I ever get to visit the swingers club.

“Most women love doggy, and you are doing it as well as any of the other men there. I am sure you would be a hit,” Norma told me as I pumped my cock into her.

Then she surprised me. “Have you ever had your cock-up Jan’s arse?”

“You would have to be joking. She would no more agree to that than fly,” I replied.

“Then there is a chance you wouldn’t mind giving it to me that way. I like it.”

“Hell, that is something I have never even imagined doing. Now you have mentioned you like it; I could be convinced to try with you if you wish.”

“OK, when we have finished this one, I will get some lube and we can have a go that way. It is something we can’t do at the swingers' club. The men are against it, not the women. Something they believe is a potential HIV danger. I don’t agree but they make the rules. I did it often in the brothel.”

We proceeded to keep going on doggy and my mind was spinning. This woman is amazing,

We fucked like we were until she came. She was nowhere near as vigorous in cumming as she had been before. I kept going for another few minutes before I came again and added another load of cum to what remained of my last load.

After I came, we both stood up. I still had strings of cum dripping from my cock. Norma said, “I think we should have a clean-up. Do you feel like showering with a friend? I am leaking like a tap.”

Norma headed to the bathroom with me behind her.

We showered together and had a great deal of fun as our hands and the shower gel was liberally applied by each of us.

After showering we went back to bed and we talked about how she could approach Jan and see if she could convince her to try sex with her or with another man. Norma had evidently forgotten about me fucking her ass, as I had done as well.

I remained to be convinced that Jan would ever fuck Bill. We talked about how the two of us could continue to enjoy the fun and pleasure the two of us had enjoyed. This was going to be far easier to arrange.

Over the next week or two, it seems we had all had established routines.

Friday, Jan went to her mother’s for the weekend, to relieve her sister of the nursing duties of their elderly mother. Bill and Norma were going to the swingers' club each Friday night. I prepared for golf the following day.

Saturday. I played golf. Bill and Norma were trying to establish a regular tennis day as they had a tennis court. They were encouraging a couple of people from the swingers' or nudist clubs to play. Saturday night I spent the night with Norma. She had informed Bill of the fact that we had begun to fuck, and he was happy with that, as he had a younger woman from the nudist club he was shagging. Norma was aware of it.

Sunday, I used to spend in the garden and cleaning the pool. Now I was spending the morning in bed with Norma and the afternoon doing my chores.

During the week Jan played bridge on Tuesdays and tennis on Thursdays. She didn’t work and spent some time in the garden. Occasionally one of her tennis ladies would come over for a swim and spend some time naked by the pool getting themselves an all over tan. Jan was not averse to nudity but was very selective as to who she shared her pleasure with.

Norma had a devious mind and she worked out that Jan enjoyed her time by the pool naked. There had been a gate between the previous neighbour's place (now Norma and Bills) that both families used to move between the properties to use the pool or the tennis court. It didn’t take us long for Norma to begin to use the gate and our pool after we invited them to use it as often as they wished. It wasn’t long before Jan was comfortable with Norma joining her. Jan was still not aware of my nocturnal habits with Norma.

I was beginning to introduce a few of the more conventional positions when having sex with Jan. Norma had been instructing me in those ways so Jan would become used to a few different ways.

Jan was not objecting to the variety and during one of my new moves became curious and asked me why I had recently become more adventuresome in our sex habits.

I told her I thought our sex was becoming a bit routine. I had been reading a magazine with some interesting positions in it. This was not a lie; Norma had shown me the book on a few occasions and asked which position I would like to try. I told Jan it might help her take her mind off her mum's illness.

When I suggested she might like to look at the magazine, she seemed interested.

Jan laughed and said Norma had been telling her few home truths about their sex life and she was amazed that the two of them had no inhibitions about having sex with other couples. She told me that they go to a place and have sex with different people. "There is a club in our area. It was one of the reasons they moved here." She was surprised but not disgusted that they did that.

I had to make out I was surprised. I jokingly said, "now that would be interesting. I wonder who else we know does it?"

I could now see what Norma was up to. She was slowly adding the world of swinging into their conversations she was having with Jan during their nudist sessions by our pool. Norma told me one night as we were fucking, Jan was becoming quite interested in their swinging conversations. When Norma told me this, I was very happy.

Jan’s mum died shortly after things were beginning to get interesting. Jan and Norma were beginning to enjoy a far more intimate relationship. Norma and Jan had masturbated together, and they had ‘touched’ each other Norma informed me. Norma said it would not be long before the two of them were participating in the things that women do together. Jan had not mentioned any of this to me.

Jan’s mother’s death put a spanner in the works as far as Norma and I were concerned. Jan would now be home at weekends and Norma, and I had to make secret arrangements to meet for my ‘sex lessons.’

A couple of weeks after her mother's death, Jan told me she had to go to her mother's place for a week as she and her sister had to clean the house out as they intended to sell it. Her sister and her husband wanted the money. This was good news for me… and Norma.

During that week, I came home early every afternoon and Norma and I had sex together, mostly by our pool. By now Norma had told Bill that we were having sex and Bill had no problems as he had his nudist girl he could entertain. Bill invited his woman over to their place a few nights and Norma and I enjoyed our time in our bedroom.

Norma was getting Jan to relax a lot more and they had begun to do a lot more things that women do, and Jan was enjoying it. Occasionally Jan would tell me Norma had been over during the day and they spent a bit of time beside the pool.

I had to be careful I didn’t say or do anything that Jan might realise I knew all the details that Norma had filled me in with… and what I was doing with Norma.

Norma then informed me one evening when I got home from golf, “Bill and Norma had come over today and we all had a nice time. We were all naked and he suggested that we could have a BBQ one day. I thought that would be nice. I didn’t mind him being nude at all.”

I thought that Norma has really got to Jan. Jan, it seems, was more than happy to go along with whatever Norma had in mind or has already achieved. A week or two passed. Bill had become a regular guest as well as Norma. I came home a couple of times to see wine glasses in the dishwasher. I said nothing.

Eventually, Norma’s mum's house was sold. Jan returned home after a few days at her sisters.

I came home the next day and Jan was dressed to kill. I could not believe that Jan looked so sexy in a new outfit that exposed a lot of leg and breast she did not normally reveal. My Jacket and trousers etc were spread out on the bed ready for me to shower and change.

“I am a millionaire,” she announced. “The house sold for more money than we hoped for and Patricia and I are sharing three million dollars.

“Wow,” I replied. “It looks like we are going out to celebrate,” I said.

“I have asked Norma and Bill to join us. It would be nice to have some other company,” Jan added and seemed very pleased with herself.

I was very happy with both lots of news.

Before we left, Jan told me, “We are meeting Norma and Bill at the restaurant.”

“Lovely,” I replied.

“We are staying at The Grand Hotel tonight. I have booked a limo to take us to the restaurant and I have packed your toiletries. I didn’t want us to have to drive home if we had been drinking.” Jan added.

I thought, why? We could easily afford a taxi or Uber. Mine was not to reason why. Jan had organised everything it seems.

We all met at the restaurant which was the best one in town. We could now afford it.

During dinner, Jan said, “We are paying for everything tonight. As you know I have had a very nice windfall.”

Norma said, “You were very lucky to get that price for the house. You did very well.”

Obviously, Norma had been made aware of the situation.

Now it was my turn to be a little curious. What else was she aware of?

During the dinner, I noticed Bill had put his hand over Jan’s a couple of times and they had exchanged glances and smiled. Was there something beyond the looks they were giving each other? I thought it was me who had secrets.

After dinner, we moved to the lounge for coffee and a liqueur.

Jan asked for silence.

Norma looked at me and smiled. She knew something I didn’t.

“You and Norma will be sleeping in one room and Bill and I in the other,” Jan announced.

I was gobsmacked.

“WHAT!” I exclaimed. “Say that again… did I hear that correctly?” I asked.

Jan looked straight at me and smiled.

“My darling, I became aware of what you and Norma have been doing together, weeks ago. Norma and I are better friends that you can imagine. Intimate friends. This will probably come as a shock or a surprise.”

Shit. I thought. Jan has found out about Norma and me. What was coming next?

“Bill and I have been doing what you and Norma have been doing now for a couple of weeks. Tonight, we are going to celebrate the union of the four of us.”

Jan had a smile from ear to ear. Norma winked at me. She had got her way.

“This is amazing. I can’t believe it. You and Bill have been having sex together. That’s amazing,” I stammered.

“No, it is beautiful, I never believed that I could ever do that, but I have enjoyed it with Bill and am looking forward to keeping it going. Norma has been a tower of strength to me and she has helped me through it. Our past is our past, our future together is ahead of us.” Jan said.

“You are a lucky guy, mate. Jan is one of the most wonderful women I have ever slept with. You have no idea what you have in her,” Bill said.

“Is that a pun?” I asked. We all laughed.

That was the beginning of a long and amazing relationship. Both Jan and I became nudists and swingers and I got to fuck that amazing woman who worked in the pharmacy and the parson's daughter as well. Jan was a hit with all the men and in great demand. I don’t think either of us realised our potential.

I soon learned there were at least three or four other women who lived in the area or worked in shops and their husbands or boyfriends were regulars at the club. I soon became a favourite of the schoolteacher, she was twenty-five, half my age. We were amazing together.

Our Sunday BBQ soon became a mini-swingers group. I invited the schoolteacher and her boyfriend and the six of us had our own little swinging party together. I became an extremely regular partner for Susie, the schoolteacher. Her boyfriend and Norma could not get enough of each other. She liked the younger men. Bill and Jan were inseparable. I could not imagine life any other way now. Our new neighbours had changed our lives completely, and for the better, we believed.

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