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The Tutor's Surprise

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Contributing Authors: RosePrince 

The tutoring session leads to an enjoyable evening for Jolene and her professor.

Greg stood in front of the crowd at the book store, still answering questions about his latest novel, his mind drifting to Jolene. He didn't want Jolene to be late for their tutoring appointment. He had just begun teaching Emerging U.S. History to 1865 at Boston University and enjoying being around young people again.

Greg was concerned about her progress in his class but secretly glad she couldn't grasp the latest chapter's concepts. After all, Emerging History at college level could be hard for an eighteen-year-old. And that's not all that's hard, he chuckled to himself as he hoped his trousers were baggy enough to not be obvious to the crowd.

His mind drifted further to her sexy young body and cracked a small smile thinking about how gorgeous she was. She almost always seemed to be hiding her curvy tight body under her sloppy outfits. In class, Jolene often looked like she'd just gone for a jog on a winter's day. As he imagined watching those breasts of hers bouncing when she ran, he looked again at the time. He saw that the question session was almost over, which worried him, as Jolene should have been in the crowd waiting by now.  

Greg wrapped up the session and sent Jolene a quick text message asking her if they were still on for tutoring, that he would come and pick her up if necessary. He sat in the book store office to check his email, waiting for her response. As he continued to wait, he began surfing the net.

His blood froze when he stumbled upon Jolene's online journal. He wasn't completely positive that it was Jolene that wrote it, but her past entries matched details of topics she had spoken to him about. Too many coincidences for it not to be, he thought as he continued to read. Between her passion for volunteering at the local pet community to the subjects she was taking at her first year of college, it just had to be her.

He read her posts as often as he could, making sure to keep up with her frequent entries. He knew he shouldn’t be spending time right now, but couldn't stop as he read the last entry she posted. A smile formed across his face when he read that he was her favorite author. It was just like her to say such a statement, wanting to be the teacher's pet.

His pulse quickened when he read as she wrote about how her second favorite author made her feel - that his erotica turned her on and that she knew Rose Prince was him. She went on saying that she loved the college sex story was her favorite, wishing the young student was based on her. He blushed and began to sweat, knowing that it was indeed written with her in mind.

Greg downed his coffee and read the rest about how she knew her professor was lonely but threw himself into his work to keep from thinking of his woes. She went on to say how she knew she would be able to fulfill any role her sexy idol needed, that she was really good using her mouth on dicks but she was saving her virginity for Professor Adams.  

He stopped reading when his cell rang and he answered, hearing his sweet, sexy student's voice.  

"Hey, I've been delayed for a bit, but still need to get you to explain the last classes' chapter. Can I meet you on the fourth floor of the library in another hour? Pretty please, Professor Adams?" Her sexy sing-song voice echoed in his ears. He chuckled softly, glad because he needed to go relieve his throbbing erection before meeting her.  

"Of course you can, sweetie," he replied, knowing that she loved when I called her that. I desire to call her many more sexual names and hope soon she'd express the same desires to me, he thought to himself. "I have some work to finish here, then we can get some Chinese for dinner afterward if you like. Is that okay?"  

"I'd absolutely LOVE to and I know a great place. Thanks, you're the super-super best, Professor Adams." He hung up and headed to the library, but not to see Jolene quite yet. There was still the issue of needing relief before he could focus on tutoring. In the basement bathroom was the best glory hole in town.

When it was the designated time and after he had found relief, it would take only minutes to get to the fourth-floor study rooms. It took him ten agonizing minutes to get to Mugar Memorial Library. Along the way, he kept imagining what Jolene's young lips would feel and look like around his cock. He needed relief and fast. When he arrived at the library, he practically jogged straight down to the basement and into the glory hole, glad to find one stall free.

He crouched and peeked through the hole and saw a young lady in a sexy mini skirt, standing up and facing away from the hole. He noted that her blonde hair was the exact shade of Jolene's lovely blonde hair and the same length - stopping just above her ass. But it couldn't be her because she never wore clothes like this woman.

She would do just fine - a good sucking and he'd be able to concentrate on tutoring without trying to force anything sexual on his student. He stood and took his cock out, pushing it through the hole. After waiting for only a second, he coughed to let her know that he was there.  

Jolene heard the coughing and smiled. It always made a tingle go up her spine to hear a cough after silence when she frequented the stalls. It meant another opportunity to suck a cock. She adjusted her mask, making sure it was properly placed before turning around. That mask took a lot to decorate with so many jewels, but she thought it was worth the time. She enjoyed sucking the cocks that came through the hole, but she didn't want anyone to identify her. She was afraid that any man could recognize her and assume she wanted to go further and want to do more with her if they saw her on campus.

Her mask still only covered enough of her face to make identification difficult. They could still see that she was a beautiful young girl with blue eyes and had perfect lips for sucking cocks. She felt bad about asking Professor Adams to wait, but she needed to suck at least one cock before she went to the tutoring lesson. Otherwise, she'd think of nothing else except how to go down on her professor and then beg him to deflower her. She looked at her watch - she had forty-five minutes until she needed to be changed and back to plain Jolene, the sloppily dressed college girl.

She dropped to her knees and smiled to herself as she saw the cock waiting at the hole in the wall. It was already hard and pointing right at her. She could see it twitching, waiting for her to touch it. She licked her lips as she reached out and wrapped her fingers around the waiting piece of man meat. Before she put her lips to it, she scooted up her skirt and spread her legs just enough for the man to be teased by her bare pussy if he were to peek. She knew the last few months of practice had made her better than when she started.

She wanted to be the best cocksucker she could be when so she would be ready when the moment happened, she would be able to convince Professor Adams that she was worth taking time to let her suck him. And, she thought to herself, maybe he would make a woman of her. She blushed, remembering some of the fantasy dates with her professor that ended in passionate sex. She learned best through practice, so she was thankful of the men that coached her, as many men were either verbal or physical as she made love to their cocks through the hole.  

She took this man's cock into both her hands and licked its head, but she heard nothing. Was this going to be the first silent man that appeared at her stall? She was intrigued as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft slowly, moving her hands to his balls. She smiled when she saw her freshly manicured nails against his flesh. She had chosen apple red nails with sparkly diamonds glued at each tip. She hoped Professor Adams would notice while she sat close to him in the small study room. She wanted so badly to dig them into his back when he took her for the first time.

Touching her lips to the man's cock, she felt his cock pressing against them, wanting entrance. She found herself again wishing it were the professor. She held her hand at the base of his cock and pushed his shaft as far as it could go into her mouth. The feel of his cock between her lips was exciting and she wanted more. Slowly, she pulled her mouth away from him to catch her breath. Jolene felt the urge to tease this man, hoping he'd see her hands on him making him even closer to cumming. She knew he was ready, but she kept stroking his cock slowly for a few minutes.

Finally, she took him once more into her mouth and pushed it even further, relaxing so her throat would allow his cock to plunge deeper. She used her other hand to tease her slit as she held her mouth deep on him. She knew from past experience that men enjoyed it.  

As soon as Greg felt the woman start to worship his cock, he struggled not to moan. His eyes shut in pleasure as he found himself imagining being in his classroom, standing in front of his class. There, hidden behind the lectern, was his sexy Jolene kneeling, hidden from view and sucking on his hard throbbing cock. Greg's eyes shot open when he felt her take her mouth away, but moaned as he saw soft, small hands popping through to his side of the hole, stroking him teasingly. He wouldn't take much longer, this woman knew what she was doing.

Luckily, it wasn't long before he took his cock deep into her mouth again and stopped her teasing. He needed to release his seed and get up to Jolene. He stifled a moan. Trying desperately to stop himself imagining the images he couldn't erase from his mind, he began to thrust his hips. He wanted to fuck the perfect mouth that was showing his cock such devotion. Her moans sounded young but experienced, the sounds and sensations worked in perfect synchronization bringing him closer to orgasm.  

Reluctantly he pulled his cock back through the hole. He had to get Jolene out of his mind. Crouching down he peeked through the hole, he saw the tight wet little slit being teased by her fingers. It only made him think of only one thing -he needed his young student Jolene, one way or another. He looked over her body, his gaze trailing up to her face. He grinned seeing a small jewel covered mask hiding the woman's identity. This sexy secret woman only made his balls begin to ache.

God, I want Jolene so badly, he thought to himself. He had to unload quickly and get to her. Barely thinking, he pushed his dick through the hole again. As she resumed sucking his shaft, he felt his cum rise as the situation and her skills got the better of him. He started to cum, filling her mouth and as she sucked the last of it, he pulled out his phone to send a quick text.

'I'll be there shortly. I'm eager to make sure you fully understand everything so far and we can stay as long as you like.'  

Greg sent the text as he moved back and slowly put his cock back into his trousers. He had to be careful to keep them clean. He didn't want any awkward stains for when he met Jolene. It would be difficult enough stopping himself from getting an erection. He heard a cell beeping on the other side of the partition. He began to leave and decided to take the stairs to give himself time to recover. Seems like she also had somewhere to be, he chuckled to himself.  

Jolene grabbed her phone quickly, glad to have gotten the man's load fully swallowed before her phone went off. The man had retreated back into his side of the partition, so she was free to turn and check her phone. She read the text and noticed the time. She quickly slipped her skirt back down over her hips and let it fall to the floor. Unzipping her backpack, she pulled out her pink thongs and her baggy sweatpants. She didn't want to appear to be wanting attention, but she secretly liked having special underwear. These lacy pink thongs matched her bra.

She picked up her pullover sweater and placed it over her head, letting it fall into place. That was easy. The sweater allowed her to keep her tight T-shirt and bra underneath, so she didn't spend a lot of time changing outfits in case she was running late to class when she got really into visiting the basement.  

She stuffed her mask and her skirt into her backpack, zipped it, and unlocked the stall door. She looked both ways and snuck quickly out, happy to exit the basement without anyone seeing her. As she pushed the button for the fourth floor, Jolene leaned against the wall of the elevator. Closing her eyes, she imagined how her handsome professor would look in just a few short minutes. She reached into her sweatpants and under her panties, testing to see just how excited she had gotten from just sucking on a cock. Her finger slid easily along her slit as she grinned to herself. Imagining her finger was Professor Adams' cock, she slid it inside her and moaned.

Be patient, she told herself, one day it will happen. Startled by the ding of the elevator, Jolene's eyes shot open and she yanked her hand from inside her clothing. The elevator had arrived on the fourth floor and students were waiting to enter. She darted out of the elevator to Room B. Every time they met there, Jolene imagined it was a hotel room. She giggled to herself imagining what wild things she would let him do to her. Just as she arrived at the door, she heard a whisper extremely close behind her.

"Looks like we have good timing," Greg whispered into Jolene's ear. He inhaled deeply, smelling her hair as he was incredibly close to her. Letting her open the door, he stepped back one step after telling himself he was dangerously close to doing too much. He chuckled, noticing she was once again wearing her baggy clothes. His mind flashed back to the anonymous woman. Could Jolene look like that if she wore the same outfit?

Greg’s cock twitched as he thought about it. He felt guilty about wanting his sexy student, but couldn't stop imagining watching the mini skirt slide down her body. He turned and locked the door, deciding she was worth everything. He loved teaching Emerging U.S. History but right now he wished all he had to do was fuck the fabulous girl standing in front of him. As cool and collected as he could make himself sound, he smiled at Jolene and asked, "So where do you want to start?"  

Jolene returned the smile. I know where I want to start, she said inside her mind. I want to start by getting on my knees. She snapped herself back to reality as they both pulled up a chair and sat at the table. Jolene reached into her bag, searching for her notebook. Her mask fell to the floor. She envisioned walking into his office wearing only the mask. She realized what she was doing and quickly snatched it up, hoping that Greg didn't see it and ask questions. She was relieved to see that Greg was focusing on the books on the table in front of him.

Finally, she found it. "I have a couple of questions written down." She flipped through the notebook.

Greg watched and listened intently. His groin reacted as his nose caught a familiar smell. Closing his eyes to focus more on the smell, he felt the blood rushing to his cock. He shook his head to try and rid himself of the thought. There was no way he could be smelling her pussy. His lust for her was creating false stimulation to his senses. He needed to focus on what she was saying.

"Professor Adams, are you listening?" Jolene giggled, wondering why his eyes were closed and he was shaking his head. She cleared her throat as she found the right page in her notebook. "Here. Here it is." Jolene finally had his attention, so she pointed to the list of questions that she prepared. She grinned as she admired her nails and was glad she had gotten well worth what she paid for the manicure. She saw him look to the spot in her notebook that contained the list. "See here?"

Greg realized what he was doing and blinked his eyes to help him focus once again. As Jolene found the list, he followed her hand to see where she was pointing. He saw her perfectly manicured red finger tipped hands and froze. Could that - he wondered. He leaned closer to her, pretending to be looking at her notes. She smelled faintly of cum and pussy juices, he was sure of it now. He looked back at her bag, which was open. He could see the corner of a mask. The same mask he had seen through the hole.

He looked back at Jolene and smiled, secretly thanking fate that it was Jolene that had just sucked his cock. So her journal entries were true. He was sure of it and would be more than willing to oblige. Trusting his instincts, he decided that he would take advantage of his time alone with his student. His cock throbbed once more. He looked at her gorgeous smile. Those lips, he thought, were just on my cock. He didn't want her to know just yet that he knew her secret. Hopefully, he could do more - and soon.  

Jolene smiled as Greg moved closer to her, his hand grazing hers as he read her questions. Greg ran his hand along her arm softly, encouragingly. I need to feel her in my arms, he thought as he turned his head slowly looking into her eyes, his hand resting on her arm. Greg looked into her stunning blue eyes, both he and Jolene lost themselves in the moment. He couldn’t wait to have her laid on the desk, legs spread as he drove his cock into her virgin folds. Taking her as mine, he thought, fulfilling both hers and my fantasies. She blinked causing him to crash back to reality. Greg coughed, clearing his throat as he felt his cock painfully erect in his trousers.  

“Jolene, don’t you find it too hot in here, maybe you should remove your sweater. And I'll offer you a way to help your knowledge retention.” Greg said as he stood removing his jacket, Jolene's eyes not once leaving his body, his shirt was tight against his torso and she could see the bulge in his trousers.

She stood nervously, she wanted him to see her tight t-shirt but she was scared he wouldn’t want her. Slowly she grabbed the hem of her jumper and pulled it up, slowly revealing her tight form fitting t-shirt to her idol. Greg sat down on his chair subconsciously licking his lips as he looked at her body.  

“Jolene, firstly remember I’ve told you to call me Greg in these private sessions. Now here’s an unconventional idea that would have to stay between us, because it could get me in trouble. Is that okay?” She nodded, her mind visibly racing with possible ideas about what he was going to suggest. “Sit on my lap so it’s easier for me to help you, I'll be able to see the textbook from your perspective.”

Jolene looked at Greg, her idol wanted her sat on his lap. Her heart beat a hasty beat against her ribs as her body tingled as she slowly sat on his lap. Her pussy craved attention as she felt his erection nestled between her ass cheeks. She turned her head looking at Greg.  

“I'm not too heavy, am I?” she asked sweetly as she wriggled on him, enjoy how his erection felt under her. She was rewarded with a soft chuckle from Greg as he wrapped his right arm around her belly. He leaned in close, placing his lips against the left side of her neck and kissing, slowly moving his lips to her cheek then ear lobe.  

“I've desired you since you joined my class, I can’t keep it secret any longer. I want you, no, I need you.” He whispered into her ear before sucking on her ear lobe softly. Jolene moaned her mind too full of his revelation. She felt him twitch in times with her moans, grabbing his right hand with hers and guided him to move it under her sweat pants and feeling her special undies. Her heart flipped as her breathing got faster.

Professor Adams, the man of her dreams wanted her and was touching her. She gasped as she felt him pushing two fingers slowly into her pussy, his thumb running in circles over her clit. His fingers slid deeper into her tight hole, exploring what would be his soon enough.  

He pushed a third finger into her tight juicy pussy, determined to make her feel good. He spread his fingers slowly inside of her, allowing her to get used to the feeling of stretching. Greg curled his fingers in her as he moved his thumb in faster circles over her clit. What can I get her doing for me, he wondered as she moaned loving the feel of his fingers in her. She leaned further back into Greg. Jolene gyrated trying to get his fingers deeper into her.

She needed his touch, she needed to know that Greg liked her. Greg used his spare hand to move her t-shirt so her left shoulder was exposed, he placed his lips on her shoulder and kissed softly. Gradually he increased the pressure, sucking on her shoulder and giving her a love bite.  

“Prof... Greg, please don’t stop. More, please.” Jolene said breathlessly. Her desire for the professor increasing. She groaned as his fingers started moving rhythmically bringing her closer to orgasm. Her body felt as if it was on fire, her desire coursing through her veins as she writhed on his body, her eyes shut as the pleasure flowed over her. He removed his fingers sensing she was on edge. He sucked on her ear lobe softly nibbling it as she groaned at losing the feeling of his fingers in her pussy.  

“Now, my dear sweet innocent Jolene, do you want to cum? Do you want me to give you the pleasure that you haven’t yet felt?” his breath blew into her ear as he whispered to her.  

“Please, Greg, please make me feel good.” She said with bated breath, her nipples erect as her pussy dripped with desire. Greg pulled her sweat pants down never once stopping from kissing her neck. He removed her sweatpants and picked her up, standing as he did. He moved around the table and placed her on it, avoiding her notebooks and textbooks. Greg grinned as he spread her legs kneeling between them. He held her legs apart as he softly kissed each of her inner thighs moving his kissing up towards her delectable sweet pussy.

Softly, his lips grazed her slit, barely making contact to tease her. His lips grazed her sensitive clit before tantalizingly slowly wrapping around it. He sucked softly enjoying her moans as he did so. He lightly grazed his teeth against her clit wanting her to feel as many new sensations as he could give her.

He ran his tongue along her slit, from her clit down, in a zig-zag pattern. The tip of his tongue lightly teasing her lips. His tongue danced faster along her slit, each pass of his tongue it slid deeper into her warm welcoming hole.  

Greg looked up at her, their eyes connecting as he pushed his tongue deeper. He wriggled his tongue, exploring the inner folds of her delectable pussy. His ears listening to her moans as he searched for the most sensitive spots, trying to make her scream in pleasure. As he pushed his tongue deeper into her his nose pressed against her clit. He ran his hands up her legs and under her t-shirt, softly grasping her tits, caressing them and squeezing them in time with his tongues speed.

She bucked and writhed on the desk under him, his thumbs and forefingers as his tongue wriggled and danced inside her as his nose ground against her clit. She started to scream as an orgasm washed over her, her pussy squirting and filling Greg’s mouth, covering his face with her juices.

Jolene couldn't take so much pleasure anymore. Greg most certainly knew what he was doing, as she could hardly catch her breath. She ran her fingers through his hair and tried pulling him back just a little. "Oh God, Greg. That feels so good. But I need a second. I can't breathe." She watched him pull away from her and smile, his mustache, lips, and chin dripping with her juices. She breathed deeply. Her heart was racing. She felt more alive than she had ever had.

Grinning at the sight of him at her pussy, Jolene knew that she was hooked. She couldn't stop. He had to take her, she wanted it desperately. And he even confessed it to her. "I'm ready." She slowly sat back up as she watched him stand up to meet her. He was standing, fully clothed just inches from her. She smiled as she looked into his eyes. As she tried to undo Greg's belt, she was surprised when he stopped her.  

Greg could see the look of disappointment in Jolene's eyes when he placed a hand on hers to stop her from going further. He leaned in to kiss her lips, knowing that it was the first time that she tasted her own juices on a man's lips. Hearing her moan through the kiss only made his cock throb more, he desired her badly. But not here. She deserved better. He needed to explain.

Pulling back just slightly to break the kiss, he smiled and spoke. "Sweetie, there's nothing that I desire more than to keep going with you. To be as close as I can with you. But this isn't the place." He saw her start to form a pout and raised a finger to stop her from completing the facial expression. "All I mean is that we should do this somewhere else." He smiled. "Someone will surely be trying to come in that door shortly, especially if they heard you." Winking, he picked up her clothes. "Why don't we dress you quickly and we’ll talk about the rest of our evening?"  

Jolene's heart skipped a beat. At first, she thought he was rejecting her. That he didn't want her. But it was nothing bad, just absolutely fantastic. He wanted to go somewhere else. Her heart started to melt thinking how perfect Greg was. He wanted her to feel special, to take his time. She took her clothing from Greg and dressed herself, smiling as he watched. "Okay, so do you want the address of the Chinese place?"  

Greg looked puzzled. "Well, aren't you just taking me there?”

Jolene blushed. "Well, I was thinking you may not want to be seen on campus with a student. I mean your wife may see us, or another student will recognize me.”

Greg took her in his arms once more. He still felt the heat from her body as both were fully clothed. He leaned into her ear and whispered, "She works across campus, for one thing, sweetie. I'd love to be seen with such a beautiful creature as yourself." He gently sucked on her earlobe before adding, "Technically we are both adults and there's nothing wrong with us holding hands in public. We could even transfer you to another section if you cannot be my student. I do not want to give up what I just learned I desire the most." He pulled back and smiled at her. Winking and holding out his hand to her, he asked, "Shall we go?"  

Jolene smiled and took his hand. They walked out of the room and down the hall to the elevator. No one else was around. As the elevator doors opened, students walked out. Two girls smiled shyly at Greg and then not so happy glances when they saw he was holding Jolene's hand. Greg placed his arm around Jolene's shoulder and led her into the now empty car. Jolene stood there, looking dejected from the girls' vindictive looks with her shoulders down. He watched the doors shut.

Noticing how sad Jolene looked, he smirked to himself as he let his arm travel off her shoulders to slide a hand into her sweatpants. He heard her gasp as he pulled her things to one side and reached under her, teasing her wet lips. His fingertips pushed just inside her pussy and she moaned, angling her hips to give him more access. She is going to be a joy, he thought to himself, but I will take my time and let her enjoy it too. The ding of the elevator arriving brought them both back to the here and now. The ride was too quick.  

As they walked out of Mugar Memorial Library, Greg squeezed her hand. "So where is this place you want to pick up some chow from?" He winked and gave her a quick kiss.  

Jolene's ear caught what he said. They'd be picking it up. Where would they go? Her mind raced with a thousand questions, but she forced them all out. Finally, she answered, smiling, realizing she was out with her dream man. "It's off of Park Drive. You've never heard of Mei Mei?!?" Jolene giggled, amazed that his answer was him shaking his head. "Such delicious food! Their scallion pancake sandwiches are THE BEST!" Jolene giggled. She frequented the restaurant a lot but realized it might not be Greg's first choice. It wasn't the classic Chinese food everyone was accustomed to.  

Greg looked at her, puzzled but very curious. "Scallion pancake sandwiches? This doesn't sound like anything I've ever eaten."

Jolene gathered up courage and winked at him. "Then today it won't just be me experiencing firsts." She started walking away, pulling Greg behind her until he caught up to her. She walked him down Commonwealth Avenue and turned on Saint Mary's Street. "It's only a couple more blocks away." The traffic on the Turnpike below them didn't bother Jolene today. Usually, she hated the noise and felt nervous about walking over such a big roadway. Today was different, however.

She was taking the man that consumed her dreams to one of her favorite places to eat. What went on after that, she didn't know yet.  But she imagined it would be good. She knew not to get her hopes up too high. Today may be a one-time thing. After all, Greg was married to a freshman academic advisor.  She was warned against getting involved with a married man. I just won't let it get too serious, she tried to convince herself.  

She assisted Greg in ordering dinner and it was out before she could blink an eye. Time flew when she was in Greg's arms. They had spent the fifteen minutes waiting for the order, hugging and kissing and making general small talk. When it was ready, Greg carried the bags and they began walking back over towards campus. "My car is parked right by CVS. I would have driven you if I knew where this place had been." Greg told her, though he was glad to spend the extra time with her.  

"It's fine," She assured him.  

"But it's faster if we drive to my place." Greg winked as they crossed back over the Turnpike. He saw Jolene looking a little confused, realizing that he hadn't yet told her his plans. Smiling at her to ease her worries, he went on to say, "Don't worry, Jane isn't at home tonight. She's out with friends. She texted me at the book signing and told me she was leaving straight from work. She won't be home until late tonight. And I'm sure your friends will wonder where you are by then."  

They soon arrived at his Mercedes S class and climbed in. "I live about fifteen minutes northeast of here, in Chelsea. Are you okay with going there?"  

Jolene tried to not be obvious about how thrilled she was that Greg was taking her home. Her conscience told her to say otherwise, to not go home with a married man. She smiled, putting a hand on his knee and nodded. She couldn't talk right now. She looked around as they left the city. There were boats in the water as the crossed the bridge.  

Shortly after they arrived in Chelsea, Greg pulled into a large driveway. He shut off the car. "Are you ready?" After Jolene nodded, he exited and went around the vehicle.  

Jolene smiled as she saw Greg at her car door, offering a hand as he opened it. She gave him her hand eagerly and stepped out of the car. Smiling, she hooked her arm into Greg's. Trying not to look tacky, she observed the beautiful white gravel path crunching under their feet. Her eyes were drawn to the immaculate blue brick lines of paths edge, nestled right under perfectly trimmed rows of red rose bushes.

As they drew near the door, a handsome well-dressed gentleman from within the house opened it for them. His formal trousers, deep blue shirt, and red tie told her only one thing. This man must work for Greg. He has a butler? He must be even more famous than I knew, she thought to herself. But then she grew concerned. "Oh, but Greg, won't he tell?"

"Thank you, Daniel. We'll take tea in my study." Greg informed the man before turning to Jolene. She knew of his fascination for tea because he often talked about it in class. He stopped inside the foyer and patted her hands gently as he faced her. "Do not be alarmed. I trust Daniel completely. He won’t say anything to Jane." He planted a small kiss on her forehead. "Come let us sit in the study and eat this delicious smelling good.” He held up the bag of food he had carried with them.  

They walked down the large hall. Jolene observed that the walls were simplistic, with only one picture of him and his wife on their wedding day, and three landscape paintings. She recognized one as Mount Washington, the second looked to be an African sunset on the savannah. Jolene couldn't place the third landscape, but she guessed it was one from Britain where Greg came from. As they approached the next room on the right, Greg motioned her in. "It's not much, but I like to do my writing in here."  

Jolene sat down on the small loveseat and smiled as she watched Greg sit beside her, their knees touching. She looked around at the study. It was filled with books and paintings. Above his solid red stained oak desk hung a portrait of some old British General, the name saying Arthur Wellesley, First Duke of Wellington. The pictures on the wall were of various battle scenes from different eras. One, in particular, caught Jolene's eyes, a group of red-coated cavalrymen, charging at the gallop with swords drawn and all of them mounted on grey horses. It felt like a window into seeing more into the life of her sexy professor.

They ate their food in silence. Greg was waiting for Jolene to make the next move. He didn't want to rush her. Jolene offered him a bit of her beet sandwich and he tasted it. He smiled as he thanked her and they finished their own food.

It was just beginning to get awkward when his butler arrived with the tray for tea. Daniel placed the tray on the small coffee table, one large pot of steaming hot tea, several slices of lemon on a small serving with a pair of silver tongs. The two fine china cups each had a small gold sieve resting on it. Jolene noticed a look pass between Daniel and Greg, a look similar to ones that she and Greg shared. Surely she was imagining the way Daniel's eyes lowered to Greg's crotch. 

Greg used the tongs to place equal numbers of lemon slices into the cups. Each of Greg's actions was slow and deliberate but with practiced ease. He picked up the teapot and poured it through each sieve, the tea leaves collecting in the sieves. Greg took the sieves off of the cups handing Jolene one before he wordlessly picked up his and drank deeply from it. Neither one of them spoke as they watched each other drink, neither wanted to spoil the moment.  

Jolene smiled as she finished the last of the tea and set the cup down. She leaned over to Greg and smiled. "That was lovely. Thank you for sharing such a delicious drink with me."  

Greg grinned in spite of himself. She hasn't realized yet I've given her something to drink earlier this evening, he chuckled to himself. He reached up and stroked a runaway wisp of hair from her face. Leaning towards her, he kissed her lips softly. Feeling her respond, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a deeper kiss. The scent of her overwhelmed him as their hands began exploring each other's bodies. Soon he felt her hand over his growing bulge. A soft moan erupted from Jolene as he softly squeezed her left breast.  

"Let's take off that sweater," Greg whispered as they stood. He lifted it over her head as she looked at him. She then smiled and he reached for the hem of her t-shirt and winked at her. "Shall I continue?" Seeing Jolene nod, he finished peeling her shirt off. "Tell me when to stop."

 Jolene looked into Greg's eyes, smiling. She was thrilled, that her dreams were finally coming true. She smiled and watched him continue. Her lips were still closed and smiling as he touched the hooks of her lacy bra, giving him nonverbal approval to keep going.

In no time she was standing there completely topless. Her shyness was disappearing and she didn't mind Greg's eager eyes seeing every inch of her naked flesh. Her skin tingles and her nipples only accentuated the height of her arousal. She wanted to go further. She needed to have him take her tonight. There'd be no more waiting. To leave no doubt as to her wanting to move further, Jolene placed a hand on each side of her waistband and slipped her sweatpants over her hips. She looked in his eyes and bit her lower lip as she felt them fall to the ground.  

Greg tried to keep eye contact with her. He was fully aware that Jolene was now standing in just her lacy pink thongs. He felt the heat radiating from her skin. Lifting his left hand, he lightly brushed the back of his hand against her hardened nipple. He wanted to take it slowly with Jolene, but his body was telling him he needed her soon. He wrapped his arms around her, his hands holding her ass. As he started to kiss her, his need became even more urgent. His kiss deepened into a passionate one as he picked her up. Sweeping her off her feet without breaking the kiss, he carried the mostly naked beauty out of his study and down the hallway to his guest bedroom.  

Jolene's heart raced as Greg leaned in to kiss her and suddenly picked her up. She thought nothing of being carried down the hallway. Nothing around them mattered anymore. Paying no attention to her surroundings, she soon felt the soft bed beneath her and Greg's body pressed on hers as they continued to kiss. She sighed when Greg finally broke the kiss and stood over her at the side of the bed. She needed him to continue.  

Greg stood there admiring the young sexy woman that lay on the bed before him. He unbuttoned his shirt as he watched her laying there looking at him. He knew she wanted him. He knew he wanted her. His mind drifted back to earlier when he discovered her identity, seeing the mask in her backpack merely confirmed it. He knew her secret but she didn't know he knew yet. Taking a chance, he continued stripping until he stood completely nude in front of her.  

She smiled as she was enjoying watching her sexy professor undressing. Licking her lips unconsciously, her eyes were drawn to his manhood. He looked more than ready, his cock hard and throbbing as he stood. She leaned forward, inviting him closer to her. As she reached out and touched his cock, a familiar feeling washed over her. She began stroking his shaft, trying to figure out what that feeling was. Had her dreams just been that vivid? No, it was the feel of his cock in her hands. The silence from him as she began to massage him further…  

Greg watched her as his dream became a reality. His sexy naked student nearly naked on the bed in front of him, her smile inviting him to her. He felt her soft hand on his shaft again and remembered all she did to him earlier that day. Memories of her mouth washed over him as he watched her stroke his cock. Suddenly a look of recognition washed over her face. He knew she realized the secret now.

Before she could speak any words, however, he covered her lips with his. He would make her forget that stall. His body was soon on hers. He groaned as his cock rubbed against the lace of her panties. They were damp. She was ready. He needed her.

As soon as he felt how wet she had become, he knew Jolene wouldn't object. She would.  say nothing further of the earlier encounter, but just would know that she had enjoyed his cock and shown him her oral talents. Now she would be feeling it deep within her. His kisses trailed down to her chin, her neck, and between her breasts. His hands tweaked her nipples as his teeth gripped the top of her thongs.

Slowly pulling them down with his teeth, he felt her lift herself to let them slide away from her. He moaned as he caught his second sight of her virgin pussy, but kept pulling them down her legs. As her thongs fell loose from her ankles, he moved back up and kissed her freshly shaven mound.  

Jolene moaned loudly as she felt Greg's lips touch her. She placed her hands to his head, running her fingers through his hair. It was better than she ever imagined. She felt Greg gently spread her legs apart, giving him better access. His eyes locked with hers as he teasingly placed many small rapid kisses around and on her mound. Slowly Greg ran his tongue broadly along her slit, enjoying her sweet taste on his tongue, repeating the process several times.  

He suddenly changed his movements, using the tip of his tongue to tease her slit, moving rapidly, slightly spreading her lips before flicking his tongue rapidly over her clit, circling it with his tongue. Her soft moans increasing in volume and frequency were like a heavenly song to his ears. He sucked her clit softly into his mouth, his lips forming a tight seal around it, his teeth grazing her clit.

Jolene grasped his hair, not wanting him to stop. She wanted to feel everything that he was willing to give her. He removed himself from her clit, letting his tongue glide along her slit. He wriggled his tongue slowly working it into her virgin hole. He wriggled his tongue into her, moving it rapidly, searching for the sensitive areas that cause her to moan louder. 

Greg focused on caressing her sensitive spots with his tongue as she moaned, an orgasm building within her. Jolene bit her lip trying to stay quiet as she felt what Greg was doing to her. She lost control as she screamed in orgasm, squirting as she did.  

Greg grinned allowing her juices to collect in his mouth. As her orgasm subsided he moved away and swallowed. He looked at her face, a smile playing on her lips. Greg softly kissed his way up her body stopping as his lips were touching her ear lobe and his cock resting along her slit. He sucked on her earlobe as he ran his right hand along her side towards her hips. Slowly he moved his hips moving his cock away from her slit as his hand moved towards her pussy.  

Slowly he traced her slit with his middle finger before pushing it into her. Her moans encouraged him to go further, adding a second finger. Wriggling them slightly he allowed her to get used to the feeling of them inside of her. He thrust his fingers slowly into her, letting his thumb caress her clit. Carefully he pushed a third finger into her tight inviting hole, pausing momentarily to give her a chance to acclimatize.

He moved his fingers rhythmically in her as they moved backward and forwards, his thumb rubbing her clit harder as he kissed her cheek, bringing her quickly towards another orgasm. After she came, he removed his fingers and moved them to his lips, sucking them clean as she watched him do so. He quickly moved so his cock head was against her lips again.

Greg whispered in her ear, "Are you ready?"  

Jolene sighed happily, knowing she was surely ready. "Yes," she answered with barely a whisper. She felt him pressing his cock to her and tried not to worry about it hurting. She moaned, feeling his head pushing into her, spreading her lips. His slow careful movement made her both feel everything and enjoy it. As he pushed deeper, the pain increased briefly. She dug her fingers into his arms and closed her eyes. He began to slowly pull out and the pain decreased.  

Giving her a minute to recover, he kissed her neck. Then he whispered into her ear, "You feel so divine, Jolene. Want me to stop?" He saw her shake her head, her body begging for more. Slowly he pushed back in, this time completely. He felt her accept him, her muscles gripping his shaft tightly. It had been forever since he felt such a grip on his cock. His moans joined hers as he pulled almost out and then began to thrust slowly.  

Jolene reached up and kissed him, feeling more used to and enjoying the new discovery of how wonderful penetration felt. She wrapped her arms around him as he continued. As she felt his lip touching the skin of her breast, she breathed in deeply. She loved being taken even more than she dreamed. Not wanting to ever leave, she wrapped her legs around Greg's back. Suddenly she began feeling an overwhelming sensation from within her. She felt his thrust one more time and called out as she felt her body shake in such a feeling she never experienced at play with herself. "Oh God, yessss, Greg."  

Greg felt her body spasm underneath his as he continued to thrust, his own orgasm building up within him. He felt his balls tighten as he thought about finally filling the only student he ever desired. He groaned loudly, cumming deep inside her. As the two calmed from their climax, Greg ran his hand slowly over her cheek, tracing the blush of bliss. Her smile reassured him that she enjoyed it, too.  

After a few moments of deep passionate kissing, Greg lay beside her. He traced each of her curves with a single finger in silence. Looking at the clock he knew they had at least another hour. He took her hand. "Let's have a drink." He stood and led her from the room. He chuckled as she slowly followed him. "Don't worry, sweetie, I walk around nude all the time at home when my wife is out." He winked and put this hand on her ass, leading her to the kitchen.  

Jolene stood in the kitchen, feeling like she was in heaven. She knew she was glowing and felt warm all over. She watched as Greg opened a bottle of Pinot Grigio and poured two glasses. She hesitated, looking around.  

Greg chuckled again. "Don't worry, one drink will not cause any problems. And Danny has retired for the evening." He handed her the glass. “Now drink up. A tasty toast to a wonderful evening, don't you think?” He knew Jolene was speechless, that she was still in a state of euphoria. Smiling, he held up his glass. “Let’s drink.” Already he was planning on when he could have her over again.

As Jolene took a sip of the Pinot, Daniel smiled from the doorway. His life was certainly getting better.

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