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Straight sex stories relate to aesthetic, sexual and romantic attraction exclusively between two individuals of differing genders. All normal stories between loving couples go in here - please find the relevant niche category should your story involve something a bit out of the ordinary.


The Farmer's Daughter Ch. 6

A farm apprentice and the hot farmer's daughter have to sneak to be together.

Sherry was still wearing the tight black skirt. She hadn't taken it off when we fucked. I laughed when she put on the wig, still playing Mary Jane,  but didn't say anything. She walked over to her backpack, shuffled through it and pulled out a joint. "Ah got me some dynamite weed here," she said, “Howz about gettin’ high with me?” "Why not," I answered, shaking my head, bewildered and amused....Read On


The Farmer's Daughter Ch. 5

An farm apprentice and the hot farmer's daughter have to sneak to be together.

Sherry was quiet at lunch, but she told John how well I did on the tractor and how much we got done. Mary had made a delicious vegetable soup served with her crusty bread. Sherry told her parents she was going to visit someone named Jenny and probably wouldn't be home tonight. She glanced over at me after she said that, then got up and left the room. I looked at her as she walked away,...Read On


Paid Vacation

Greg earns his holiday and extra money with his body.

Greg sat at Bristol airport waiting to board the plane. He looked at his phone and the last message from Danny. He grinned as he read how excitable Lisa had become in the past few days. He sent him a quick message saying it was just a few hours till Lisa would be full. Greg looked at the messages from Lisa herself, including the full body nude that Nick had taken. Greg sent a message to...Read On


The Farmer's Daughter Ch. 4

An farm apprentice and the hot farmer's daughter have to sneak to be together.

After Sherry left my cabin, I turned out the light and lay on my bed thinking about what happened in the last two days. When I became an apprentice to learn farming, I didn’t expect I would meet anyone like Sherry and was amazed how suddenly my life had changed. I wasn't sure what Sherry meant that her mom was on her side. Mary had told me that John fired other apprenticeships for being...Read On


The Farmer's Daughter Ch. 3

An farm apprentice and the hot farmer's daughter have to sneak to be together.

When I came in for dinner that night, Sherry wasn’t there. Mary had a farm-raised roast chicken which was served with baked potatoes and a salad made from the first of the spring’s lettuce and spinach. Except for coffee, practically all of the food we ate came from the farm. Mary baked bread every day and always sliced it and placed it in a basket with a napkin. I loved her crusty...Read On


The Farmer's Daughter Ch. 2

An farm apprentice and the hot farmer's daughter have to sneak to be together.

At breakfast the next morning, John and I were finishing our scrambled eggs and toast when he put down his cup of coffee, took a deep breath, looked over at Mary in the kitchen skimming the cream off of yesterday’s milk and turned to me. “Listen, Pete, I have to talk to you about Sherry,” he said, leaning forward, clearing his throat. “We have a rule about apprentices staying away from...Read On


Tina And Luke - Girls' Night Out - Chapter 2

Tina and Luke spend the day together and go dancing in the evening

“Ugh” I growled under my breath. During the night Tina had turned over so she was now snuggled, face first, into my chest. This protected her from the dazzling morning sun that was glaring through the bedroom window right into my face. Too late, I was awake and the need to pee was upon me, so I slipped out of bed and put on my robe on the way out of the bedroom. I planned to put the kettle...Read On


Southern Hospitality, Part 1

We meet Alex and Chloe...

The sun crept over the horizon, signaling the start of a new day. In a two-story brick house in the Druid Hills suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, the sounds of Pharrell Williams' "Happy" began to play from a phone in the upstairs bedroom. One of the bed's occupants rolled over and picked up the phone. "Time to get up, honey," he said. "Just five more minutes, Alex," the female occupant next to...Read On

Recommended Read

The Jared Chronicles: Jared's Roller Coaster - Part 1

Sweet-natured Libby plays a dangerous game with her friend's new fling - a carny called JARED.

“Him?” Sasha asked slyly. “You like?” “He’s … He looks fun, that’s all.” Libby cast her eyes down. They’d been buying pick ’n’ mix when Libby spotted the guy collecting tokens at the roller coaster. He wore the regulation orange security jerkin over a leather waistcoat, both sleeveless (Libby’s mum would have urged him to wrap up that autumn evening) to reveal muscled arms. A pattern of...Read On


Tina And Luke - Girls' Night Out - Chapter 1

Tina worries about going to a hen party

“Okay. Where we going then?” “Not us, me and the girls.” “Ermm, okay, any reason I’m not invited?” “On a girls’ night out? I think the clue is in the title.” I felt between my legs, looked at Tina and said, “Sorry, dear, my crystals aren’t working properly, you just said ‘we are going out, you and the girls’, no mention of a girls’ night out, I thought you meant our girls. Anyway, I...Read On


Never Too Late

Silver-haired gent encounters a fascinating lady.

His breath caught in his throat as the woman entered the neat hotel bar and stood, seeming uncertain as her eyes scanned the room. This was definitely the lady he had noticed in the dining room, but now she had unpinned her hair. Attractive in the dining room with her hair pinned up, now, she was so sensationally sultry with golden hair long enough to reach the rise of her appealing buttocks....Read On


Arrested Development

It didn’t take Ryan long to decide he wanted Vicky.

It didn’t take Ryan long to decide he wanted her. Well, about half a second from first setting eyes on her. He had to have her. - - - - - I’m Ryan, an officer in the police. At one time I’d been in what is generically termed “Special Operations,” but there is only so long that you can do that without your face becoming too well known in the areas in which you are trying to operate, or...Read On


The Farmer's Daughter Ch. 1

An farm apprentice and the hot farmer's daughter have to sneak to be together.

I started working as an apprentice on John Allen’s farm in April and was eager to learn all I could from him about farming, so that I would be able to start my own farm in a few years. He set me up in the apprentice cabin on the other side of the field about a hundred yards from the house. It was a small cabin with a wood stove, a bed, a soft chair and a bureau. An outhouse sat about twenty...Read On



Economies of scale don't have to be big to be good

This all happened about fifteen years ago, when I decided to go back to college at the age of fifty to finish my degree. My father never thought that getting a college degree was important, as he had become quite successful (and wealthy) without one. While he did not actively campaign against my getting an undergraduate degree when I got out of high school, he did not encourage it, either....Read On

Recommended Read

Rebecca Redux; Chapter 5: The Finale

A story about power and sex and politics

A quiet anxiousness has settled over Becca by the time she was leaving the Times downtown office. The glow over the Senator’s change of heart had faded in the light of her own personal issues. She tried Matthew’s number again and again. It went straight to voicemail as it had all day. Part of her wanted to be angry. She had been so certain that he, of all men, would understand what she...Read On

Editor's Pick
Series Award

Echo's Run 3

Echo studied her hair in the rearview mirror of Hawke’s truck. He hadn’t done too badly cutting it, and it hadn’t taken her long to add a few finishing touches with the scissors. The change was simple, yet drastic enough she barely recognized herself. A sense of exhilaration played at the edges of her nerves. In a long sleeved blouse and oversized shades, Trey could pass her on the sidewalk...Read On


Non-Stop Service

It was a long wait.  We’d been talking online for months.  We knew a lot about each other. Our likes/dislikes, turn-ons/turn-offs. Yes, we’ve even had some cybersex as well. Those chat sessions got really hot and steamy.  Our chats weren’t always about sex.  Sometimes not at all. Here’s the catch.  We live in two different countries so it’s not like driving to the next city.  A visit like...Read On


Skiing In Zermatt

Finding a sexy lady on the slopes...

We met at a little cottage on the Italian side of the Zermatt Mountains on the slope down to Cervinia. The cottage was rather full so there were only a couple of free seats at the table as I sat at enjoying my Glüwein. She asked politely if she could sit down at the table, and I agreed readily. She took off her helmet and shook her head to release her blond locks and then opened her jacket...Read On


Master Comes Home

After a stressful few months, Master is finally home!

Kitten sat in her living room, the weight of the world on her shoulders. The urge to cry was almost too much but she knew her master would be home soon and didn't want to mess up her makeup for his arrival. Though she was ecstatic he was finally coming home, her emotions from the past few hectic months made her...well, emotional. Standing quickly, Kitten fixed her black mini skirt and made...Read On


The Music Festival (Part 1)

Based on a true story - friend's little sister drives Mike on to have great sex with his girlfriend.

It was that time of year again. June in England meant it was time for the annual trip to Glastonbury Festival. After an eight hour wait for the gates to open, we were finally in the campsite and setting up our tents. It was a slightly different group this year. All the usual guys were here but, for the first time, the wives and girlfriends were coming along too. That meant our group of...Read On


Bad Girl - Chapter 2

As Pam lay there, she struggled against the restraints, trying to free a hand, but Gerry had done a good job of tying her down. She thought to herself she had asked for this, so she might as well enjoy it. Besides, she was still horny as hell, even after three orgasms. What Gerry had been doing was turning her on. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally heard him coming back into...Read On


Parents Don't Have Names

“I’m not planning to seduce your husband.”

“My pie is delicious, but does it have to come out of my oven?” “I don't get it.” I stopped myself from rolling my eyes and explained my proposition for the third time. “We don't have to bake the pies ourselves. We could buy them at a store and resell them at the fundraiser for more than they cost.” “But it's a Bake Sale,” Harper's mom replied from the stage in the school’s auditorium...Read On

Recommended Read

Rebecca Redux

A story about power and sex and politics

Steam filled the enclosure, condensing on the Italian tile and running down the walls in a multitude of tiny rivulets. Moisture was everywhere and the spray was filling the air with a fog so thick it almost obscured the man's erection as she stroked his suds-covered length. Rebecca didn’t know him. She had met him in this very room in fact, but that didn’t matter much. She had never been...Read On


Nikki's Lust

A woman's story of her insatiable appitite for sex.

My Brother Erin Okay, let's get right to it. I like men. I always have and from the very start. I like what they can do to a woman. I liked it my first time. I like everything about their cocks, their shapes, their variety; the way they grow large getting ready for me; the way they feel deep in my pussy; the surge of fluids flowing inside me. I like a man's balls, sometimes loose...Read On


My Sister's Girlfriend

i fucked my sisters girlfriend.

My name is David and I am nineteen years old. I have dark hair and dark eyes and I am ruggedly handsome. My sister is my best friend, we are twins. We both have the same taste in women, and as such, she is a lesbian. Many of the girls she has been with are very much my type, but obviously, they are into girls. About a year ago, my sister started a relationship with Christine, a gorgeous...Read On


Eric has a Red-haired Conundrum (Part 2 of 2)

Eric works past his hesitancy with Millie

“You are allowed pets in your apartment?” Eric’s father asked as he emerged from the bathroom. Eric, seated with his mother at the table, frowned and asked, “What are you talking about? What pet?” “There is a small black and furry creature crawling around behind your toilet,” Father grunted. “Must be a rat.” “Oh my God. You have rats?” his mother exclaimed. Eric smirked. “I don’t have...Read On


Home Nursing

My throat burned from my mouth to my voice box. I lay there exhausted in the second week of my infection, sleeping as much as the discomfort allowed while keeping up with my classes and work. The doctor had tried three different tests and treatments so far and none had panned out. My fiancée had cooked the two of us dinner and somehow kept from laughing as I croaked back in Korean to her as...Read On

Recommended Read

Illicit Maneuvers

The son of a bitch was fucking her. Cooper knew it the moment he saw Miles Whiteman cast his eye on the dark-haired beauty standing by herself on the other side of the spacious salon. There had to be three dozen people laughing and mingling in between, but the older lawyer’s eyes lit on the much younger woman with the kind of surprised disapproval that could only mean one thing: she...Read On


Join Me

Waiting for you in the shower...

You’re home early from work, walking into what seems like an empty house. You’re disappointed as you thought I’d be here. Little do you know I’m soaping myself up in the shower, waiting for you to join me.  I know your routine by now; you come in, kick off your shoes, switch on the news then make your way to the bedroom to get changed. Just a couple more minutes until you find me!  ...Read On


Exposure III: The Final Climax!

In the final chapter, Chloe puts her plan in motion to finally bring Jimmy into her arms.

For several weeks, Chloe had slowly lured Jimmy into her trap. He wasn't aware that all the photo sessions were a ploy for Chloe to seduce Jimmy, ever since she found him jerking off in his bedroom. Since that moment, Chloe couldn't help but dream of taking this strapping young man into her arms.  She often thought about touching his naked body, jerking off his hard thick cock, as well...Read On

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