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Also referred to as pee play or golden showers, these stories feature erotic play involving urination. Activities might involve peeing in front of someone, or on them or even drinking a lover's piss. There’s nothing like the ache of a full bladder or the growing wet spot on tight pants to enhance your sexual desire. A fetish in which a heady mixture of humiliation and intimacy are often woven tightly together.


Yearning for Urination Ch. 02

Gigi gets herself in deep with her stranger...

Gigi began to salivate as she watched the girl pull down the zipper of her shorts. She looked on intently as the girl slid them down her slim legs and struggled to pull her boots through the holes. When she managed to free herself, she tossed the shorts behind her at the base of her tree.   "Get down," she commanded, pointing a finger to the ground. Gigi complied and crouched down, leaning...Read On


Legends of the Fel - Prelude

An introduction to a piss fantasy saga

IN THE PALACE OF THE GODS (atop Mount Venusia) The Queen of the Gods had been treating her two lovers, the demi-goddesses Herena and Hastashia, to a hot golden shower over their lusciously formed bare tits when she had received her summons from her lord and master.   ‘Would you like a sample?’ she offered Lermes, the winged messenger who was smaller than most of her cousins yet...Read On


Yearning for Urination Ch. 01

Led into a new depraved world by a mysterious stranger.

Gigi’s eyes watered as she waddled along the tree-lined path. Her short steps weren’t granting her much progress, but she didn't dare spread her thighs and release the pressure. Gigi had to pee, badly.   Right then, she really regretted that second glass of wine she downed before leaving her friend's apartment. She noted the landmarks of the familiar path and deduced she was...Read On


The Massage - A Family Affair Chapter Two

I return to pleasure my client and her niece.

I heard a chime from my laptop, a small banner appeared notifying me of an email. It was from Cindy, my attractive client from a few weeks ago whom I had an epic encounter with. In her email, Cindy said she would like my services  once again. I knew what she was wanted and it made me smile. I got to see her once again and perhaps re-live something as extraordinary as we experienced the...Read On


The Panty Wetter - Part One

Wetting her panties has always been a thrill

Chloe, at twenty-five years of age, had just ended her first serious relationship and was adrift in more ways than one. Answering her sexual needs without somebody else to stimulate her physical desires had seen her taking to the internet in search of first dating sites, and then, after despairing of the obvious fake postings, had then taken to the fetish sites. She needed something out of...Read On


50 Golden Shades - Chapter One

An unexpected (hot and wet) lesson in discipline

The two girls sat side by side in the Principal’s office, the room filled with a deathly silence. Their faces were like thunder, the one marked with a bloody scar where the fingernails of the other had connected during their skirmish in the grounds outside. The man they were waiting on sat behind the opposing desk. He was well built, sharply dressed and certainly not the person that had...Read On


Legends of the Fel - Chapter One - Capture

A young huntress is piss-dominated outside her burning home...

It had been a dark day from the offset. Sharn had left her village before dawn and when the sun had arisen, it had been a bloodied red, colouring the clouds with its malevolent stain. A chill in the air accompanied the birth of the morning, a low white mist clinging to the dew-wet grass that grew tall and long at this time of year. Pushing her way through the undergrowth, she approached...Read On


A Special Father’s Day Gift

A creative wife recruits the help of her maid to surprise her husband for Father’s Day

I have been working as a maid for a few years and I like the work; the pay is not bad and no one seems to care how I dress. I almost always wear a tank top and black leggings, but this morning had been a little different. I had been halfway through masturbating when I looked up at the clock. I knew if I did not start getting ready immediately I would be late, so I was forced to leave...Read On


Suzanne's Naughty Pee in the Attic Pt. 02

Suzanne discovers who has joined her in the attic archives.

Suzanne waited with bated breath as soft footfalls made their way ever closer to her position at the end of the attic. She was still naked from the waist down but was too terrified of discovery to risk making any sound that might alert the new arrival to her presence. Her heart was hammering in her chest, seemingly loud enough to betray her location in the alcove by the piss-sodden chair she...Read On


Suzanne's Naughty Pee In The Archives

Although it was winter and there was not much light filtering through the skylights, the company archive area was well lit as Suzanne made her way along the main walkway, looking this way and that for inspiration as to a place to stop off for her end-of-day pee. Needless to say, she was bursting, having filled her bladder over the course of the last hour. The attic smelled faintly of roses,...Read On


Rachel's Golden Night

Luke gives his wife what she secretly yearns for.

  Rachel and I have been married for ten years. We were high school sweethearts and attended the same college. There had been some wild times in college, pushing the boundaries of our sexual comfort zone. Things, however, changed over the last two weeks; our sex life had become pretty much nonexistent.  One morning at breakfast, I said, “We need to make time to talk, tonight.”  “Yes, we...Read On


Discovering A Secret Fetish

After discovering something online during a porn rabbit-hole experience, I decided I wanted to try it for myself.  A few weeks previous I had been clicking through different videos and stumbled upon a video suggesting squirting, which I love. So I clicked it, ready to watch a fountain gush from a beautiful pussy while a woman screams her orgasm. What I got instead was a video of a...Read On

Recommended Read

Candice strikes gold

Candice discovers a stimulating form of foreplay.

I was given the name Candice and I'm happy with it. Anyone who calls me Candy gets what's coming to her. Unless it's a boy. Boys I forgive everything. I love boys. I knew it long before I left St Ursula's, even though I'd hardly spoken to one and had never seen one at school. If the teachers had their way, we'd be taught there was no such thing as a boy.  But I just knew, lying in bed,...Read On


Dirty In The Tub

The time I let a woman pee on me.

For a few months, Vera was my sex-friend in a short and intense relationship. Even now, three years later, I often think back to those days. When I have time and want good solo-sex, I get lube and let my mind wander back to the time when things got dirty in the bathtub. But let me start at the beginning. My ex of all people arranged our first night in bed. After the breakup, Lisa and I...Read On


Wicked Thoughts

You know what it’s like, right! To have seriously wicked thoughts.

I know that you know what it’s like to have wicked thoughts. The ones that run around in your head, constantly popping into your conscious mind when you know that you can’t act on them, or worse, shouldn’t. You know all about those thoughts that start as a trickle and grow and grow until they hurt so much. I’m talking about thoughts that are wrong, in some ways. Well, perhaps not wrong...Read On


In The Toilet

When in the toilet, you should always lock the door. Always!

That’s the thing about nice toilets. They make you feel completely at home, even when you’re not, whether you are in a restaurant or a party or even at work. You can lose yourself in a toilet very easily, not literally of course, metaphorically. I did just that when I was at a party, fairly recently. It was a social gathering between friends and work colleagues. I was chatting to a...Read On


Her Piss Diddled

Mona walked into the grocer at an energetic pace. She was in a good mood even though it was freezing outside. Her last meeting went extremely well; her client was very impressed with her draft of his company’s annual report. She had a few things to pick up before heading to her office and the shop she entered was convenient enough. She noticed the bearded man almost immediately as she...Read On


Portland House Chapter Two

Retired Army Officer is offered a job in a Seniors House

Chapter Two They went to bed around nine. They had a fantastic session on the sofa before retiring. They woke early the next morning. Joy wanted some water sports, so they went into the bathroom. Paul drank two litres of mineral water. They repeated yesterday's session, but then Paul sat on the chair and Joy went on top. She was wonderful. He played with her breasts and fingered her big clit...Read On


Portland House

Retired Army Officer is offered a job in a Seniors Home

Chapter One Paul had just finished refurbishing the fourth of his flats. He had retired from the British Army last year just after his wife had died. With his pension and his rental income, he could live well. His mobile rang, it was his old Commanding Officer, Colonel George Portland. Paul said, “Good evening sir, what a wonderful surprise. How are you?” George replied, “I am fine, but...Read On


The Hot Tub Dream Girl

Have you ever had a dream or thought and realized that maybe you had done something, experienced something or met someone before? I woke up in a sweat with a raging hard on. I had the most surreal dream ever. I wasn’t sure why. I dreamed had gone down to our apartment complex swimming pool and slipped into the hot tub. It was late in the evening and since there was a chill in the air,...Read On


Pissing Off My Best Friend

A little water can help piss off my friend.

Hannah and I are best friends, we have been since we were young. Now we are both seventeen and in high school. We both hang out together, at home and at school, and always walk to and from school together. It was a summer afternoon and we had finished school. We started walking home and Hannah finished drinking from the two-litre bottle of water she had. She is a very health conscious girl...Read On


Trouble From The Start

Dan knew she was trouble from the start, just not how much

From the moment I first saw her, I instinctively knew Mary-Jayne was trouble. She can't help it, she exudes sex.  When they first started dating, I wondered if my stepson worried about her dressing like she did. To call her attire daring is an understatement. And my wife, who is broad-minded, couldn't understand why her well-mannered, soft-hearted little boy, as she often refers to him,...Read On


Worth The Money

She's the barmaid, he's the customer. He wanted to pay cash, but she can't return him the change.

The old bar was empty when Chad arrived. Empty except for the young barmaid. Not quite the way he remembered it, he thought. The barmaid as well he couldn't recall. Hardly possible, for she didn't look as if she had been born before he'd left this godforsaken hellhole – the place he had once called home all these years ago. This thought made him realize once more he was about to hit forty...Read On

Recommended Read

Pee Perverts: Filthy Foreign Fantasies

Sometimes when you're in a strange city, you get to do strange things with strangers

“I may as well be a nun,” I complained to Tammy. “Even the most devote of nuns must have more satisfying sex lives than I do.” Tammy sniggered. “Somehow, I doubt that although I have seen some videos if nuns are your thing. I’ll send you a few links.” Tammy was a connoisseur of internet porn. If she hadn’t seen it, it didn’t exist. “Something with a really nice wimple might go down...Read On


Haircut for Julie

Sit on my knee, Julie

She was one of the regular customers, a woman probably in her late twenties with long brown hair that she had trimmed regularly and she always asked for me instead of either of the two girls I employed, "Hi Andrea," she smiled as she took her seat, "You look very nice today in that outfit. Are you going somewhere special after work?" I was wearing a black lycra mini skirt and a white...Read On


Reading Porn At The Library

Reading my erotic stories in front of a captivated and more than slightly wet audience

Writing porn is usually a very lonely process, and if it weren't for the great encounters some of my stories are based on, and the great encounters that follow some of my stories, I wouldn't be doing it. This is about some of the more unexpected outcomes of forays into smut.   My friend Novella, upon hearing that I'm also a writer of porn, thought it would be a great idea to organize...Read On


Golden Opportunities

Angelique is not used to waiting. Not when she needs to go.

Angelique had eventually arrived home from her long drive along the coast. She had expected Pierre to be at home when she got back, and when she found the house empty she nearly threw her teddies out of the pram. Angelique paced up and down the wet room, into the narrow corridor, and along the lounge to the balcony overlooking the cliffs. The clip-clop of her heels on the stone floors only...Read On


Days of Wine and Roses

We were walking near the shoreline along a sandy trail. It was summer and my family was staying at a rented house in a town on the Texas coast. Janie was a girl I met the first day we were there. She was short pixie of a raven haired girl. She was staying the next house over from us. She was the same age as me. This was the first summer after I started college and I was on vacation from...Read On

Editor's Pick

How Would You Like Me?

It’s your fantasy

  First timer , she thought, watching him fumble with his belt buckle. Everything about him was tense: furrowed brow, clenched jaw, averted eyes. She sat back on her haunches, hands resting lightly on her thighs. This one was going to need coaxing. “Can I help?” she asked. “No, I’m…” He flinched as someone rattled the door handle. A nervous smile flickered across his face.  Smiling...Read On

Kinky Fetish Whore

A young woman meets an interesting older man.

My life was a bit of a nightmare. I had to grow up real fast. My mother was a single mother. She didn’t have any college education, so she had to do shit jobs. She mostly worked in a bar as a cocktail waitress. Although, I do think she might have done other work on the side. She had the neighbor next door watching my young siblings. I was old enough to take care of things in the house....Read On

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